My Spa Has a Blown Fuse(How to Fix)

My Spa Has a Blown Fuse

My Spa Has a Blown Fuse

A blown fuse malfunctions an electrical circuit due to the excess current flowing through it. If your circuit has a blown fuse, it means that the circuit is seeing too much current flow, and this has caused the circuit to fail.

Your Spa has a blown fuse because it’s drawing so much power that the fuse can’t handle the load. A spa draws quite a bit of power compared to most household devices. This number is usually 3-4 times the average home’s usage.

For example, an average Spa uses 10,000 watts per hour. When the pump starts up, this number can jump to 20,000 watts. A power ventilator fan on some Spas can also draw more than 7,000 watts each hour.

This can be a hefty load, and the Spa can stop working when the power goes out.

It’s not rare for a fuse to burn out in these situations, but if you’re dealing with issues with your Spa that don’t seem to go away after replacing the fuse, you should contact an electrician or Spa repair company.

The first step is to prevent overload problems. If it’s not already done, turn off the power to your Spa at night when not in use.

Many Spas also have power cut-off switches at the breaker panel. Using this will prevent your Spa from drawing too much power when it’s not in use.

Another thing to do is make sure there are no loose wires or other problems that could cause multiple electrical issues that may blow a fuse.

How Can You Tell If A Spa Fuse Is Blown?

Some signs indicate your Spa or sauna is using too much power and that an electronic or electronic/electrical fuse has blown.

There may likely be overheating, which will cause the overloading of electronics in the large circuit breakers.This overheating can be caused by many factors, including breakers that aren’t sized correctly for the load they’re powering.

The overload can cause a fuse to blow when the turn-off signal arrives at the breaker.

Another sign of a blown Spa fuse is if you notice that things have gotten wet when there’s no plumbing. This could be because the pump is running and there’s no filter or drain or because the water was spilling out of it, and you didn’t realize it.

When a Spa fuse blows, there are overloading issues that you can fix to prevent the problem from happening again.

A blown Spa fuse can signify other things in the circuit, so you should contact your electrician or Spa dealer to look at your circuit before you do any more repairs.

You should also check your pool application and ensure that it’s not receiving excessive power through an electrical system which could cause a fuse to blow.

Why Does My Hot Tub Keep Blowing A Fuse?

Your hot tub keeps blowing fuse because too little power is being drawn to the unit.

If the breaker switch is turned on, but the breaker isn’t clicking, then it could indicate a tripped breaker in your home’s circuit panel.

Double-check this by looking for a single break in one of your wires or by turning off all breakers and seeing if anything else blows a fuse while they’re off.

Another reason is clogging, which can be caused by mineral deposits in your water or a broken pump, filter, heater, or even a clog in one of the hoses. If it’s not clogging and you have enough water, this indicates a faulty heater or pump.

Running the heater with insufficient water can also cause the fuse to blow. This can be caused by a float switch malfunction or a small amount of water in your tub to keep the heater from heating up (allowing for short cycling of the disposable cartridges).

Preventative maintenance and routine checkups on water pressure and the flow keep the motor from overheating.

Does The Hot Tub Pump Have A Reset Button?

Yes! A hot tub pump boasts a reset button at the Spa pack. This button allows the hot tub pump to be turned off, restarted, or even reset. This is an excellent solution for a situation with an issue, but no one is available to fix it.

The owner can quickly turn the pump back on using this button at any time. To reset the pump, press and hold the button for three seconds and then release it once.

This will cause the Spa pack to power up automatically. The Spa pack will not have a display screen, so you will have to count the beeps it makes, and this will give you the information you need to repair any problem.

The many beeps will tell you which system the Spa pack uses and what error has occurred.

Generally, a low flow generates four beeps, while a high flow generates five. Any other number of beeps indicates an error has occurred.

My Spa Has a Blown Fuse

This spa pump is one of the best ones on the market, and the reset button boasts a handy feature that you can use.

How To Tell If A Fuse Blew On A Hot Tub Pump

If the fuse volt Ohm meter reads infinity, it means a fuse has blown on the hot tub pump. If the fuse has blown and it’s not your water pump, then you should replace the fuse with one that is rated for that amperage.

