Why I Must I Level My Hot Tub?

How Do You Build A Base For A Hot Tub?

Why I Must I Level My Hot Tub?

Hot tubs come with much comfort and relaxation.This is a classic way to wind up after a hard day’s work. With the increasing popularity, more people want to know more about hot tubs.

And there are many questions that first-time buyers ask themselves. If you want to buy a hot tub, you might be asking yourself, Why I Must I Level My Hot Tub? The answer is a straightforward yes.

Since part of the makeup of hot tubs is an acrylic shell on a wood frame, it can be fragile if not well seated on flat ground.Uneven distribution of pressure will be a common feature if your hot tub is not on level ground.

Consequently, it will be hard to hold the weight of the water and the occupants.

Several things need to be considered if you want to buy a hot tub. First, it is critical to decide if you want it installed outside or inside.

Outdoor hot tubs present more challenges in installation. For instance, the ground needs to be leveled, and the location should be in a well-drained area.

Again, you will want a hard sitting and not a loose ground as the base for your outdoor hot tub.

On the other hand, indoor hot tubs do not share these types of challenges since the floor is already leveled and fewer things to consider.

Is It Easy To Level The Ground For A Hot Tub?

Yes. Leveling the ground for a hot tub is not hard, but it requires the proper knowledge. You might find a few considerations worth understanding.

Well, even before you start on the actual activity,the first step is selecting an appropriate site for your hot tub. In selecting the site, consider things like drainage.

The area should not only be well-drained but also away from mud or puddles. Again, ensure that there are no overhead power lines in the area you have chosen as this could be a potential danger.

Why I Must I Level My Hot Tub?

Also, it is not recommended to install any permanent or semi-permanent structure below a power line. All these are things to be considered before wasting time leveling the ground.

It is advisable to locate your hot tub away from big trees whose roots might interfere with the ground your hot tub sits on. If a root starts to protrude or push soil below your hot tub, it will cause the round to be unleveled.

Again, consider other things like septic tanks, as your hot tub should not sit on such piping. Since sewer lines require maintenance, installing your hot tub above a sewer line is not wise.

This would interfere with its servicing and other maintenance operations on the line. Again, you will want to avoid other utilities, like water piping, as well.

Since a hot tub uses a large amount of water that needs to be changed regularly, I would recommend installing your hot tub near a water point for ease of refilling it.

If it is unrealistically far from a water point, it will be a problem when putting water in it. Additionally, you will be better off if you have a hose near the hot tub.

However, you don’t want your hot tub to be near an electrical outlet. If you install it too near, it might result in electric shock and other serious problems.

Can I Level My Existing Hot Tub?

Yes. You can level your hot tub if you know how to do it.The ground below your hot tub might, with time, shift, leaving your hot tub not leveled. However, you might have already installed a hot tub on uneven ground.

To level a hot tub, you will need heavy-duty plastic shims.While some manufacturers discourage their use in leveling a hot tub, shims are a great way to have your hot tub leveled.

However, bear in mind that this might void your warranty if the manufacturer is paranoid about the use of shims.

Consequently, you want to find out the general standpoint of your manufacture concerning the use of shims since it is not wise to void your warranty when you can use other options.

Again, the use of shims is not recommended for hot tubs if there is a discrepancy in evenness exceeding an inch from one end (of the surface the hot tub rests on) to the other.

If this is your case, you might need to make a new foundation. You might also consider a bed of compacted sand as another solution in your case.

As you level an existing hot tub, you want to pay extra attention and carefulness to avoid breaking the frame.

By default, a vast majority of hot tubs come with pre-installed shim points.Therefore, it is critical to read what the manufacturer has to say about shims from the owner’s manual.

If your manufacturer supports shims, you will find all the information in the most neglected piece of literature: the manual.

If you have bought a Jacuzzi brand, you are not allowed to use shims. But they will work if you are ready to forget about your warranty.

However, wood shims should be used with a pinch of salt as they will rot over time. I do not advocate for the use of wood shims. I prefer using heavy-duty plastic shims.

You can buy them for as cheap as ten bucks on Amazon (20 pieces with free shipping). That is enough for a hot tub.

Why I Must I Level My Hot Tub?

To start shimming, you will start on the low side and tap your shims in place for them to provide even support around the shell and frame.

The best way to do this is with an empty hot tub to reduce the weight and mitigate the risk.

Is It Okay To Install My Hot Tub On A Gentle Slope?

