Why Is My Skimmer Basket Floating?(Guide)

Why Is My Skimmer Basket Floating?

Why Is My Skimmer Basket Floating?

A skimmer basket will float when there is excess air in the pump. Again, excessive air in the filter will also cause your skimmer basket to float. This might not be solved without having to bleed the air at the top. However, you can hold it down using some weight tied to it. But this is a temporary solution.

The skimmer basket does not need to be at the top of the pool as then it would not pull water into the system from the surface.

It needs to pull in floating objects like leaves before such sink to the bottom of the pool. This is accomplished using skimming action.

A pipe under the skimmer basket creates suction when the pump is on.

However, when the water level gets too low, the skimmer basket does not need to continue sucking as it will only suck air into the basket.

Consequently, you will end up with a floating basket that will scarcely perform its function. This should be maintained on course by a float valve.

This is installed at the bottom to check the water level in your pool. If it gets too low, it’s designed to shut off the skimmer so that no air is sucked into your skimmer basket.

If your system has the skimmer and drains plumbed into the skimmer, your float valve regulates water flow from the skimmer and the drain.

Why Does My Skimmer Basket Keep Popping Up?

Entrapped air will keep the skimmer popping up since it has no place to escape through. As the pool is the least resistant place, it somehow has to find its way there.

Again, an actual suction leak will keep your skimmer basket popping up. Once air gets into the tank and backs up to your pool at the skimmer, you will have your skimmer popping up.

This normally happens when the pump is off. As many people are ignorant, this has become a fairly common failure.

Your skimmer basket will slowly float upwards and sometimes flip upside down when the pump is off. Unfortunately, the debris in the basket will pour down on the skimmer base.

As soon as the pump comes into action again, this debris goes into the system, becoming problematic.

As I mentioned, you can easily prevent the popping up of your skimmer basket by using some weight like a rock.

Indeed, this has been found to work to some extent as it keeps the basket correctly positioned.

Why Is My Skimmer Basket Floating?

But the rock you choose to use as weight needs to be bigger than the skimmer opening and needs to be replaced after the basket is emptied.

Additionally, if your water level is too high, you might have a problem with your skimmer basket popping up.

As long as your pump is running, water is sucked through the skimmer to keep the water level pulled down inside of the skimmer.

But if you turn off the pump, the skimmer lid will come off as the skimmer is pushed back.

How Do You Keep An Intex Skimmer Basket From Floating?

The easiest way to keep a skimmer basket from floating is to keep the pump on. However, this might not be a practical solution as it would cause other problems.

Remember that enough and appropriate suction from the skimmer will prevent your skimmer basket from floating.

However, the most practical solution to ensure that your Intex skimmer basket does not float is a float valve, otherwise known as the flying saucer.

A flying saucer is designed to cover two holes at the bottom of your Intex skimmer. Indeed, you can feel the water being suctioned when you remove it.

Ideally, your skimmer basket should not be floating at the top of the water surface.

How Does The Intex Skimmer Basket Work?

An Intex skimmer basket separates contaminants like debris, insects, and leaves from getting to the bottom of the pool using a skimming action.

The system will pass the accumulated debris to a basket, returning the filtered water to the pool via the filter pump.

Generally, a skimmer is a small-to-medium-sized opening built into the side of an in-ground pool.

Its role, as seen, is to suck water and at the same time clean it before the same water is pushed back into the pool.

We have seen that this is an impossible procedure without suction.

If you feel that your pool does not have enough suction, you can increase it by placing the plug with a small hole in the non-skimmer port to cause the majority of the suction to pass through the skimmer.

This is ideal in making it perform its role more efficiently. Luckily, Intex pools come with a skimmer with mounting brackets, a blue adapter piece, and a clear hose.

Depending on your pool type, you may want to run your pool without a skimmer, but that will be too much work.

However, it’s possible to run your pool without a skimmer, as long as you have a way to handle the debris and other things that need to be addressed by a skimmer.

Are Skimmer Socks Worth It?