Check to ensure power to the fuse box by turning off fuses 1-4 before testing your fuses.

You must read all the steps before attempting any work on a hot tub or Spa. It’s also good to check the manual for this specific model.

Clear any debris from the hot tub, and wear safety glasses, gloves, and a long sleeve shirt covering your arms and shoulders.

Remove the hot tub wall plug from the hot tub outlet by pulling it out of its receptacle by hand; this will prevent an electric shock if you touch live wires with your bare hands as you remove it from its socket.

Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver that holds the back panel to the hot tub. Also, remove any other screws on the back that hold panels on to keep them from falling off during your work.

Remove any screws that hold metal covers in place around wires going into or out of electrical boxes (on some older models, there may only be plastic access covers).

Disconnect all wires by grabbing each end and pulling them apart; do not pull on the wire.

If you have a hot tub that has a heat control switch, turn it off before removing the hot tub’s wall plug. Wear gloves, safety glasses, and a long sleeve shirt covering your arms and shoulders.

Take a plastic putty knife, gently pry up on the front of any plastic electrical cover, and remove it from the electrical box (on some older models, there may only be plastic access covers).

Identify the hot tub’s electrical box. This will be a metal box with a door containing fuses, breakers, and circuit boards. When you are sure you have the proper electrical box, open it up by unlocking the door.

Remove the fuses from the fuse box. Locate the wrong fuse. If it’s a breaker, it will have a red wire attached to it with a white or black stripe running down one edge;

If it’s a fuse, it will have no wires attached to it and an empty rectangular depression in the bottom of the box where you can place another fuse like the one you removed.

How Do You Test A Spa Fuse?

First, switch off the Spa’s power at the Spa pack and breaker panel. Next, remove the fuse from the Spa pack, hold it up to the ceiling, and touch both ends to a live wire.

If you still have power from the Spa battery box, remove power from there to show that no electricity is reaching either end of the fuse.

Now pull on one side about 7 inches in and note if you have any resistance or sparks coming out of that end. If you do not see sparks or find any resistance in pulling on it, disconnect ground wires going into that connection and try again.

If you still have power, yet no sparks appear at the connection, it’s time to test the Spa.

To do this, take a multimeter and measure voltages between the three wires (red-black, brown) going into an electrical connection of the Spa.

I like to use black and white wires and attach a red wire to them so that I can immediately see if the test is passed or failed when you test for voltage.

If the red wire is passed, test for voltage between black and brown. If it does not pass, then it’s time to check the green wire. You can do this in reverse order.

What Causes A Blown Fuse In The Hot Tub?

If you are dealing with a blown fuse in your hot tub, you first need to determine what is causing it. Luckily, several different factors could be to blame for this issue.

I have listed a few common causes of blown fuses in hot tubs below.

  • A damaged circuit breaker box: The circuit breaker box delivers power to all the electrical outlets and devices that operate on electricity by constantly switching power on and off under certain conditions.

The fuse may blow if a cable is damaged or the circuit breaker box becomes faulty.

  • Faulty wiring: If the wiring that delivers power to your hot tub is not correctly installed, damaged or faulty wiring can cause a blown fuse. You could cause the same problem if an electrical device overloaded the system and caused a short circuit.
  • Faulty electrical device: An electrical malfunction in one of your hot tub’s fuses can also affect other components. For instance, if one of your hot tub’s pumps is faulty and you have several other pumps plugged into it, the fuse may blow.
  • Improper voltage: A power surge can affect many electrical devices. If the voltage fluctuates or there is an issue with a breaker box, the fuse may blow.
  • You can often find this in older homes where the power lines are not adequately insulated and where there are some potential weak areas in the wall.
  • This can lead to excess heat being created in the surrounding area, potentially exposing wires to too much heat.

How Do I Change The Fuse In My Hot Tub?

If the power button on your hot tub is flashing, the fuse has blown, Luckily, with a few tools and some knowledge of electrical concepts, you can service your hot tub yourself to save money.

Here are some of the steps on how to change the fuse in your hot tub:

1) Ensure all power sources have been turned off and unplugged from sockets.

