My Hot Tub Jets Are Popping Out                  

Can I Drain My Hot Tub on My grass?

My Hot Tub Jets Are Popping Out                  

Hot tub jets are a hydro massage system designed to provide a heated, pressurized stream of water that can deeply massage your body.

Hot tubs typically have jets on the sides and bottom. Side jets are most commonly placed at the bottom of each side panel, and you can use them for whole-body massage.

Bottom jets are usually found on the floor, but some spas also have them on the sidewalls so that you can experience dual localized or whole-body hydrotherapy.

My Hot Tub Jets Are Popping Out

Your hot tub jets keep popping out because the water flow is not steady. There is too much pressure in the tub, making the water come out rapidly. A faulty pump or debris can cause this erratic pressure in the jet orifices or the water is leaking into the hot tub because of a crack or hole in the seal,

The best solution for this problem is to drain the tub and adjust the water level to account for your pump’s maximum capacity.

It’s best to contact a professional who can help you fix this problem.

Water floating in your hot tub is dangerous and can cause injury, especially if it goes into your unprotected eyes or mouth.

Have someone else test the water temperature before you get into it.

What Can I Use To Seal My Hot Tub Jets?

You can use a nice slick coat of epoxy to seal your hot tub jets. Epoxy is a water-resistant, resin-based material used for many different types of repairs and also as an adhesive.

You need a small pot, paintbrush, and some epoxy, which you can find at most hardware stores. You’ll mix equal parts of the two materials in the pot until it’s smooth.

Then, paint the epoxy onto the jets and let it set. Once it looks dry (hard), you can slip off the heat shield and put it on your new cover.

The most impressive part about epoxy is that you don’t have to mess with tools like a needle and thread or other messy methods. Just purchase a new cover and go from there.

But if you don’t want to go that route, you can use lots of different sealants for which your hot tub will be watertight.

How Do You Reseal A Jet In A Hot Tub?

You can reseal a jet in a hot tub by scraping the paint and cleaning off any rust.

Once you do this, use a blowtorch to heat the metal, making it malleable enough for you to reshape it.

You should also clean off any excess insulation by wiping down the area with mineral spirits or acetone for best results.

The first step is to scrape the rust off any metal. You can do this with a wire brush, an angle grinder, and sandpaper.

Once you’re finished scraping, use a blowtorch(Amazon Link) to heat the metal to a liquid state, usually around 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit (440-520 Degrees Celsius).

That should approximately take 20 minutes to complete.

This is where the insulation comes in. Remove any remaining insulation and the excess material with a wire brush or scraper.

Once you’re finished, heat the metal again. This time, you should be able to reshape it into a perfect seal.

One can use this technique for hot tub jets and other swimming pool components.

You need to scrape/clean off any rust along with any excess insulation and blowtorch it until it cools enough to reshape into a perfect seal.

Can You Run The Jets On A Hot Tub With The Cover On?

Yes. You can easily run the Jets on a hot tub with the cover on. The motor will be less efficient but work well enough to get your feet moving for a good workout.

The built-in water pump is ineffective, and drawing from the tank will be slower. However, once you have removed some of the water from your pool, this can help to cool down your jets and extend their life.

If you need to keep your pool full, you will have to pump the water out of the pool regularly, lowering the PSI of your Jets.

There are some ways you can do this, but it might be easier to remove enough water from the pool at one time to make them work as intended.

You could also use a soaker hose and leave it in place for a while. Always check your Jets for excessive wear or damage before using them and ensure they are working properly.

Can You Use Flex Seal On A Hot Tub?

Yes. Flex Seal is the only concrete sealer that will work on hot tubs. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that it’s formulated to withstand extreme temperatures.

Flex Seal also contains a proprietary formula to make the seal tough and durable enough to hold up under these conditions.

Below is how you can use a flex seal on a hot tub.

Clean and inspect the hot tub to ensure no leaks from the joints.

Scrape away any dirt using a stiff bristle brush, grease, or oil left on the hot tub.

Remove any loose paint, then prime it using Flex Seal primer. Ensure that you adequately follow the instructions to achieve professional results.

If there is any primer left, remove it with a paint thinner or denatured alcohol before proceeding with the next step.

Apply Flex Seal using a roller, brush, or sprayer. Work in multiple coats to ensure that the sealer is properly covered.

Depending on the specific hot tub model, each coat may take between 2-3 hours to cover fully.

Allow the finish to cure for 30 days. You can speed up the curing process by placing your hot tub at a temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

This also ensures that the freezing temperatures will not damage the Flex Seal during winter.

Can You Fix A Crack In A Hot Tub?