This round-shaped fabric also called a skimmer basket liner, is useful.

It stretches around your skimmer basket to filter the fine particles that would otherwise make their way through the skimmer and into the pool filter.

Indeed, a skimmer sock is a brilliant additional way of maintaining your filter system to catch things like dog hair. You can remove it before it makes it through the system when it is caught.

Essentially, skimmer socks significantly reduce the amount of debris passing through your basket and making it into your filter.

Skimmer socks are famous for trapping all types of debris, including hair, pollen, leaves, insects, grass, and other small debris that would otherwise clog your swimming pool pump or filter.

You will appreciate this filter saver as a relief during your cleaning process. There are things you can do to supplement cleanliness in your pool.

For instance, keeping the pool closed will maintain a good water balance and a good water level and keep dirt from getting into your pool.

This will mean that you will only be running the filter as much as needed.

Should Pool Skimmers Be On All The Time?

It is a standard recommendation to have your pool undergo filtration every 24 hours. However, this does not mean that you will have your pump on.

Indeed, you can even switch off the pump and use a hand-held skimmer to remove the debris that floats on the pool surface.

As a proactive activity, you will find this a handy practice even when it comes to energy saving.

Additionally, you might want to know that leaving the pump on also greatly amplifies your utility bill.

For instance, a typical backyard swimming pool pump (1100 watts) can add up to 17% to your electricity bill. This is when it’s operating normally.

Leaving it on all the time will double the bill. While switching off the pump at night is a safety precaution, it saves you unnecessary electricity costs.

If you leave your pump on when it is raining, you are running the risk of flooding. Once your pool gets flooded, you can guess that your pump will be submerged.

You might know what will follow if this happens. Therefore, rainfall is one of the reasons you can’t run your pump always.

Indeed, when it’s raining, you might need to consider shutting off power to the pool on the main panel and safely removing the pool pump for storage inside the house.

Leaving your pump on during the rainy season is a recipe for the costly pool pump replacement.

Why Is My Skimmer Suction Low?

There are many reasons your skimmer suction might be low. Dirt and debris are generally considered the primary culprits but scarcely the only ones.

Debris is also implicated in causing your suction to be low. However, a defective skimmer will be a thing to look into if you have low suction.

But did you know a faulty pump will also cause problems with suction in your pool?

The skimmer section brings in debris to protect your swimming pool from getting dirty. This makes your skimmer section a vital part of your swimming pool.

You need to take care of this section. And one way of doing this is by ensuring that it has enough suction to perform its roles.

But without sufficient suction, debris cannot be brought in to protect your swimming pool from getting dirty.

Why Is My Skimmer Basket Floating?

As you might be aware, a pool pumps us behind your skimmer suction. Therefore, if, for any reason, the pump is incapacitated to pull enough water for good skimming.

You are advised to establish several things. First, you want to ensure that the skimmer box lid is installed well. Improper installation will not allow water to be taken in.

Again, you are advised to see if the water level is not too low or if the pump is not pumping well enough.

Still, if the pipe between the skimmer box and pump is clogged with leaves or dirt, there will be suction problems if it’s not long enough.

How Do You Open A Skimmer Valve?

For skimmer valves to work, they need to be in line with the pipe they are attached to. Having them crossed against the pipe will mean they are off.

You will have them crossed if you close your pool for the season. But to open them, the handle needs to go in line with the pipe. It’s recommended that you do this slowly.

Remember that both skimmers and floor drains have this as the correct position to enhance water coming to the filter pump.

Pool owners need to clean the pool skimmer, particularly the skimmer basket, periodically.

This is even more important for those whose pools are surrounded by trees that shed many leaves.

Should the skimmer basket be allowed to fill up and get clogged by leaves or other debris, your pump will have challenges drawing in water quickly, and your filtering process will be less efficient.

Why Isn’t My Protein Skimmer Bubbling?

There are reasons behind the non-bubbling of a protein skimmer. If the airline that goes to the pump is not connected, bubbling might not be present sitting on the top of the water.