2) Disconnect all water hoses from inside or outside water fittings.

3) Turn the hot tub onto its side. Place a towel underneath to protect against any potential spills.

4) After turning off power sources, locate the fuse panel:

a.) Unscrew and remove the screws on the back of the filter box.

b.) Turn the filter box over, and pull off the cover paneling using your hands to reveal the fuse panel.

-Locate the fuse and remove it by pulling it straight out. Note that it has a white and grey plastic cover.

5) Remove any other electrical connections from the fuse panel by twisting, bending, or sliding them out of the box.

6) Except for the circuit, which is an air filter, you should review each circuit to ensure all connections are being made properly. The diagram for each circuit is located on the back of the paneling.

7) Buy your new fuse from a local hardware store–it should match the description on your old fuse.

8) Replace the old fuse with a new one of equal amperage. The package will contain instructions for how many amps to use for different wattage requirements.

9) Place all electrical connectors back in the box, properly connecting any wires you previously disconnected.

10) Ensure all electrical connections are secure and replace the filter box cover.

11) Replace screws in the filter box.

12) Reconnect water hoses, turn the power back on, and test the hot tub for functionality.

How Do I Know If My Hot Tub Circuit Board Is Bad?

If you’ve noticed that your hot tub isn’t heating up like it used to, or if you notice any unusual behavior in your tub, it may be time to take the plunge with a new circuit board.

Circuit boards can wear out over time; going too long with a faulty one brings more issues.

Before unplugging the hot tub, turn off the water and drain any water from the circuit board. You have to take caution in these things.

There are many wires, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to push one of them aside or get electrocuted.

Most circuit boards include a pull switch that will shut down the circuit if a wire is pushed in and causes it to short out. If there’s a break in the circuit, you’ll get a blinking “service” light on the display.

If you don’t see that, but your hot tub isn’t heating up or doing something it should be, it may be something as simple as the circuit board.

First, Test your electrical outages and ensure there aren’t any breaks in the wiring outside your thermostat or other circuits. If everything checks out and your hot tub heats up, it may be your hot tub circuit board.

The next step is to pull everything apart and look at the circuit board. If wires are exposed, or you see any signs of corrosion or rust, it could mean a problem in the circuitry.

If the whole thing looks like it was put together by somebody who had no idea what they were doing, go ahead and replace it.

If you see any discoloration in or around the hot tub circuit board, or if it looks like someone put a washer on it and didn’t tighten it down, get a new one.

My Spa Has a Blown Fuse

If you have to jiggle the wires when you tighten them together to make them fit, don’t use that circuit board anymore.

What Happens When A Fuse Is Blown?

When a fuse blows, all lights, electricity, or appliances that draw power from the circuit where the fuse is located will cease to work.

This is because a blown fuse sends an electric current to the ground instead of through the circuit, thus preventing any current from reaching any devices it’s supposed to power.

You can often fix a blown fuse by simply replacing it with a standard one and granting its metal prongs contact with their corresponding terminals – but don’t be too hasty;

There are some instances in which a blown fuse requires replacement with a special kind of fuse.

Fuses come in different types of ratings, and they can be dangerous to use incorrectly. It’s not common to replace a fuse with an incorrect type; if you find yourself in this situation, your work will be difficult and probably irreparable.

A blown fuse should never be used as a substitute for proper fusing; Always test the circuit with a red test light before connecting any new components or wires.

Some simple circuits may be repaired with a fuse, but if the problem lies in the circuit

How Do I Test A Hot Tub Circuit Board?

There are many ways to test a hot tub circuit board, such as using a multimeter, smoking around the circuit board, and testing for continuity.

Depending on the type of circuit board you have, its orientation will affect which method you should use to make your diagnosis.

You also need knowledge of electricity and essential electronic components like resistors and capacitors to know how they’ll help with your troubleshooting.

Using a multimeter to troubleshoot your circuit board is probably the easiest way to test it.

Look at the pinout of your multimeter to determine which lead goes with which terminal, and then follow the diagram on the box to wire up your circuit board.

Once you’ve connected, turn your multimeter on, and go back to its dial that determines what kind of voltage you’d like to measure.

