Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing?(User Guide)

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Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing?

A hot tub light is a light that you can install in a hot tub so that you can use both as ambient light and as an underwater light. They are commonly found in Spas, but you can also find them in-home bathtub Spas.

Your hot tub light flashes because its water temperature has dropped from the set degree(below 2 degrees), the jets are not performing properly or your system is too short. The flashing light warns the hot tub system to increase the water temperature and fix the problem.

The hot tub system also has a filter that is low on water. This filter is made of fiberglass pieces, clog if you do not change it regularly.

You must patch it with new fiberglass and check for leaks, which you can do with a bucket of water put in place over any holes or cracks in the surface.

This will do the trick in keeping the fiberglass pieces from sinking into the water. A mechanic is an excellent way to get this done because he is used to handling it and can tell you if the problem is minor or major.

The hot tub also has a light that indicates that your system is too short. This should never be an issue, but if it is, your systems have to have a replacement of the wires or cables.

The hot tub may also have other problems: The jets are not performing properly, which can be better checked with the help of a mechanic. Call the company, and they will get back to you immediately if necessary.

How Do You Clear The Error On A Hot Tub?

First, Find out the error you are facing when you try to use your hot tub. If it’s not water-free, there may be dirt or debris in the water that needs removing before it can cause damage.

You can do this by turning off the power to the hot tub and draining the water. You should also drain the power supply and remove any heaters used in your hot tub. Use a small broom to clean any debris or dirt inside your hot tub.

After removing all this, fill the hot tub with new water and turn the power on again. If it’s water-free and you still face an issue, you may have a problem with the hot tub’s filtration system.

Add a replacement filter to your hot tub.Once that has been done, adjust your settings on your hot tub to the temperature you usually use at home and allow it to heat up.

This should help clear the problem. Alternatively, if you still have problems after trying these steps, you may need to replace your hot tub’s system entirely.

How to Check If Hot Tub Control Panel Is Bad?

Look for a humming sound if you want to know if your hot tub control panel is terrible. If you hear the hum, this could mean that the circuit board has a short or is no longer functioning correctly.

This will require contacting a professional. If there isn’t any humming noise, this might be because there’s water in the pump, and you’ll need to empty it and replace it with a new one.

First, check the circuit board, and you can do this by looking through the buttons and seeing if there’s any water in it.

Can You Put Anti-freeze in a Hot Tub?

If there’s water in the buttons of your control panel, then the circuit board is malfunctioning, which might mean that you need to replace it.

A device that you might use to examine the circuit board is a multimeter.

This tool will be able to test if there’s any short in the circuit board and whether or not it’s functioning correctly. You can also contact a professional and ask them to do this for you.

If your water heater control panel is bad, you can repair it by replacing the circuit board. This might be difficult, so you should hire a professional to do it for you.

The first thing you need to do is drain the water heater, and you can do this by turning off the valve of the hot tub pump. After that, detach your hot tub’s pump and fill the water heater with water again.

Why Is My Hotspring Hot Tub Not Heating Up?

Your Hotspring hot tub is not heating up because of a flow problem. There are a few things you can do to fix the problem while you are waiting for the hot tub to be serviced.

To determine the flow problem, check pressure first using a hose bib. If the pressure is at 100 psi or higher (one atmosphere), your pump is working, and your flow problem will most likely be due to a clogged filter.

The pressure may be at 1/2 or less than 100 psi. In this case, the pump is not running.

To use your hot tub again soon, you need to unclog the filter and blow out the pump with air. If you don’t do this to the pump, it will fail prematurely.

To blow out the pump, turn off power to your hot tub first by unplugging it or turning off the circuit breaker marked “hot tub.” Then, thread the garden hose into the top of the filter that connects to the pump.

Blow out any debris from the filter with a slow, steady stream of air or suction gun.

Next, unplug your hot tub and wait 3-5 minutes to allow all water in your hot tub to drain into your drain pan. Check pressure with the bib again. You are ready to proceed if the pressure is 100 psi or higher.

If pressure is lower than 100 psi, you will have to wait a little longer.

If your hot tub appears to be draining normally, plug it back in and turn the circuit breaker on again. Check the pressure before you turn the power back on again with the bib.

If the pressure is still low or zero, repeat the procedure above. Check pressure every 5 minutes until the pressure reaches 100 psi.

If your hot tub still drains and filters appropriately but is not getting hot water, your heater element may have failed.

How to Reset Hot Tub after a Power Outage?

The first step is to check all fuses on or near your breaker panel in your home.

This is a general rule of thumb: You can fix most problems by simply unplugging the circuit that has gone off or shutting off the breaker in question, no matter which way the main breaker was tripped.

