Why Does My Body Float in A Hot Tub?(Explained)

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Why Does My Body Float in A Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a water tub that you heat to body temperature, allowing you to sit or lie in it for relaxation or recreation.

You can fill them with water and chemicals that bring the water to a comfortable bathing temperature, usually between 104-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many hot tubs are on the market today, but the most common is a regular “Spa” or “infinity.”

Your body floats in a hot tub because of buoyancy and gravity. In this case, the fluid is the water in the hot tub. When you enter the hot tub, the water provides an upward force that counteracts the downward force of gravity on your body. This makes you feel lighter and allows you to float. Water has a high density because it’s tightly packed with many atoms.

The temperature of the water also plays a role in your ability to float. As the water temperature increases, its density decreases, making it less dense than your body.

This further increases the upward force and makes you float in the hot tub easier. At a certain point, the hot tub’s temperature is high enough that your body stays afloat despite the downward force of gravity.

The time it stays in the hot tub affects the water temperature in the hot tub. The water you heat to a high temperature will last longer and be hotter than water that enters the hot tub after being cooled down.

This can cause problems like skin irritation, heat exhaustion, or even burns if you are not careful or used to the high temperatures.

Clothes can also add resistance to your ability to float because they will take up some space in the water and make it harder for your body to float.

You can heat or cool the water in the hot tub, but not clothes. Because of this, you may have to put your clothes on outside the hot tub.

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What Happens to Your Body When You Sit In A Hot Tub?

Increased Heart RateYour heart rate increases as your body tries to cool down and regulate its internal temperature.
Blood Vessels DilateWhen heated, the skin and blood vessels near the surface dilate to speed up cooling.
Sweat Glands Get ActiveSweat glands release sweat as a means of regulating body temperature through evaporation.
Nervous System Activity IncreasesNervous system activity increases due to the stress on our bodies when we are overheated.
Breathing Rate IncreasesIncreases during hot tub usage because your airways narrow due to the hotter, humid environment and increased heart rate.
Blood Pressure IncreasesIncreases because of the increased heart rate and sweating.
Blood Flow DecreasesWhen we are overheated, our blood flow decreases from the increased blood pressure in an attempt to cool down and regulate temperatures.

What Are The Symptoms Of Too Much Hot Tub?

Skin Irritation/RashToo much hot tub can cause skin irritations which can lead to rashes. If this is long-term, you can weaken your skin’s natural defenses, causing frequent flare-ups.
DehydrationIf you fail to drink enough water, “too much” hot tub can also lead to dehydration.

A lack of water can cause a person’s body to have less ability to sweat away the toxins it has accumulated, and this can cause more skin eruptions.
Urinary Tract InfectionsBacteria in the urine often cause urinary tract infections in the bladder or kidneys, so if you swim a lot, you may need extra cleaning when getting out of the hot tub.
HeadacheHeadaches can happen when swimming rapidly, and then try to relax by soaking in the hot tub. The water temperature increases your body temperature, which is the culprit of headaches.
Fatigue Or WeaknessRemember the water’s effects on the human body. Too much hot tub can cause fatigue, irritability, and weakness.

You should always get out and get some fresh air after a long soaking session to avoid any adverse effects that may happen to you in the long run.
Muscle PainDue to dehydration and heat, muscle pain can happen after a long soaking session in the hot tub.

This is because your body is tired and looking for energy to replenish itself, which will likely come from your muscle cells. So, consider taking a break next time you feel muscle pain.
Heart PalpitationsWhile this symptom is uncommon, you should not ignore it when taking hot showers or soaking in the hot tub for too long.  

If you experience this, you should consult a physician immediately, especially if the palpitations are chronic.

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 How to Stop Floating on Your Hot Tub

Try Different Seating PositionsOne position might be harder to stay afloat because it puts more weight on your butt or lowers your head in the water.