Set the multimeter to this voltage, and then turn on your circuit board. If it works properly, you should see some reading on the multimeter.

You can use a one-time test device for low current and voltage outputs if your circuit board does not identify as an ohmmeter. These work well when checking the continuity between a component and another component.

For example, let’s assume you have a capacitor that has an open circuit. One way to test it is to put a known voltage across the capacitor, then touch the two leads on your continuity tester and see if it detects a high tingle.

If the capacitor is working, you should get a high tingle. If not, your continuity tester cannot detect the voltage, and you will be left wondering why the capacitor has failed.

How Do You Check A Fuse Without Removing It?

First, locate the fuse in the fuse-box or panel. The fuse should be clearly labeled with a number within a circle and an arrow pointing down. It might be either white on a black background or black on a white background.

If you’re unclear about what label to look for, it may also say “fuse” or “power supply.”

Next, Find your circuit breaker box or switch box, typically located behind walls and ceilings that have been removed in your home. It will be labeled by type of device (e.g., 30A, 20A, 15A), and each circuit breaker switch will have a number.

Now you have to find your fuse in the breaker box. One way to do this is to start at the top of the list of breakers (typically near the top left of the box) and work your way down until you find a white or black fuse with an arrow pointing down.

That’s your fuse.

Please ensure there are no fuses with an arrow pointing down or another label close by. Then you can flip the circuit breaker switch and note which appliance is plugged into the wire connected to that fuse.

Then you have to look around your home for a matching appliance and turn it on. If the appliance turns off, your fuse is blown, and you need to replace it.

How Do I Reset A Blown Fuse?

If your fuse has blown and you need to reset it, you’ll need to remove the fuse from the circuit and reconnect all wiring before reinstalling the fuse. This may require you to use a soldering iron and solder.

One item to check before replacing a fuse is the fuse plugs. The bolt holding them together can loosen and fall out, causing resistance in the electrical circuit and leading to a blown fuse.

Take it apart; You will see a small metal strip with holes inside. The fuse fits into one of these holes. Make sure that if there are teeth on the strip, they are not broken off or bent, preventing the proper fit of your new fuse.

The second way a fuse can blow is when connected to the wrong electrical circuit.

To check for this, take your new fuse and insert it into the correct circuit. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll have to remove the old fuse and wire it straight through.

When you get the new fuse, remove any other fuses from their holders inside the fuse box. When putting them back in, be sure they are connected to a different electrical circuit than before.

You’re now ready to replace the fuse and close the circuit back up.

There Is No Power To My Hot Tub- 5 Reasons

You may not have plugged it into a power source: Plugged In and check to ensure the hot tub is plugged into a power source. Inspect to see if the outlet is working, not just the extension cord.

You may not have turned  On / Off : Some hot tubs have on/off switches inside, some have on/off buttons outside, and others have timers that turn off automatically at a particular time of night or day.

If your hot tub has an on-off timer, it either needs to be reset, or you need to check the associated circuit breaker for the house.

The water could be too hot or cold for the spa to run correctly: Water Check to make sure the hot tub water hasn’t reached too hot or too cold for the hot tub to run correctly.

Turn up the heat if the temperature is too cold or the water feels warm. If it is too hot, turn down the heat.

Does Phosphate Remover Clogs Filter?

Inspect the breaker box for a tripped switch.

Breaker Box Make sure your breaker box isn’t tripped by a faulty fuse acting as a circuit breaker (fuses can develop a “memory” and flip themselves off without you even knowing it has been tripped).

The water could be clogged with hair, leaves, or dirt:  Make sure the water is not clogged with debris such as hair, leaves, or dirt. Clean out the filter and check for debris. Make sure the pump is working correctly.

You may be experiencing a number of these issues. Check your hot tub manual to see what’s in your tub and if it matches up to any of these problems instead.

If none of this helps and you cannot get your Spa running again, contact a professional immediately.


A blown a fuse is not an uncommon problem. Still, it’s also one that you can remedy easily.

If you or a friend ever need a new fuse, remove the one that needs to be replaced, check it for damage with a multimeter, and then go out and get a replacement suitable for your circuit.


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