Unfortunately, if your hot tub is not running and unplugging, it will probably not begin to run when you plug it back in.This is because many of the newer models of hot tubs also have a starting circuit that runs as soon as you plug in the cord.

You may drain the hot tub entirely and then plug it back in.

How you do this depends on the type of hot tub. It may be easier to check out the owner’s manual or give your local dealer a call for assistance (or even your hot tub repair person if you have one) to describe exactly how to reset it.

Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing?

Many models also have a reset button on the heater that you may need to press while turning the breaker back on. Again, check the manual or call your dealer or repair person to find out exactly how to do this.

Some hot tubs are capable of resetting themselves. If you boast such models, you should know that it may take a few days to return to normal operating parameters before resuming usage.

Assuming you have checked the fuses and made sure that the main breaker is still good, the next step is to check the voltage from your main breaker panel to your outlet box. If you see no voltage, you’ll need to check for a blown fuse or breakers.

What Does Flo Code Mean On A Hot Tub?

A flow error code on your hot tub signifies a problem with your water flow through the hot tub’s heater. The major problem is a clogged flow valve or defective flow control thermistor. To troubleshoot this problem, check the following:

  • Check the flow valve and thermistor connections. Check them with fish tape or needle nose pliers. If any wires are damaged or broken, replace them. If there is no change in the flow, it’s time to call a technician.
  • Make sure the flow control thermistor is appropriately connected. Check the thermistor with a multimeter and “read” how hot it gets.

It should reach about 110 degrees Fahrenheit and stay at that temperature for about 20-30 seconds if all is well and the connection is good. If the thermistor does not read properly, replace it with a new one.

  • The flow control thermistor (also called a “pin”) connector is at the top of the flow valve and can be removed.

Check the connections of the thermistor to the backflow prevention device under the tub (usually a tee fitting with three barbed connectors). Replace this if anything is worn or broken: it’s cheap insurance.

  • If the flow control thermistor seems to be defective, contact a technician. If the thermistor is suitable, but the flow valve is worn or damaged, then you must replace the flow valve.

Check with your manufacturer’s helpline, and they will usually provide you with an “I” number that identifies a particular flow control device: call them on that number to order one.

  • If you have a single-handle flow control valve that may have failed. In this case, you must replace it.

A flow error code could also be caused by temperature or pressure switch problems or a defective flow control valve/thermistor.

If the code persists after changing the thermistor and checking all connections, then replace the temperature and pressure switches. There is a separate switch for each canister in most 2-handle systems.

To check the temperature and pressure switches:

  1. Unplug them from the hot tub and remove the wires from the connectors.
  2. Check continuity between each connector on each switch and look for shorts or open circuits.
  3. Look for cracks or broken solder joints in the switches themselves.

Why Is My Hot Springs Hot Tub Blinking?

Your hot tub might be blinking because of a variety of reasons. It could mean you must clean the filter and the pump, or there is a water leak, and too much water has collected in the tub.

If it’s just been sitting for an extended period, it could also mean that there’s inadequate voltage being supplied by your power source.

1)Switch off and unplug the unit. Then open all of the drain valves that you can reach easily. Turn the Spa back on, plug it in and check to see if it works correctly.

If not, close all of your drain valves again and go to step two.

2) Clean the filter and the pump. You should always run a hot tub filter check by removing it and checking the water flow through it. If you don’t run one, you might already have a clogged filter making your hot tub blink.

I would also suggest cleaning out your pump filter; There are times when they get plugged up with dried, loose dirt that can plug them up when you first start using the Spa or when it sits unused for an extended period.

3) Check your waterline and make sure it’s not leaking. If there is a leak, you might need to replace the part of the line. If there’s just excess water, you should drain it out or open the drain further.

4) Check your voltage and make sure that your hot tub gets enough power from the outlet. If you have one, you can do this with a voltmeter or by plugging in other appliances to ensure they all work correctly.

5) Reset the timer by standing by your hot tub and holding down the button. If you don’t do this, it can lead to many problems.

6) Make sure your hot tub is on a level surface. Placing it on an uneven surface could lead to water leaking out of the bottom, leading to a blinking Spa.

7) Check your temperature setting and make sure it’s similar to other Spas in the area or hotter.

Why Is My Hot Springs Hot Tub Flashing Yellow?

The yellow warning light means that the water level is only two inches from the bottom of the tub. If you do not add water before this point, the lights will flash red, and a siren will warn you that your hot tub’s water has reached the lowest point.

There is only one step between this point and permanently turning off all power to your hot tub. If the water in your hot tub ever reaches this point, you should call for repair as soon as possible.

If you have a power failure or other problem, it could flood your hot tub and cause damage.

Here is more information that may be of help to you:

1) The gas flow regulator should be adjusted to limit gas flow to the heater so that it does not go into the overflow tube when the tub level falls below 2″.

