What Does HL Mean On Hot Tub Display?

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What Does HL Mean On Hot Tub Display?

When your hot tub displays “HL,” it’s an error message meaning that the system shuts the heater down due to temperatures at the heater reaching 119ºF (48ºC). This is a limit referred to as the “high Limit,” and it’s best to note it and address it.

At times, the “HL” error message might start flashing. When this happens, your system shuts down because the water temperature in your spa reached 112ºF (44ºC).

Hot tubs come pre-programmed with a pre-selected temperature to keep your pool within a specified temperature range.

Generally, you will find a temperature control on the top side of the control panel. This feature has two buttons —one to raise the temperature and one to lower it.

But the temperature can go beyond the preset definition. Since the Spa is set to a certain confine concerning temperature, this will be interpreted as an error.

And the hot tub will be shut down to prevent any damage. Hot tubs can be expensive to repair, so they come with a safety feature to prevent some of the preventable damages.

Fortunately, many hot tubs will have a high-limit reset. This red button found on many hot tubs is meant to correct any problems occasioned by the HL shutdown.

Hot Tub Error Codes, What They Mean and How to Fix

There are numerous hot tub error codes. For instance, there are the FLO, DR, and Dry error codes.

These error codes are meant to alert you of different issues in your hot tub, giving you a clue of what might be wrong so you know what to do.

Without these error codes, you might never know where to start when you have problems with your hot tub.

The FLO, DR., or DRY errors, commonly occurring due to debris and blockages, can be fixed easily with simple hot tub troubleshooting steps, such as cleaning your filters and topping off your water level.

What Does HL Mean On Hot Tub Display?

Learn more about what these error messages mean and what you can do to fix them.

If your hot tub displays the FLO error message, you know you have a problem with water flow. Several reasons can be attributed to this.

The water pressure sensors determine errors due to dirty filters, low water levels, bad sensors, or clogged circulation pumps.

You need to check your tub’s water level first if this happens. Topping it off might fix the problem. You can also reset the tub GFI breaker and see if the error clears.

This single fix might or might not fix the problem. If it doesn’t solve the problem, it will be time to check your hot tub filter.

Common error codes include COL, COLD, COOL, FP, FR, FRE, LO, ICE, and I CE2. These are cold error codes when your hot tub senses much colder water than the set temperature.

Why Does My Hot Tub Keep Saying HL?

If your hot tub keeps saying HL, you’re having issues with your hot tub heater. This may be related to the high limit switch, also referred to as the high limit thermometer.

Specific conditions will cause the switch to trip more than it should. Generally, it’s easy to troubleshoot the HL switch issues and address them.

At times, the HL switch trips off. This means that your hot tub water is too hot and potentially harms bathers or the Spa.

This results from something making the switch to trip off, even when the water isn’t too hot. If the air outside the hot tub is inadequate, the Spa water will not easily cool down.

Follow the instructions from your manual about filling to add some cool water. Alternatively, you can shift the Spa cover to release hot air to the outside.

While you may reduce the temperature this way, adding boiling water or very hot water to the hot tub is not recommended to increase the temperature.

Occasionally, the high limit switch might trip as you fill your Spa. Still, it might need a reset from time to time. This is largely due to unknown reasons or serious problems.

Press the big red button to reset your hot tub. This is found on your spa pack.

Other reasons your hot tub might keep saying HL include thermostat problems, calcium buildup, and air trapped in the system.

How Do I Reset The Error Code On My Arctic Spa?

Resetting error codes on your arctic Spa is not hard. However, you need to know the error codes and display messages that your arctic Spa may display alongside their implication before you can even attempt to reset them.

Your arctic Spa may display the error code HL. As we have already seen, this means a shutting down of the heater after the temperatures at the heater reach 119ºF (48ºC) has occurred.

To reset this error code, remove the Spa heat cover so that you allow the water temperature to cool down.

Reset the breaker to reset the system but avoid going into the water under such circumstances.

On the other hand, you might experience a FREE Protect error message.