Try combining different seating positions by moving around or switching seats throughout your time in the tub.
Limit AlcoholAlcohol disrupts the balance and makes you heavier than water, so drinking before entering a hot tub or pool is not a good idea.
Get A Large KickboardYour legs and your head will help you stay afloat. If you have an extra small kickboard, you could always place it on the edge of the pool or hot tub so that you have something to push off when you try to stay afloat.
Don’t Put Your Arms Below The SurfaceIf your arms are below the surface, it’s hard for them to help push against the water and keep you in balance.  It will also make it easier to sink.
Hold On To SomethingYou hold onto the edge of the tub or pool when you jump in. If you must let go because a clamp is holding your fingers together, you can use an inflatable plastic ring as a floatation device.
Be Flexible And Move Your JointsIf you try a few positions that don’t work, bounce around and stay as active as possible.
Lean Back InMost of the time, without even realizing it, people lean toward the side of the tub or pool where their feet are. This helps them float instead of the sink because they use their legs instead of arms or hands to stay afloat.

Why Do Some People Float In Hot Tubs?

Buoyant Force and Archimedes’ PrincipleWater buoyancy makes it easier for objects to float. This effect is stronger in hot water due to the lower density of hot water.
EvaporationAs the water cools, the air bubbles trapped in it start to shrink in size. This decreases the density of water (again because it is lighter when there’s more space for air) and makes floating easier.
Air BubblesHot tubs may contain small amounts of air that don’t mix well with the water and act as a buoyant force on objects.
WeightThe human body is much heavier than water, so floating becomes more difficult in the tub.
Body PositionThe position of your body also plays a role. If you’re lying down with your head below water, lifting your chin makes it easier to float. In this case, the buoyant force can lift you more easily.
Salt ContentThis is a minor factor. Saltwater has a lower density, and it’s easier to float in salty water, but it’s not enough to make you float on its own.
AlcoholIt should come as no surprise that alcohol increases the chances that you’ll float in the hot tub (sort of). The problem is that alcohol reduces your muscle tone, which makes it easier to sink in the tub.

What Is The Best Thing To Stand A Hot Tub On?

ConcreteWithstand heavyweight, Resistant to weather damage, Sturdy and Durable.
WoodAdds a natural aesthetic to your outdoor space, Easy to install, Customizable to fit your specific needs, Requires regular maintenance and May not be as sturdy as other materials.
Composite material ( Trex)You can stain it to match any design, Extremely durable and sturdy, Reduces maintenance costs and Easy to install (DIY).
MetalExtremely sturdy, Fits most commercial hot tubs, Adds a unique aesthetic to your property and Requires regular maintenance.

How Can I Make My Hot Tub More Attractive?

Here’s a table with some ideas on how you can make your hot tub more attractive

Add LightingInstalling LED lights around your hot tub can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, especially at night.
Build A GazeboBuilding a gazebo around your hot tub can make it more attractive, especially at night.
Plant Trees And FlowersPlanting trees and flowers around your hot tub can create an attractive surrounding for you to enjoy your hot tub.
Accompanying FurnitureBuilding a couch or other accompanying furniture for relaxation around your hot tub can make it more attractive.  It is very beneficial given that you will relax in it
Install A Water FeatureAdding a water feature or waterfall to your hot tub can make it more attractive. Feel the relaxing sound of water gurgling as you float in your hot tub.
Install A Sound SystemYou can do this by surround sound speakers that play songs, the radio, and anything you want to listen to for relaxing.
Install A Filtration SystemA filter will remove contaminants from the water and keep it clean for your safety and enjoyment.
Install A Spa JetsInstalling spa jets in your hot tub can make it more attractive. The spa jets will help you customize the temperature and add relaxing bubbles to the water for warmth.

What’s The White Stuff Floating in My Hot Tub?

1. Calcium buildup

If the water in your area has high calcium levels, it could lead to calcium buildup in your hot tub. This can appear as white flakes or particles floating on the water’s surface.