Again, if you have just installed your protein skimmer, it will take some time for the problem to dissipate, so you need to be patient.

Additionally, your sump water level can cause your protein skimmer not to bubble. Extremely high water levels do not produce any bubbles in the chamber.

Therefore, the water level might need to be lowered if they are too high.

Still, if your pump is too deep under the water, it’s unlikely to get any bubbles. Therefore, ensure you stick to provided recommendations (3-4″ below the waterline).

If you lower it than this, you will have issues, and one of them is not getting any bubbles.

Air blockages are known to be sure causes of not having bubbles in your protein skimmer.

Therefore, removing any blockages is wise to address the problem and start enjoying bubbles in your protein skimmer.

A swimming pool without bubbles might not be what you want, so your joy won’t be fulfilled until you get it right.

Can You Put The Skimmer Sock In The Pump Basket?

Yes, But you need to think it through before putting a skimmer sock in the pump basket. Putting a skimmer sock in a pump basket can starve the water, especially if your pump gets clogged.

So, it will not be prudent to have a sock in the pump basket at any cost.

Skimmer socks may not have much in terms of longevity. However, 4-8 weeks is not lean by any means.

And you can add some life to your socks by washing them with a hose after they are heavily soiled.

Indeed, they can be restored to some level after much use, adding a few weeks to their lifespan.

Rinsing the socks after every use comes in handy in ensuring that they serve you to the utmost.

To thoroughly clean a sock, there is a procedure for using a hose. Put a few strands of the hose over the skimmer basket as soon as the debris hits your filter.

This will catch the excellent debris. But if you want to filter clean surfaces like dirt, dog hair, and grass, an extremely useful tool is the pantyhose.

While a skimmer sock filters well in the skimmer basket by just allowing water to flow against it casually, it’s not wise to have it in the pump as it has no chance of surviving the pressure.

When I tried to have the sock in the pump, all I ended up with was a hole in my skimmer sock. The pressure was too much for the sock to handle.

How Do I Get The Dirt Off The Bottom Of My Pool Without A Vacuum?

While cleaning a dirty pool is a chore dreaded by everyone during the summer, it’s even more difficult to clean your pool without a vacuum.

The alternatives include balancing the water to discourage bacteria growth, backwashing the pool and the filtration system.

Using a leaf rake to manually remove dirt from the bottom of your pool, brushing your pool walls, and using a shop vac to clean your pool.

First, it’s recommended to test your water before you start scooping out sediment from the pool floor. You need to check your PH levels about three times a week.

You will be looking for PH levels between 7.2 and 7.6. Lower levels need the addition of chemicals, while you need to lower PH levels if it’s too high.

If the pH is too low, you’ll have to add chemicals to increase it. If the pH is too high, you have to lower it.

When backwashing the Pool and Filtration System, you need to ensure that the filter is clean as it gets dirty and clogged with time as the pump works hard to push water through the pool filter.

Keeping the water flowing into it as clean as possible. Too much time should not go by without cleaning the filter.

Otherwise, debris gets stuck inside, rendering the filtration system pointless.

Why Is My Skimmer Not Skimming?

Your pool skimmer might not be skimming due to clogging, reduced suction, incorrect water levels, and issues with the skimmer weir.

It is recommended to ensure you clean the pool skimmer and effectively maintain it. Cracks in the skimmer will call for a replacement as it will not play its role.

The most common issue you will find with your pool skimmer. It is characterized by an unusually loud pump or low pressure.

Still, you might find that the water is going through your skimmer too fast even when the skimmer basket is empty. All these show a clogged skimmer.

Luckily, unclogging your skimmer doesn’t need anything more than turning off the pump, removing the pump lid and basket, and sticking a garden hose inside to fill it with water.

For best results, you need to isolate the clogged skimmer line.

But you might find that the skimmer is working well, but it is not skimming. This will result from the water levels being too high.

This requires an easy fix as all you do is reduce the water using your pool pump multiport valve. It needs to be switched to the “waste” position to perform the task.


A skimmer basket floats as a result of having air in it.


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