When this message is scrolling, it means that water temperatures in the Spa unit fell below 45º degrees.

Consequently, the pumps automatically heat the Spa unit until your water temperature achieves 45º degrees F. This can only be addressed by resetting the breaker.

Flipping your breaker off and then back on again will usually reset the error code on your arctic Spa.

It’s recommended not to touch any buttons but to turn the test mode (test) as the Spa starts back up and tests each component.

However, if the error message comes back, there might be a problem with the heater or the high limit probe.

How Do I Test My Hot Tub Control Panel?

You can manually reset your hot tub control panel. This is possible by simply shutting off your control panel and allowing it some time to cool down.

All it will need will be between 10 and 20 seconds in most cases. After this time elapses, turn it back on.

But in this simple procedure, you will want to pay special attention to the requirement that you wait for ten to twenty seconds, as this is required to ensure all data is cleared from the panel.

However, if this does not solve your problem, you might want to check and ensure no water has found its way into the control panel.

After this, you need to establish if there is any corrosion that may have occurred on the wiring. But still, your control panel might not work after all these.

This will call for an overnight switch off, allowing your hot tub to rest fully. It’s also essential to ensure that you don’t have any damaged buttons on the control panel.

But if, after checking all these, your control panel persists with problems, then you might need to replace the control panel. At this point, it will be wise to call in an expert to help address the problem.

Why Won’t My Balboa Hot Tub Heat Up?

It’s not unheard of for a balboa hot tub to fail to heat up as much as you would like.

This is caused by several problems, including faulty filters, inappropriate water levels, faulty heater elements, and a faulty pressure switch, among other causes.

Filters can make your balboa water temperature not rise.

The Balboa filter system consists of 2 main filters: An upper cleanable cartridge style filter and an upper paper style filter element wrapped around the pump motor.

The filters need to be cleaned every 2-3 months. However, this frequency may vary depending on whether there is a heavy bather load or unique water conditions in your area.

When replacing the filters, you will need to replace them both, even if you only have one clogged.

On the other hand, a low water level can keep your Balboa hot tub from heating up. If the balboa hot tub water gets too low, your hot tub heater will be exposed to air.

Consequently, the water will not be able to attain the required temperature as heat is lost to the air. You need to ensure that your Spa is always filled within 4″ of the top rails.

Still, if you have faulty heater elements, there is no way your hot tub will get the right temperature, as these are the ones responsible for heating your water.

What Causes The HL Code On A Hot Tub?

As already insinuated, the “HL” error message has everything to do with temperature.

Overheating in your hot tub is never welcome, and it works on its own to protect itself from untold damages.

Once the water gets to over 111oF, an over-temperature error is triggered. When temperatures get over 111oF, it will cause injury to bathers.

Consequently, the heater and pumps get disabled to prevent further water heating. Consequently, the topside display flashes “HL” on the screen, signaling an Over Temperature.

Again, when the temperature of the heater barrel is > 119oF, a High Limit (HL) Error is triggered.

This error is detected in hardware, and then a pin is set on the CPU, signaling the CPU of the error.

As a result, the heater shuts off so that the temperature of the heater barrel doesn’t increase.

That way, damage to the heater is prevented, something which could otherwise cause fire, injury, or damage to the Spa.

When the HL is displayed, power needs to be cycled to the Spa to clear this error.

How Do You Bypass A High-Limit Switch On A Hot Tub?

To bypass a high limit switch on your hot tub, you must place a jumper wire between the two terminals.

If you have screws in place of terminals, that is where you place the wire to provide a shorter and less resistant wire.

Bypassing the switch, the wire connects between the two “in” and “out” terminals. However, remember that jumping out of an HL switch should only be done for testing purposes.

Indeed, it would help if you did not operate your spa or hot tub without the high limit switch.

A high limit switch is one of the safety components you do not wish to run your Spa without.

It’s too dangerous to run your hot tub with your HL switch or any other safety component bypassed.

Can Composite Decking Hold A Hot Tub?

While there are other ways of passing the HL switch, the easiest way to jump out a pool or Spa HL switch is to use a short wire with two alligator clips.