2. Foam

While it may look like foam, it may be calcium buildup. You can cause this by the chemicals in the water acting as a detergent.

 3. Algae Bloom

Algae can grow in your hot tub if you clean the water more often or have leftover water from chlorinated pool chemicals.

It will grow on the walls and can be white or green, making it hard to see unless you have a magnifying glass to check for them.

 4. Iron buildup

If the hot tub has a white coating, this could mean a buildup of iron from the water, or you are adding something to the water, such as chlorine. If it is coming from chlorine, it is likely the hot tub’s chemical balance isn’t correct.

Why Does My Body Float in A Hot Tub?

5. Buildup of rust

It could be calcium buildup if you notice rust on your hot tub. If you saturate the water with calcium, it will change the color of the water.

6. Hair

If you notice white fibers in your hot tub, clean your filters more often. It’s not likely to be fiberglass, but it could be hair from someone who got into a hot tub without taking off long hair or a swimsuit.

7. Minerals

In areas with high levels of minerals, you may see white or brown particles floating in the water.

8. Iron deposits

If your hot tub shows a coating of rust on the walls, this could be from the iron deposits in the water.

9. Pollution

If you see white or blue water in your hot tub, pollution could be the problem that’s causing it.

If it’s coming from one of your neighbors, they may need to plug their spa properly, or they could have plugged it incorrectly and let the water run into yours over time.

How Do I Get Rid Of The White Stuff In My Hot Tub?

Drain And Clean The Hot TubRemove any large items that are creating an obstacle for the draining water to escape.

Pour a kettleful of boiling water around the perimeter of the tub and Rinse with clean, fresh water.
Shock The Hot TubMake a small hole in the hot tub lid with a drill.
Insert a garden hose into the hole before you turn on the hot tub. Be careful not to puncture the hose.

Plug in the heater and plug in your timer to run for 15 –30 minutes weekly. Never turn your hot tub on until you see the water pump out of your filter and drain from the drain line.
Increase Filtration and CirculationThe best way to prevent white stuff on the bottom of your hot tub is to have a good filter and a powerful pump. The flow rate should be at least 6,000 gallons per hour.

Check the filter frequently for wear and tear.
If you don’t have a variable speed pump, adjust the water level to allow for more circulation.
Test And Balance ChemicalsUse a good test kit to test your water weekly.
Always check that the pH of your water is between 7.2 and 7.8.

Why Do My Legs Float In The Bath?

1. Gravity will always pull hard on any fluid, so water weighs more than air. 

The water pushes hard on the body, other than its weight, because of how vast the weight difference is between air and water.

As the water level rises higher and higher above the head, gravity will start to pull more and more heavily on you.

2. The head has a greater density than most of your other body parts. 

It is much deeper than almost any other body part, so it will more likely feel like a heavy object when wet.

This will cause it to drop straight down, increasing the pressure on your back. This is why most of your body floats when you sit in a bathtub, but the head rests on the bottom.

3. The density difference between air and water causes air to rise. 

Because air is less dense than water, it will float on top of it. This creates greater buoyancy for thinner body parts with a higher surface area ratio to volume.

4. The body comprises three layers: fat, muscle, and bone. 

Because fat is less dense than water, it will float. Underwater, these fat cells rise to the top and push outwards against the skin.

Because they are now on top of your body, they create a slight pressure on the skin that pushes outward. This pressure helps with preventing water absorption into your body.

5. The body is more buoyant in warm water. 

The human body is designed to retain heat. Because of this, pressure changes will cause liquid to push outwards against the skin to keep warm.

This way, your body doesn’t lose heat by sucking itself into the water or being pushed by other objects in the bath.


Hot tubs make a great way to relax and enjoy fun in the sun. However, you have to practice Cautiousness while you are in there.

You also have to be aware of some of the things mentioned in this article so that you can take precautions to keep yourself and others safe.


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