2) Blowing air into the return air supply hole will not prevent overflowing. The air will continue to enter the overflow until the tub reaches the minimum water level, where it will stop.

3)You can add Small amounts of water after this point.

4) Never turn down a gas supply or adjust a gas flow regulator without first turning off all power to your hot tub. If you do, it could flood your hot tub and cause damage.

5) If your power goes out, the tub will not overflow. The lights will flash red, and a siren will alert you that the water level is low.

6) Never overfill your hot tub. If you do, you must remove all water as soon as possible to avoid damage. If a power outage occurs when the tub is complete, it could flood your hot tub and cause damage.

Power Light Flashing On Your Spa’s Control Panel?

If you notice the power light flashing on your Spa’s control panel, it means that one of two things has happened:

– Your high-limit sensor has tripped and needs repair or replacement.

– There is an electrical issue with the water heater.

High-limit sensors allow for a very safe temperature to be maintained in your Spa or hot tub without being damaged by the electrical elements of your water heating system.

They do this by cutting off power to the heater if the temperature goes too high or the water level gets too low.

Water heaters that are not working are often more susceptible to overheating because they will consume more energy than regular generators would. As the energy is drawn from the tank, the temperature can rise quickly.

If this happens and your high-limit sensor is functioning as it should, you will hear a clicking sound every two to three seconds to show you that it’s working properly and that your heater is safe for use.

If this isn’t happening, or if you notice the power light flashing or a clicking sound at irregular intervals, it may need replacement.

How To Troubleshoot Blinking Red Light On Hotspring

The turbine motor will try to turn even if it’s not getting enough power. Check all connections for the motor, and make sure they are tight and watertight.

If your Spa isn’t heating up, you could need to replace the new thermostat. Check with your local dealer for a replacement.

If your Spa is overheating, there are two reasons why this may have happened. The most common is a faulty thermostat, and the second is that the control panel’s temperature set-point is too high.

Try lowering the set point temperature on your control panel and test it again.

If the temperature is set correctly and still overheating, you may have a problem with your hot spring. If your Spa is no longer heating up or if the red light on the control panel is blinking, there is a problem.

Why Is My Hot Tub Light Flashing?

The motor is not getting power. Check that the cord from the control panel to the motor has power. You can test this with a voltmeter or plug in another appliance you know works in that outlet.

If you have another hot spring Spa, remove the cover of your existing Spa and plug it into the outlet on your control panel.

How Do I Get My Hot Tub Out Of Protect Mode?

Here is how you can get your hot tub out of protected mode.

  • Locate the main circuit breaker for your hot tub.
  • Turn the breaker off.
  • Check to see if there are any “P” or “O” lights on the control panel of your hot tub. If so, click them to reset their original settings (usually “R”).
  • Turn the breaker back on.
  • Repeat these steps until all lights are reset and show their original position (none in protect mode). For the best results, do this for each breaker.
  • Once there are no longer any lights in protect mode, you can turn them back on.
  • Check to see if the problem is fixed. If not, go through the same steps again and turn on the breaker/s once you have eliminated any protect mode lights from turning on.
  • Disconnect power, locate and clean your filtration system, and then reconnect power. This will help ensure that your hot tub operates properly after exiting protect mode.

Follow these steps to get out of protecting mode:

  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait 5 minutes or until all of the lights have turned off.
  • Plug the power cord in and turn it on (if you cannot see red and green lights, you will need to try a different plug).
  • If both red and green lights do not show, you do not have power over your system. If the breaker is off, turn it back on. If you do have power, plug it in and unplug it.
  • Unplug the power cord.

How To Reset The High Limit Switch On A Hot Springs Spa?

You can reset the high limit switch on a hot springs Spa by using the same procedure feasible for any other heater or air conditioner. Turn the dial off and hold it in the off position, with your finger covering the switch.

Next, turn it back on and release your finger from the button. The heater should now work properly. If this does not work, try switching out for a new part or contact an HVAC specialist.

If your high-limit switch is tripping continuously even after performing the above procedure, you may have a faulty heater. Turn off power to the Spa for safety and start investigating other options.

You may have to contact a professional or simply buy a new heater. Either way, taking the safety of yourself and others in your household into account when dealing with electricity and water is essential.

I would recommend fixing the high-limit switch with a new spot instead of calling a professional because there are two reasons for doing so.

First, you may find that your Spa is under warranty and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Second, a professional might be priced out of your budget for this particular situation and simply want to sell you their repair service.

I have seen many cheap repair services that were vastly overpriced.

What Causes A High Limit Switch To Trip?

Your high limit switch trips because you had exceeded the high limit set by the electrician before they installed your equipment. Your high-limit switch is designed to protect you from overloading and damaging your electrical equipment, which could lead to a fire.

