Why Is There Water Inside My Lazy Spa Liner?

Are Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Durable?

Why Is There Water Inside My Lazy Spa Liner?

While the rubber membrane on the liner’s inside stops some of the water, it doesn’t stop all the water. Indeed, you will still have some water in the massage seam of the Spa.

The pump has an internal non-return valve that stops any water from going into the pump where it shouldn’t.

As long as the pump is connected to your Spa and the washer is in the correct place, there shouldn’t be any leaking water.

There are times you may need to disconnect the pump.

If this is the case, it is needful to place the cap that came with the Spa onto the A pipe that comes from the liner so that water doesn’t keep trickling out.

Leaking from the pump’s base can also cause water in your Spa liner. A damaged washer or sea in the pump will be the culprit here. A leaking on the liner can also cause water in your lazy Spa liner, just as leaking from connections will do.

But before you open your pump, consider your warranty requirements as you might void it in opening the pump.

If you have this situation, use the On/Off power button to turn off the pump. This button is on the pump display. Remove the pump and unscrew the three couplings, A, B, and C.

Use a hosepipe to flush water in through the pump’s B pipe. After completion, switch the water flow from in through the C. do this for about 3 minutes and re-attach the pump to the liner.

A leaking ‘A’ on the liner can cause water in your lazy Spa liner, just as leaking from connections will do.

Why Is My Lazy Spa Leaking From The Pump?

There are several causes of a lazy Spa pump leaking. Freeze damage can cause Spa pumps to leak. A water hammer effect can also cause a lazy Spa pump to leak.

There are three places a lazy Spa pump might be leaking, including a shaft seal, unions, and volute.

A leaking shaft seal will cause your Spa pump to leak. The shaft seal wraps around the motor shaft behind the volute. Normally, the shaft spins without leaking.

However, lazy Spa pump seals can fail, usually if the pump is run dry, creating a water hammer effect. When a shaft seal leaks, the water runs down the backside of the volute.

Unions comprise large white rings threaded onto the pump. One is threaded where the water enters and the other where water exits.

A lazy Spa union has two halves separated by a very important o-ring. This ring can be dislodged if the union is tightened or opened while water is rushing out.

On the other hand, a leaking volute will cause your lazy Spa pump to leak. If the volute becomes cracked, it will drain the Spa as it thaws.

How Do I Fix A Leaking Lazy Spa Pump?

Once you identify a leak in your lazy Spa pump, you might need to install a new seal or replace the pump. This will depend on the severity of the damage behind the seal.

Indeed, some leaks are either irreparable or uneconomical to repair.

It’s impossible to fix a leaking lazy Spa pump without identifying the leak first.

Consequently, you will want to disconnect the power and inspect your equipment section of the spa. The presence of a leakage underneath is indicative that you might have a pump seal failure.

Unions come loose even without much use. Indeed, they can even get loose during shipment, so the age is not significant when checking unions.

If they are loose and are causing a leak, you can tighten them by hand.

However, if you can’t do this, you can always remove your pump, align the parts, fix the unions, and re-tighten the pump’s mounting bolts. There is no need to use a wrench for tightening.

If there is a leak at the pressure switch, it also needs to be replaced. Again, you want to inspect the valves to ascertain if a repair is required or if there is a need for replacement.

How Do You Fix A Lazy Spa Liner?

A lazy Spa liner can have problems with different means of fixing. For instance, a bulging liner will not be fixed like a leaking liner. The solutions to your lazy Spa liner are as diverse as the causes are.

A bulging liner can be caused by overinflation. Therefore, the solution is relatively easy as you only need to deflate it slightly to eliminate the bulging.

Changes in ambient temperature will either cause an expansion or contraction of the air inside the liner. While the liner might deflate over summer, it might need more air on colder winter days.

Do Spa Baths Heat The Water?

Direct sunlight can also cause a bulging liner, and the solution is still deflating. If a lazy Spa liner is deflated, it might result from a puncture.

Manufacturers’ warranties do not cover punctures, so you have to solve your problem.

Identify the puncture by applying a diluted washing-up liquid from a spray bottle on the liner’s surface and around the inflation valve. The punctured area will show bubbles.

