Why Is My Hot Tub Only 80 Degrees?

Why Is My Hot Tub Only 80 Degrees?

Why Is My Hot Tub Only 80 Degrees?

You may have bad heating element, a chemical build up on the element, a cracked heater among other causes. A non-metallic material coating prevents electricity from getting into the water.

However, this is the main cause of such situations, although not necessarily the only one.

At times, your hot tub may not heat all the way if there is a chemical buildup on the element or when the heater cracks internally.

This might inhibit the element from heating the water to the required temperatures.

As you might know, most hot tub heaters are made of metal elements shaped into coils or loops. The elements are made of a highly resistive combination of metals.

The technology used in making a hot tub heating element is the same technology used in a toaster heating element, electric stove, or heating plate.

And because the element has a high electrical resistance, it’s designed that electricity going through the element gets slowed down by the element’s material, generating thermal energy or heat.

There are three main ways that a hot tub heater may fail: The heater’s outer coat cracking, chemical buildup on the element, and internal cracking of the element that shuts the electric flow.

While failure number one will automatically prevent the heater from heating the water in any way, the other two failures will still allow your water to heat, but not all the way.

Do Hot Tubs Have A Reset Button?

Yes, Most hot tubs come fitted with a reset button. The reset button comes in handy in the event of a power surge or overheating.

You will find the button on the side of the control box, just behind the removable panel on the front side.

This is the spa pack box that controls all the functions of your hot tub, including heating and filtration timing and turning the pump on and off.

You need to remove the side panel of the cabinet to get to the Spa pack. It will be attached to the heater tube. You need to press the small red button to reset it.

While it might seem easy, you are advised not to jump into pressing the reset button before verifying why it tripped. Resets are designed like circuit breakers.

This means that you need to disconnect first or check the GFCI to find out if it’s tripped whenever you encounter a problem with the power supply.

Once you find the cause, this is a case elimination. Proceed to check the circuits and connections and have them fixed before pressing the reset.

A reset button comes in handy to prevent your hot tub water temperature from getting to dangerous levels – usually beyond 120°F as these could cause harm to bathers and your equipment.

How Do You Reset A Jacuzzi Hot Tub

To reset a Jacuzzi hot tub, you will first need to address any problems that might have caused your hot tub to trip.

Resetting your Jacuzzi is not a thing you want to rush into before knowing and solving the cause of this problem.

Once you do this, find the reset button, turn off the power to the Spa for a few minutes, and turn it back on again. Turn on the lower amp breaker first for a hot tub powered by 240 volts.

When resetting a Jacuzzi, you will need to drain the water using the main control panel by turning the valves.

Use the main control panel to turn your Spa off and make sure your Spa is clean by cleaning it thoroughly. You will want to do this, paying special attention to the jets and filter.

As I have severally mentioned, the reset will be found on the heater unit. Ensure the jets are functioning well and fix them to ensure proper usage.

Do this by checking the outer ring of all the jets. From the opposite wall of the tub spout, shut off the water valve to the tub and be sure to see that the air compressor is plugged into the power source.

Do Hot Tub Pumps Have A Reset Button?

Yes, Hot tub pumps have a reset button. Technically, there are two “hard resets” in hot tubs, the GFCI and the high limit reset.

The GFCI pops if there is an electrical short (such as water getting into the heating element, and the reset on that can be in one of three places.

Technically, there are two hard resets in your hot tub. These are the GFCI and the high limit reset.

Once you have any electrical short in your hot tub, the GFCI pops (like when water gets into the heating element).

Why Is My Hot Tub Only 80 Degrees?

Alternatively, you can reset your hot tub by holding the two buttons for about 30 seconds or turning off the hot tub and then turning it back on after 20 seconds.

At times, resetting your hot tub can be as easy as restarting the hot tub or pressing the reset button on the hot tub, and all is back to normal.

But there will be times when you might have a more severe problem warranting the help of a professional.

