When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

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When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

You should consider replacing your hot tub filters after a period of 12 to 24 months of use.

However, one year is the most preferred time to have the filters changed if you want to enjoy the maximum performance.

Nothing beats the feeling of getting into your hot tub for some relaxing moment after a long day’s work.

Who knows, maybe that is what you may need most to forget the day’s troubles and reset the mood for the next day.

Apart from the operation time difference of service, here are some other reasons which may indicate it is time to have your hot tub’s filters changed;

Change in cleaning time; You may notice a difference in how often your hot tub filter gets dirty.

For instance, initially, you may have been performing routine cleaning after about two months; however, after some time, you notice the filter gets dirty faster, and the cleaning time reduces to three weeks.

This is an adequate illustration by the hot tub filter that the filter cartridges performance has decreased and should be looked into; changing them is the best option to consider.

One of the possible causes of performance deterioration is clogging the filter cartridges by oils or minerals, or both.

When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

Water clarity; how clear your hot tub’s water also depends on the hot tub’s filter performance.

You can quickly notice if the filter is working correctly or not by considering your hot tubs water clarity.

If the water is sparkly clean, then the filter is efficiently performing; however, the filter could be under performing if the water appears dirty and dull.

Furthermore, you may end up using more amount of sanitizer than the ones you used earlier on in the hot tub.

Once you notice all this happening, then it may be time you consider changing your hot tub filter.

Frequency of cleaning the filter cartridge; if you were not aware before, then let me show you the point you may have been missing for a long time.

Each time you clean your hot tub filter, the fabric fibers tend to stretch more than their initial sizes. Therefore, with each cleaning time, then stretch further.

So, considering this, you may realize that after a series of cleaning, the fabric fibers will not be the same as they were when the filters were first installed.

You should strive and set a cleaning schedule, after which, when the schedule is complete, you must consider making a replacement of the filters.

Replacing your hot tub filters after cleaning them about 10 to 15 times is a better way to do it and ensure their efficient performance.

How Long Can My Hot Tub Filter Last?

Your hot tub’s filter time frame of service depends on how frequently the hot tub is used. A quality hot tub will last anywhere between two to five years.

However, if you are frequently using your hot tub, the filter may not last longer than three years.

For those who use their hot tubs less frequently, then the filters will last longer as they will not be under working pressure.

The same does not apply to filters in frequently used hot tubs; they are under often operation thus wear out quicker.

How Many Times Can I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

The more you use your hot tub, the more you may need to clean it. However, when cleaning the hot tub filters, you need to develop an adequate cleaning schedule.

For instance, you may decide to clean the hot tub filter once after every two weeks of use.

How Do I Clean My Hot Tub Filter?

Cleaning the hot tub filter could be a little cumbersome to new hot tub owners. However, the whole cleaning process is not quite not much engaging and can be accomplished with ease.

All you have to do is remove the filter from the hot tub first, then use the hot tub filter cleaning wand to rinse the filter until it’s clean adequately.

Remember, it is not advisable to use detergents, soaps, or any other household chemicals when cleaning the hot tub filter.

Can I Use Vinegar To Clean My Hot Tub Filters?

If giving your hot tub filter a thorough initial rinsing does not get the job done since sometimes only the large debris is removed, you may consider using vinegar as the filters’ cleaning agent.

However, you should ensure the mixture is made in a 50% ratio, both for the vinegar and water quantity.

The hot tub filter should be soaked in the solution for about two hours before rinsing it once more.

If the oil particles do not wash away, then you may have to purchase a hot tub filter cleaner for the task.

When the cleaning is not effective anymore, then it is time to replace the filters with new ones for efficient performance.

What Should I Avoid When Cleaning My Hot Tub Filter?

If you do not want to replace your hot tub filter sooner than you planned, you should pay attention to the following hot tub filter maintenance tips.

Avoid using a high-pressure water system when rinsing the hot tub filter.

When you clean your hot tub filter with water from high-pressure systems, you risk damaging the filter’s fabrics which may send you back to the shop for replacements sooner than you think.

Use water from low-pressure points to do thorough filter cleaning without jeopardizing the filter’s efficiency.

Avoid using home soaps and detergents when cleaning the filters; if you use cleaning or dish washing detergents to clean your filter, you risk contaminating your hot tub water.

Furthermore, you may also create serious foaming issues in your hot tub when you use the home detergents.

Acquire filter cleaners manufactured explicitly for cleaning the filters if you want to achieve excellent filter cleaning results.

Always stick to filter-cleaner-only materials when cleaning your hot tub filters to avoid contamination.

How Do I Identify The Type Of Filter My Hot Tub Needs?

You may be wondering if all hot tub filters can be fixed into your hot tub. Well, hot tub filters are made with specifications, and they are numbered.

For example, a part number such as PRB50 can be noticed at the end cap. New hot tub filters also always have the label written on their wrappers.

If you do not want to get mixed up next time, or if you want to avoid getting a hard time identifying the type of hot tub filters, then try keeping this information in mind when you are looking for a hot tub filter replacement.

Are hot tub filters reusable?

Yes. Hot tub filters can be reused as much as possible so long as they maintain efficient performance.

Once the hot tub filters get dirty, they are removed from the hot tubs and cleaned.

Meanwhile, you may put another in place as you carry out the cleaning process. Also, you may clean the one you have and put it back in place when it is clean to continue working.

Therefore, once the hot tub filter gets dirty, it is not the end game; you can clean and reuse it.

How often should I replace my hot tub filter?

One to two years of service is just enough time to consider replacing your hot tub filter. However, some filters can efficiently work for five years.

Other than operating time, the frequency at which you use your hot tub may also dictate how often you may have to replace the filter.