No. It is not right to install a hot tub on a ground that is not level. There is so much weight that a hot tub is expected to handle.

Apart from the load that might at times be eight adults, there is the weight of the water. Also, the weight of the hot tub is a significant weight to consider.

When you consider the total weight that a hot tub might require to handle at times, you will agree that it needs to be on level ground.

Level ground is handy in helping distribute the weight in an even manner. Uneven distribution of such weight has its downside.

This is known to compromise the hot tub’s structural integrity, making it susceptible to collapse, especially when fully loaded with water and occupants.

Even if you think you have already leveled the ground on which your hot tub sits, it is still good to practice a little more caution. As you fill the hot tub with water, confirm that it is leveled through a simple method.

If when you start to fill the hot tub, you realize that water is gathering more on one side or one wall seems to be rising than the others, it will mean that the ground is not leveled.

This means you should either move the hot tub or level the ground before filling the water to the brim.

In addition to the ground on hot tubs being leveled, it also needs to be firm and sturdy. This is especially important for weight accommodation. As a hot tub continues to fill, so does its weight increase significantly.

The weight is never constant as it keeps oscillating according to the weight of the occupants.

Consequently, it is advisable to steer away from sandy surfaces, for they will want to provide the required support for your hot tub.

Indeed, it is best to make a concrete deck for the hot tub to ensure a firm and sturdy leveled ground.

Is It Possible To Drain My Hot Tub?

Yes. While many people might assume that a hot tub requires plumbing basics, this is not necessarily true. Since a hot tub is a self-contained vessel, it doesn’t require any form of plumbing connection.

Indeed, after you follow through with the above procedure regarding choosing the site and leveling the ground, all you will need is to use a hose to fill your hot tub.

This scarcely implies that there is a limitation in the functioning of a hot tub. No! it means that you have a perfect stand-alone vessel and can be moved anytime you want.

The hot tubs cabinet has its plumbing lines, and water will circulate the tub through these tubes.

Can I Drain My Hot Tub on My grass?

When you start using your hot tub, understand that it has begun getting grit and other debris emanating from your body.

Therefore, it is critical to have a maintenance schedule to address the water chemistry and other things.  While you will only need to drain your hot tub a few times a year, you will have to monitor the water chemistry and make adjustments as required constantly. 

Is There A Preferable Foundation For My Hot Tub?

Yes. There are appropriate foundations and wrong foundations that you can use for your hot tub. In this type of investment, it is only reasonable to carefully consider everything to ensure you do not mess up anywhere.

Messing up might mean that your investment goes down the drain. And this is not anywhere near what you want. 

Although cleaning is an important part of your hot tub regime, the most important thing to do is to ensure that you have a firm foundation on which your hot tub sits.

The installation of your hot tub should take pre-eminence. If you go wrong in this process, everything will go up in smoke!

In addition to having a leveled ground, it is advisable to have a foundation for your hot tub.There are several options you might want to consider, like grass, decking, or solid foundation.

When choosing your preferred foundation that your hot tub will sit on, the surface must be level and solid. Other things to be considered are versatility, durability, and strength.

Grass foundations come as the most popular types of foundations on which many hot tubs sit. This preference is largely based on its low cost, although it is a great foundation.

For instance, grass provides much cushioning to hot tubs when used as a foundation.

For this type of foundation to work best, it is advisable to ensure that there are no broken pieces of grass that would pierce the hot tub.  

On the other hand, paving slabs come in handy as foundations for your hot tub. In addition to providing a perfect foundation for your hot tub, paving slabs are easy to install.

All that is required is to ensure that the ground is level. Paving slabs give much flexibility, unlike other foundations.

These foundations can accommodate different colors and different designs. However, the dot tub needs to be surrounded with paving stones if you choose to go with paving slabs.


Hot tubs need to sit on level ground. Considering the cost of a hot tub, it is only meant to read the manual before installing your hot tub.

The manual will always make it clear that level grounding is mandatory for hot tubs.

The flip side of not leveling the ground is that there will be an uneven distribution of pressure, with some parts of the hot tub having higher concentrations of pressure.

This will make them break since the tub is meant to share the weight. If you have already installed a hot tub and have realized that the ground is not level or the hot tub shifted, you can salvage the situation using shims.

Shims are cheap to buy and easy to install on existing hot tubs. Follow the manual and notice how easy it gets to install them.

However, if the unevenness is greater than one inch, shims might not work for you, and you will want to install a new foundation.


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