Hire a professional when you discern you have a serious problem instead of trying to solve the problem is ignorance.

For the pumps to turn on, the jetted tub needs to turn on; otherwise, your pumps will not start at all.

In this case, you will need to turn off the tub and ensure it’s connected to a power source and the breaker is not tripped.

Is My Hot Tub Fuse Blown?

There are several ways you can suspect and know your hot tub fuse is blown. These include a dead pump inability of the circulating pump to pump, among other ways.

Without a fuse, there will be an incomplete circuit, and your hot tub cannot perform its functions to any level of satisfaction.

Let me start by examining the first sign that your fuse is blown, where the pump starts making noise

While in operation, a circulation pump can make gurgling or grinding noises. Worn-out bearings, a clogged propeller, or dirty filters might be the culprit.

Your pump should work fine once the exact problem is diagnosed and fixed. The problem should be sorted out by cleaning out the filters, replacing the bearings, or unclogging the propeller.

In some cases, your hot tub might have no power due to a blown fuse.

When you have blown a fuse, your hot tub won’t turn on, and therefore the heater will not receive any power. Consequently, you will not be enjoying your hot bath.

This fairly common problem can be fixed easily at minimal cost without engaging a professional. Fuses blow due to spikes in voltage that pass through.

How Do You Reset The Hot Tub After A Power Outage?

After a power outage, your hot tub might need a reset. Although a hot tub might recover from a power outage on its own, there will be times it won’t.

If your hot tub fails to re-start on its own after a power outage, this might need to be resolved by a visit from a repair technician.

But before anything, there are several things to check before engaging for service.

First, check if the circuit breaker tripped. Usually, there are two circuit breakers: One being a shutoff breaker installed within 10 feet of the Spa.

Secondly, there is another circuit breaker in your home’s main breaker panel. If the breaker tripped, you can’t just turn it on. First,  push it into the “OFF” position and then back into the “ON” position.

On the other hand, if your GFCI tripped, pressing the “RESET” button will turn the circuit, and your hot tub, back on.

Usually, the GFCI will trip if there is an electrical fault in your hot tub. After the circuit breaker trips, there will be no electricity reaching the hot tub.

Therefore, you only need to switch the switch back on again if this has happened. But it might refuse to switch on or trip out immediately if there is a problem with the hot tub.

There will be a need for further investigation by a qualified service engineer in this circumstance.

What Makes My Hot Tub Control Panel Not Work?

When your hot tub control panel is not working, it’s indicative that you have a severe problem in your hot tub, like corrosion or moisture, among other causes.

Indeed, while a fundamental reset might solve it, there are times it will not be possible to get rid of the problem even after multiple resets.

The control panel consists of a control unit that resembles a primary computer to regulate the input from all the sensors. There is software running in it, and it can crash.

You can try implementing that for those who know of ways to carry out a soft reset. Do not be hasty to execute a hard reset, as this is where you should turn to as a last resort.

To reset the control panel, you need to turn off your hot tub and give it a break for about 30 seconds before turning it on.

But if you still receive the error signal, you might want to check the instruction manual that came with your hot tub to resolve the problem.

And if your hot tub control panel won’t start at all, it’s essential to look at the primary connections and establish if there’s any water there.

There are untold problems that can come with moisture in the control panel. But if all the tricks won’t work, you will need to contact the dealer or replace the control panel altogether.

Does A Hot Tub Heat Faster With Jets On?

Yes, One way for your hot tub to heat faster is to have the jets on. Indeed, it’s a general rule that hot tubs heat faster with the jets on.

The reason for this is that the water keeps circulating through the pipes. This guarantees that no cold spots exist within the tub.

Additionally, keeping the cover on will come in handy as it will also fasten the time taken to heat your hot tub.

Many hot tub owners will agree that nothing can test your patience, like waiting for your hot tub to heat up.