If you frequently use your hot tub, the hot tub filter will also be subjected to working more often.

Therefore, you may need to consider replacing it more often than when you do not use your hot tub frequently.

So if you do not want to replace your hot tub filter more often, you can reduce the number of times you use it in a day or week. You can reduce it by half or more.

What Is The Function Of A Hot Tub Filter?

Hot tub filters could be among the most underrated parts of the hot tub.

The hot tub filters ensure the hot bus life and performance are maintained at efficient levels for a long time; thus, your hot tub’s life is also prolonged.

The hot tub filters perform relatively crucial tasks in the hot tub but are not given much attention; therefore, they are referred to as the hot tub’s silent features.

The hot tub filters trap particles in water as it passes through filter media. Therefore, if the water is dirty, it would be filtered and made clean and safe for you, courtesy of the hot tub filters.

How Many Filters Are In A Hot Tub?

The number of filters in a hot tub maybe with the size of the hot tub. Most standard size hot tubs are equipped with one hot tub filter.

However, some hot tubs have two or three or even more hot tub filters. As I said, the number may vary with the size of the hot tub.

Can I Use The Washing Machine To Clean A Hot Tub Filter?

Using your washing machine to clean the hot tub filter could cause damage to the filter.

First, the high pressure may cause further weakening of the fabric, thus rendering the hot tub filter less effective.

Also, the constant banging of the filter against the walls of the washing machine can break the plastic.

Therefore, it is not recommended; in fact, you should cease cleaning your hot tub filter in the washing machine.

Why Should I Not Clean My Hot Tub Filter In A Dishwasher?

Just like the washing machine, the dishwasher uses high water pressure to get the job done. In the same case, high pressure will be applied when cleaning the hot tub filter.

Therefore, your filter faces damage possibilities from the high-water pressure.

The cleaning may be done alright, but the hot tub filter’s effectiveness will have been drastically reduced, sometimes to beyond the re-usage stage.

When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

Since using a damaged hot tub filter is out of the recommendation list, you may have to consider replacing it because you used the wrong cleaning method.

Can I Use My Hot Tub Filter For More Than Two Years?

The number of years in which your hot tub filter can remain in use effectively, I would say, depends on the quality of the filter. Some high-quality filters can last more than two years.

However, there are some you may have to replace after one year.

Therefore, if you are acquiring hot tub filters, I recommend you go for the high-quality made, especially if you want maximum years of service before having to do replacements.

Generally, hot tub filters differ in quality, and the longer you may use them before replacing them depends on the quality of the filter you installed.

High-quality hot tub filters backed with adequate care and maintenance will result in long years of great service.

However, if you install hot tub filters of relatively low quality, it is just a matter of time, about one year or one and a half years before it is time to replace them.

Hot Tub Filter Replacement; What Is The Maximum Service Time?

Considering the high-quality filters, I would say up to about five years. However, if you initially installed relatively low-quality hot tub filters, forget about service time longer than two years.

Sometimes, the low-quality hot tub filters may not remain efficiently operational for more than 18 months.

The maximum time you can use your hot tub filters also depends on how you take care of them.

Do not expect much if you rarely do adequate maintenance service to the hot tub filters.

Is Replacing My Hot Tub Filter as Effective As Cleaning?

The main reason why hot tub filters are changed is that they do not perform effectively anymore.

Once the hot tub filters are not as effective as before, then considering a replacement is the next in line with priorities.

I would point out that a newly fixed hot tub filter will have higher performance than the one cleaned on several occasions.

The reason being that as the hot tub filters are cleaned, the fabrics are interfered with each time.

And once the cleaning is done severally, then the integrity of the hot tub filter is also diminished.

Therefore, cleaning the hot tub filter as a maintenance procedure boosts its performance, but when replaced, well, that would be a game-changer.

Does Cleaning My Hot Tub Filter Affect Its Performance?

Onetime cleaning of the hot tub filter may not affect its performance much. However, the more you clean the filter, the more the performance decreases.

The reduction in performance is also propelled by the number of times the hot tub filter is cleaned. Every cleaning weakens the fabrics and spreads them a little a bit apart.

You can imagine what would happen to the hot tub filter when it is cleaned about ten times.

The fabrics would have interfered with so much that when used, the filter would allow more dirt particles to pass through. Efficiency is therefore significantly jeopardized.

Why Should I Consider Replacing My Hot Tub Filter?

The first reason why you should consider replacing your hot tub filter is to maintain your hot tub water clarity.

Hot tub filters play a significant role in ensuring your hot tub water remains clear.

Therefore, when you notice the water looks dirty and dull, then the filter may not be performing adequately.

Having the filter replaced may see to it that the hot tub water clarity is restored as dirt particles in the water will be filtered out.

Secondly, you should consider replacing your hot tub filter when you have cleaned it about ten to fifteen times or more, for that matter.

When the hot tub filters are cleaned, the fabrics which take an active part in the filtration process are weakened.

When the cleaning process is repeated over time, the fabrics may no longer perform the task effectively.

You may also realize that you will have to clean the hot tub filter more frequently, but no change to the quality of work done in the long run.

Once the fabrics have become loose, and performance deteriorates, considering replacing your filter should be the next choice to go for.

Final Thought : When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter? 

Hot tub filters should be replaced as soon as you realize the ones in place are not efficiently accomplishing the task.

However, as a hot tub owner, you should consider coming up with a schedule outlining the number of times you need to clean your hot tub filters before replacing them.

For instance, cleaning the filters about teen times is just enough to start contemplating replacement. Some hot tub owners may want to replace the filters earlier than two years of operation.

Some may stretch up to three or five years, depending on the quality of the initially installed filters and how adequately their maintenance is done.


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