The best way to avoid tripping your high-limit switch is to know how much power you need for your device.

When purchasing an item or adding one onto an existing electric circuit, the circuit breaker that feeds into it must have a breaker size at least big enough for what you are adding on.

If you aren’t sure, you can call an electrician to look at the circuit breaker size or buy breakers larger than what goes into it to ensure that your equipment doesn’t get too much power.

Another way to avoid tripping the high-limit switch is by not exceeding the maximum wattage that your device is rated for. The maximum wattage boasts listing on the device that you are using.

Some electrical devices don’t have a high limit switch, so if your high limit switch has worked for you for some time and you want to know why it trips, check the following things:

  • Does your electrician have access to the electrical circuit?
  • Is the main breaker in your house big enough for what you are adding?
  • Does your electrician set a lower limit than you have reached?
  • Make sure you have a circuit breaker sized for your electric devices, as this will ensure that they don’t get too much power and overheat or cause damage to the equipment they are connected to.
  • Make sure your circuit breaker has enough room to expand if it trips.
  • Make sure the cord is not blocking any other device.
  • Check for loose connections, as this can cause tripping a high-limit switch.

How Do You Bypass A High-Limit Switch?

Using a garden hose, you can bypass your high-limit switch on your hot tub. First, go down the hall and turn on the hot tub’s water pump. Then, turn off the outlet (that’s where you usually plug in an extension cord to start it).

Unplug everything else from the wall, including any other electronics plugged in.

Now, continue down the hall and turn the hose on full blast. When you return to where you initially turned off the outlet, plug it in, and it should start working again.

This is effective because hot tubs have high water flow resistance (low heads). The time it takes the water to get back to the pump activates the high-limit switch. It’s similar to a sprinkler, except it uses much more water pressure.

If you have a high head (like if you are in the shower and someone is taking a bath), turn off your shower (it’s easier to control your hot tub) and open as many faucets as possible to help release some of the pressure.

If this doesn’t work for you, there is likely something wrong with the high limit switch, the water pump, or possibly a shortage in the wiring.

Can You Clean A High-Limit Switch?

Yes! Cleaning a high-limit switch, i.e., replacing the switch on a hot tub, is an easy job you can do by hand at home with good results.

First, locate the high-limit switch on your hot tub and remove the dust cap.

Next, use a screwdriver to unscrew the limit switch nut, then pull it off gently with needle-nosed pliers.

Once removed, you should now be able to see all of the wires connected to it and a small piece of plastic blocking access to some cables. The wire from your heater will also be visible if you are piping through an opening that is not plugged up.

Once you have the wires and piece of plastic out of the way, use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the small piece of plastic that is covering a wire.

Once the plastic has been removed, remove one or two conductor caps from each wire and save them for later replacement if necessary.

Next, disconnect the wire connected to your heater by pulling it gently about 1 inch away from the rest of the cables.

Remove the two conductors from your heater by pulling them off with the end of your screwdriver.

Now, you will need to de-solder your heater wire from the switch by melting the solder on each of the two wires and pulling them off with a pair of pliers.

Where Is The Heater Reset Button On A Hot Springs Hot Tub?

The heater reset button boasts location on the side panel of the hot spring hot tubs. The side panel is closest to you when seated in the hot tub.

You can feel the hole in this panel and the button that controls the flow of electricity to power the heater. This will be a small, round button with an “E” embossed inversely.

In some models, there is no side panel accessible from within the hot tub; instead, shut off power to your hot tub by turning off the breaker on your electric circuit breaker or unplugging it from its base.

If you have more than one breaker controlling the hot tub, shut off everything.

Next, locate the power cord and disconnect it from its source of power; you can do this via a small plug on the side panel or along the backside of your hot tub.

Remove the panel to access wires if your model has a different type of connection from those listed above.

Unplug the heater plug or the power cord itself; this will be located on top or near your heater.

Remove the old heater, if applicable. This is in the middle of your hot tub as a small disc. If not, you may have an adapter that plugs into your outlet that could have an electrical cord attached to it that connects to the heating unit.

These are usually located toward one end of the bathroom and are easy to remove.

When installing a new heater, ensure it is in the exact location of your old one and has the same type of electrical outlet. Make sure the cord plug is fully inserted into an outlet.

Power back on to your hot Spa. If you’ve shut off power to your hot tub, reconnect the breaker or plug the cord into an outlet and turn the power back on.

You should see the water flow into the tub after a few seconds; this will mean that the heater reset button has been successfully activated.


Hot springs and tubs are often easy to maintain and require little or no service. If a problem arises, it’s usually the result of a loose connection rather than malfunctioning parts.

A hot tub maintenance specialist can make recommendations for the upkeep of your Spa and perform repairs if necessary.


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