There will be times it takes hours before it can heat up to the desired temperatures.

Waiting for your hot tub to heat up might shorten the time you will enjoy there, so speeding up the heating up process might be the one thing to bring happiness to you.

And what other way do we have that will do that better than turning the jets on?

How Do You Unlock The Temperature On A Hot Tub?

There are numerous ways to unlock temperatures in your hot tub. The methods might not be the same for different brands since slight differences exist.

However, there are great similarities, so following a seemingly general procedure won’t be hard.

You will first need to find and press the “Time” button located on the hot tub’s operating panel. This will need to be followed by the “Set Down” button.

After this, you will see an “O” indicating that the control panel has been opened or unlocked.

However, all this needs to be done swiftly, within 3 seconds, for the unlock to be effected.

Why Hot Tub Will Not Heat Past 84 Degrees F

Your hot tub might heat up a little – but not to your programmed setting due to several reasons.

For instance, if your hot tub will only hit 85 or 90 degrees during summer and get not more than 40 or 50 during winter, the problem might be that your heater has stopped functioning.

The first thing to ask  is, did I have a power failure? Did someone play with the control panel and changed the programming?

There are two things that your hot tub heater will do. First, it can have electricity going through it and heat up.

On the other hand, it can sit in the water without electricity and, consequently, do nothing.

If you discover that your hot tub doesn’t reach the temperature you’ve programmed into it, the heater is not working as it should.

This could result from the heater element, the temperature sensor, a flow switch failure, or other causes.

Fortunately, if your hot tub is powered up, your pumps can work regardless of whether the heater is on or off.

Do Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?

The pumps generate much heat due to friction, so your hot tub won’t cool down to the air temperature.

Why Is Hot Tub Heating Up Slowly?

There are several reasons your hot tub might seem to be taking an eternity to heat up. If the heater has chemical buildup, this acts as insulation and slows down heating up.

Still, if, for some reason, there is an internal crack in the element that still allows power to pass through will cause a slow heating up.

This happens to be something many hot tub owners hate with a passion.

While slow heating up might not seem a big issue to you, it will at one point be a real issue.

For instance, consider when you get the urge to jump into the hot tub to get a nice long soak before you go on a date.

Unfortunately, you find that you have to refill it with water and want it to heat up fast for you to enjoy it as soon as possible.

This will be the time you will want to fasten the process. And it’s a straightforward affair if you follow a few handy tips.

While a hot tub heats water between 3 and 6 degrees celsius per hour, you can quickly speed up the process by using a good-quality cover.

Again, making sure your hot tub is wholly insulated will shorten the time to heat up significantly.

On the other hand, you can locate the hot tub in a sheltered spot and ensure that your hot tub filters are clean, as they play a significant role in the heating-up process.

But you can also add hot water to the hot tub to shorten the time for your hot tub to heat up? However, avoid too hot water or boiling water in this last one as this might damage your hot tub.

Are 40 Degrees Hot Enough For A Hot Tub?

Yes, 40 degrees is the standard maximum temperature for a hot tub. Indeed, most hot tub users are comfortable soaking in a water temperature range of 37.7-38.8 degrees.

But some users still prefer the maximum of 40 degrees. For expectant mothers, it’s advisable to consult your physician before getting in the hot tub.

Anything beyond 40 degrees is medically considered too hot. When it comes to how cold is safe in a hot tub, you do not want to go into a hot tub below 26.6 degrees.

This is the minimum threshold for cold temperatures in a hot tub . Again, you will not wish to have the temperatures for your Spa drop lower than that, as it might result in freezing.

And no one wants their hot tub freezing. Lastly, I need to mention that many hot tubs come at 38 degrees.

Additionally, it’s not safe to soak in temperatures beyond 40 degrees, and most people enjoy the water between 36 and 39 degrees.


A hot tub that won’t go beyond 80 degrees F is probably faulty but can be fixed easily.


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