Use a repair kit to fix the puncture. The repair kit should include epoxy-vinyl glue and a waterproof repair patch.

Still, your inflation valve can get too loose. In this instance, ensure the valve is inserted and secured well into the inflation hole.

But if water leaks from the liner, the drain plug is leaking. Therefore, ensure your drain plug isn’t misshaped and have it fit securely.

How Do I Seal The Jets In My Hot Tub?

While hot tub jets should not leak, jets do leak over time. Jets leak due to internal cracks or a bad gasket.

If your jets leak due to a worn rubber seal gasket, it calls for a replacement. Over time the rubber gaskets deteriorate, so you want to replace them.

However, you can use a Spa-jet-wrench to tighten it and see if it solves the problem. But some will not be able to seal up, so a replacement might be the solution.

When water is coming out from under your Spa from one side, remove the cabinet on that side and be armed with a razor knife and putty knife to score and pry off the panel.

As you seek access to the jets, proceed slowly to avoid damaging any side panels. Cut the insulation with a serrated kitchen knife or drywall at the level of the suspected faulty jet.

After repairing your Spa jets, any large blocks of foam you might have removed need to be replaced. Proceed to seal the gaps with spray foam insulation.

Alternatively, you can use BOSS® silicone or similar products. However, the problem might not be fixed this way.

Why Do Spa Jets Pop Out?

Brittle plastic breaks will make your Spa jets pop up. When this happens, you need to take immediate action. This is a common problem in older Spas, jets that won’t stay put.

However, even newer Spas will have jets popping up if there is too much chemical in your water.

For starters, Spa jets are purely mechanical devices but not complex. Indeed, 99% of the jets used in Spas are plug-in nozzles. These churn up the high-pressure water flowing through them.

Regardless of the type of jet (directional, roto, or massage jets), anything that goes into the water affects them as they stay underwater year after year.

This includes hair conditioner, algae, makeup, and sanitizing chemicals. All these collect on the Spa jet bodies.

Such chemicals are known to cause a deterioration of your jets at an alarming rate. Premature failure is largely attributed to chlorine as this is the greatest culprit.

Although chlorine kills microbes and dissolves organic material, it also causes the plastic in the jet bodies to become brittle.

And you know bristle plastic breaks, the reason your jets pop out of the Spa wall.

The easiest way to know that you have too much chlorine or bromine in your Spa is through chemical buildup on your Spa jets.

It will help if you keep testing your water to stay within the recommended range.

How Do You Fix A Hole In A Hot Tub?

It is not hard to repair a hole or a tear in your hot tub. And it doesn’t take much of your time.

Holes or tears are a common problem that you will find in many hot tubs, and knowing the potential fixes is a great thing up the sleeve.

Draining your hot tub and inspecting the cracks is the starting point if you want to repair a hole.

A clear inspection of the hole is only possible after completely draining the water out of your hot tub.

This should be followed by wiping the hot tub dry and clean before commencing the repair work.

At the end and beginning of the hole, drill a small hole (about 1/16 inch in diameter) to prevent the hole from spreading.

After this, choose your preferred fix method, guided by the hole size. Options you have are fibreglass repair mixture or fibreglass mesh.

If you go for a fibreglass repair mixture, you will need to first increase the hole to 1/16 in diameter by using a rotary drill (preferably cordless).

Make the surface smooth by sanding and applying some acetone on a dry towel that you will use to remove any dust and debris.

Apply the repair mixture to the tear and allow it to dry for 4 hours before sanding it to smoothen.

Can You Remove Jets From The Tub?

Yes, it’s possible to remove jets from hot tubs. While a home hot tub is a wonderful and relaxing experience, hot tubs do require maintenance from time to time.

Removing the jets to clean/unclog or even replace them is part of the maintenance you can carry out without professional assistance.

Indeed, this can be a swift and easy process, although it will depend on other things like the location of your system.

But should you experience challenges in removing or replacing the jets, I recommend you call a professional to offer assistance.

But as expected, the first thing will be draining the water. Removing the jets when water is still in the hot tub isn’t safe.