You can fix a crack in the hot tub by using a sealant. If you have a crack in your hot tub, there are some things you can do to fix it. One is to put a sealant over the crack.

This might be something like silicon or what is commonly known as “tub and tile” caulking – always make sure that you use the right sealant for the job.

Just like when you repair a crack in a bathtub, these sealants will fill the crack. The sealant will be set to leave a watertight seal.

A leaky hot tub should be a major repair job. You should contact a licensed plumber or technician to make sure that you have all the proper knowledge on how to fix the leaky tub that you have.

Another way to fix the crack is by hiring a contractor to come in and tear out the entire hot tub and then install a new hot tub. The new hot tub will be like a brand new one, and it will all be ready to use.

Although you can fix a crack in a hot tub by using caulking, this is not recommended.

If you use it, ensure it’s only the right type of sealant for the job and ensure that you get the right kind of sealant.

You can also use epoxy resin. A good sealant will have some parting agent in it. This is like the glue used to help the two pieces of wood stay together.

The epoxy resin does not have this part, so it might cause more problems, and it will be less effective than caulking for this type of repair.

Can You Repair A Lazy Spa?

Yes. You can repair a lazy spa. This is how to do it.

  1. Drain the water from the spa
  2. Remove the filter (the filter should lift out of its mount on one end)
  3. Scrub down the entire spa with a brush dipped in white vinegar. Then, dip a cloth in the water and lukewarm suds and scrub down again
  4. Rinse with clear, cold water, then towel dry
  5. Reinstall filter onto pool wall mount; install pump back onto spout
  6. Fill with fresh water to remove any remaining suds residue
  7. Plug in and turn the spa on (if it’s an older spa, you may need to call a service company to change the electrical breaker because of possible damage); run for 12 hours before relaxing again.

Why Is My Hot Tub Cracking?

Several factors can lead to the cracking of your tub.

  1. Age: Hot tubs are usually made to last. Unfortunately, the older it is, the more likely it will have some problems.
  2. Water Temperature: The hotter the water is in your spa, the faster it expands and cracks.
  3. Pressure: Pressure essentially makes hot tubs crack because of how well they contain the pressure from within toward space outside of them. It’s not just about you either- a larger group of people can make for greater pressure with one person alone.
  4. Chemical balance: The chemical balance of your spa is one of the primary factors that can affect the boat. When it is off, you are more likely to experience cracking.
  5. Material: Most hot tubs are fiberglass and are not as strong as concrete which may crack but stay together. If your hot tub has been recently replaced or repaired, this may be a possible cause of your cracks due to improper repairs or replacement.
  6. Presence of algae: If algae are present in your spa, it will cause dents and cracking because of their accumulation in the water. It could be that you did not clean it before opening it again, or you didn’t get rid of all the algae from the previous season.
  7. Presence of lead: Hot tubs contain antimony which can lead to a buildup in your spa; if this goes untreated, it could lead to the drying out of the material, which leads to cracking.
  8. Brass fittings: Brass fittings contribute to cracking, so it is best to remove them because they can be hazardous.
  9. Presence of calcium buildup: Calcium buildup is one of the most common causes of hot tub cracking. If you leave it untreated, it will lead to a higher risk for a more dangerous situation.
  10. Exposure: Exposure to outdoor elements for long periods can be the number one contributor to cracking and other damage. Another factor that you should consider is that the heat from the sun can crack the tub and will not let it go. Your hot tub will never be able to absorb the heat from the sun if it’s cracked.
  11. Man-made material: All these kinds of materials are available for your hot tub and may cause damage to it, so you have to be careful with them and take action. If you got any concerns about any of this material, you should immediately contact a representative for help to avoid further damage.
  12. Quality: Buying the best quality hot tubs can be difficult to afford, and they might not be suitable for your budget. You always get what you pay for.

Thus if you want to solve your problem, you need to pay more attention to high-quality hot tubs because they are more durable than others and economical and cheaper in the long run.

  1. Shape: Round and oval shapes are better than rectangular ones because they need less water, which means less pressure on the sides.

This means that it will drain less. All this reduces the possibility of cracking because it doesn’t have to withstand that pressure as much.

  1. Second-hand: If you didn’t buy your hot tub second-hand, then you might want to check and ensure everything is in order before opening it up, especially if it was previously cracked.


Now you know how to repair a broken hot tub. You can replace the pump, replace the filter, replace the liner, and replace it with a new one.

You also have to fix a crack in your hot tub so it doesn’t get any worse. If you do have a leaky tub, your best choice is to get rid of it and purchase a replacement for it.


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