You can also do it on other metal clips on the ends. However, if you have a steady hand for holding each end of the wire into the grooves of each brass screw, you can do it on your own.

How do you adjust a pressure switch on a hot tub?

To adjust the pressure on a hot tub, you need to turn the screw to the left counter-clockwise slowly. This effectively reduces the minimum required pressure.

You will need to turn it slowly, barely beyond the point where the heater turns on.

But there are other adjustable pressure switches with an Adjustment Wheel turned with the thumb and finger.

The pressure switch is on a PVC plumbing part next to your spa pack or directly mounted onto the stainless steel heater manifold or tube.

You will find the heater manifold underneath, inside, or attached to the power control box.

The Pressure Switch on your hot tub is a pressure sensor mounted onto the heater housing and, at times, very close to the exit point of the heater.

The pressure switch has a primary role in your hot tub: shutting off the heater if low pressure or low water flow occurs.

As you might be aware, pressure is an easy way of determining flow rates through the pipes, pump, and heater in a hot tub.

However, other Spas use a flow sensor to complement or in place of the Pressure Switch. This is designed to ensure that water flows properly for the heater to operate safely.

Where Is The High Limit Reset Button On The Master Spa?

This red button found in many Spas is usually located on the heater. You might not easily identify it since a rubber nipple covers it.

The high limit reset button is essential in a spa since a spa heater may need to be reset after tripping or stopping working.

In this circumstance, you can reactivate your spa’s heater using the high-limit reset switch. However, you will also need to check all breakers and GFCI outlets.

If your spa’s heater needs a reset, you will need to locate the reset button and press the high-limit reset button.

When the button is tripped, it will immediately “click” in when after resetting it. After this, you will need to be sure by turning on the spa and observing its operation.

Confirm that there is the power to the Spa since lack of power means you have a tripped breaker panel switch or GFCI outlet.

If it doesn’t turn on at this stage, you will need to flip the breaker panel switch on and then press the reset button found on the GFCI outlet to restore power.

Make sure your Spa is turned on. However, if the spa continues to trip repeatedly or stops working, the second heat demand is present. So you will need to replace it.

How Do You Adjust A Flow Switch?

A flow switch, which can keep your hot tub or Spa running, is easy to adjust. You will need to turn off the unit and then unplug it from the mains for about 30 seconds.

This time is essential for resetting the Spa’s control panel to enable the switch to work again. However, this might not necessarily work.

Therefore, if it doesn’t work, the unit needs to be shut off again before you proceed to do anything else.

The next thing to confirm is that the flow switch valve is open. Once you confirm it’s open, disconnect the cable and wait for about six seconds before plugging the cable back to recheck the valve.

Only ensure that there aren’t any obstructions to the valve position. Anything stuck in the valve and holding it open will prevent it from working well.

Any obstruction needs to be removed before trying to turn the unit on again.

Ensure that the water level in the hot tub is not lower than the jets, as this would make them not work. Learn how many gallons are required for your spa from the manual.

Any obstructions in the filter need to be cleaned as obstructions will always stop the water flow and cause the flow switch to cut off power.

How Does A Flow Switch Work?

A flow switch includes a paddle or magnetic trigger connected to a circuit. This is placed in the channel through which a gas or liquid passes.

The flowing substance displaces the paddle or rotates it, sending a signal reading back to the transducer (secondary component).

The transducer takes the raw signal and passes it on to a transmitter in a readable format.

In turn, the transmitter measures the reading against some predefined set of parameters performing any action or signal required to adjust the behavior of mechanisms and components elsewhere.

Consequently, flow switches monitor, report, and control gas or liquid flow rate through a substantial part of a system.

It will also perform the same function for an entire system and, at the same time, ensure the flow stays within those pre-set parameters.

Should the rate drop or exceed the required, it will instantly trigger numerous actions like powering on a pump, diverting flow, activating an alarm, or even shutting off parts of the system.

But the specific actions that a flow switch performs will depend on the type of switch and the purpose for which it was designed.


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