All water needs to be drained before any attempt to work on the jets is done. But even before this, you will turn off the power from your hot tub.

It’s easy to be electrocuted when working in a hot tub, so you must be careful. After switching off, remove the front panel to access the hose spigot.

Let a garden hose be attached to the spigot to drain all the water.

If you remove the jets to unclog or wash them, you will need to return them. On the other hand, if you want to replace them, you will still have to get jets into the hot tub.

So it would help to dry the hot tub using a mop to prevent accidents.

Why Is My Lazy Spa Losing Air?

Lazy Spas are infamous for losing air without getting a puncture. This can be very frustrating as you may not figure out what’s wrong.

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, you will not find it easy to come up with a solution. Lazy Spa owners experience losing air every other time due to deflating.

When you experience air loss, establish if you have a puncture or not. Normally, lazy Spa tubs are durable.

However, they are still susceptible to sharp points that can cause holes that will deflate. It is advisable to inspect your lazy Spa to ensure it isn’t losing air.

Again, you can be keen on checking the inflation valve. The inflation valve can cause your lazy spa to lose air. This valve can be faulty or loose, making it lose air.

This is easily fixed by ensuring you secure the inflation valve.

If your Lay z spa deflates at a questionable rate and you are within the warranty period, it is best to raise the issue with the manufacturer for replacement.

There is no point staying with a faulty lazy spa when you can have them give you a replacement or repair.

Can You Use Gorilla Tape On A Hot Tub?

Yes, Gorilla tape can be used to repair a hot tub. However, this is a temporary fix, and it can’t stay long. The best way to repair a puncture on your hot tub is to use a puncture repair kit.

But gorilla tape will still offer some solution for some time until you can repair your hot tub well.

There are numerous reasons your hot tub may have a puncture and require repair. For instance, age, frequency of use, and lack of maintenance are some of the common culprits here.

With age and frequency of use, you might not have much to do as these are out of your control. Unfortunately, punctures that occur due to these causes will still re-appear in the future.

Therefore, replace your product if the deterioration continues. If you do not maintain your hot tub well, it will have punctures at the seams and even tears.

Although the most well-known products for fixing punctures in hot tubs are are, gorilla tape or super glue, have been used with success to offer some relief;

You can still use other products like silicone to seal a hot tub puncture. But we know the hot tub material won’t allow some of these to adhere well.

Nevertheless, it offers some help, howbeit for a short while.

Is Duct Tape Waterproof?

Yes, Duct tape is the best waterproofing tape around. There are several types in the waterproof tape category, including types with distinct designs and purposes like duct tape, reflective tape, and nonslip tape.

These tapes’ water resistance capability makes them useful for outdoor or indoor repairs.

Duct tape leads the pack and can patch small leaks, make nonslip surfaces on concrete steps, create reflective surfaces to warn of safety hazards or obstacles, and wooden deck boards.

Indeed, duct tape has been said to be useful for underwater applications to make repairs to a filled above-ground pool and a boat’s bottom without pulling it out of the water.

If you want to know the best waterproof tape, understand how it is made. The material used to make the tape greatly impacts the tape’s capability, so you can’t ignore that.

Indeed, a tape’s durability mostly depends on the material that makes the tape. This is in addition to ease of application and level of water resistance.

People confuse between water-resistant tapes and waterproof tapes. Therefore, know the difference before buying the tape for your desired repair. Using the wrong tape can cost you your equipment.

How Do You Fix A Leaky Hot Tub Pipe?

When your hot tub develops a problem, you are better off if you know what to do. If your hot tub is leaking, start by removing the paneling to locate the leak.

A rubber gasket is the common cause of such leaks, but you can’t rule out a cracked pipe or a loose jet.

If you cant access the leak’s location, leak fix products for small leaks will be a relief here. Still, waterproof epoxy putty will be handy for larger leaks.

As I have insinuated, you must first identify a leak before repairing or fixing it. So you don’t want to forget this.

A liquid fix product is ideal if the leak is smaller than 1/8 of an inch. But if you have worn rubber gaskets or cracked PVC pipes, they will need to be replaced.


A leak in your lazy spa pump can cause water in your liner.


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