Is There A Reset Button On Intex Hot Tub?

Why Does My Jetted Tub Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Is There A Reset Button On Intex Hot Tub?

Yes, Intex hot tub has a reset button. The reset button helps solve some errors like temperature-related errors. For instance, you will get alarm code E98 on your hot tub control panel if your hot tub encounters water or ambient temperature of 55℃ and above.

When this happens, you have the solution with you as you only need to press the reset button on the side of the hot tub control unit.

This can be achieved with a small thin object. Press and hold until the E98 alarm stop. After this, unplug and plug your hot tub back into the RCD to restart the system.

However, the error E98 might persist even after several reset attempts. This calls for unplugging and disconnecting the control base from the hot tub.

To locate the reset button, flip over the control base and unscrew the two screws.

Continue by pulling out the reset button box and unscrewing the two screws found at the bottom of the box.

Your interest will be removing the cover and pulling out the white thermal protector. From here, you should be able to see if, after pressing the black button if it goes down and up or not.

But the black rubber should remain in place and should be sitting in the housing.

Why Is My Lazy Spa Not Bubbling?

A lazy Spa may stop bubbling for several reasons. At times, the spa nozzles get loose. Once a nozzle gets loose, you will have a problem bubbling until tightening it.

Indeed, a quick tightening will restore the Spa to full function. In addition to a loose nozzle, there are other reasons a Spa might stop bubbling.

If the air vent is blocked, you will still have a Spa that is not bubbling. And if the blower is not working well, there will be no bubbling in your Spa.

Some Spas have multiple motors that run the jets. Therefore, you will need to examine the control panel and ensure all the jets are turned on.

Is There A Reset Button On Intex Hot Tub?

This might call for multiple settings to turn the jets on. Review the control panel. Make sure all jets you want to use are turned on.

So you will want to ensure that all jets are turned on and are not clogged. Additionally, a dirty filter will not allow your jets to bubble.

So you will want to ensure that all the filters are clean and not clogged. As you might know, filters restrict water flow and, consequently, bubbling.

How Do You Unblock A Spa Jet?

While the best way to address Spa jet blocking is by ensuring that they are cleaned regularly, you will still experience a blockage.

So, if your Spa jests are blocked, you will first open doors and windows and turn on your bathroom’s ventilation system. You will use products that emit strong fumes when cleaning your Spa jets.

Use a dampened old toothbrush to scrub the inside of the jets. This is an effective way of loosening dirt, debris, and soap scum buildup.

But if your jests are removable, you can pull the jet out and then clean the exterior and interior with a toothbrush.

The jests can be soaked in diluted vinegar (one part vinegar and one part water) for thirty minutes. This is especially important if you have excess buildup.

After cleaning and unblocking the jets, reinstall them.

After reinstalling your jets, fill your hot tub with the maximum allowed hot water per the manufacturer’s instruction. Usually, this is between 130 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will need to raise the water about an inch above the jets. Turn the jets on before you drain the tub and let the system run for 15 minutes.

After this, refill your hot tub to about 1 inch above the jets, adding 2 cups of liquid chlorine. Turn your jets on and let them run for 15 minutes before draining the solution.

Repeat the procedure another time but with lukewarm water and drain the hot tub.

Why Is My Lazy Spa Pump Not Working?

Numerous factors may affect your lazy Spa pump and make it not perform its function well. If it overheats, it won’t work, but that is not the only reason your lay pump won’t work.

Other causes include the Spa being plugged into an extension lead, having a problem with the electric set up in the house, incorrect use of the grounding in the socket;

Another appliance causing a problem in the circuit, and even overloading the circuit.

While it’s indisputable that lazy Spa pumps are among the best, they fail and put you in a complex and unexpected situation.

When this happens, you want to find a solution as soon as possible. But it does not always happen.

Therefore, it becomes essential to understand why your pump is not working to avoid such instances and reduce frustration.

There are several tricks you may try to get your pump working again. For instance, you can try a different socket and ensure that the socket isn’t overloaded.

Also, ensure that there is no other problem in the other socket. And also, find out if you are experiencing no power to the pump.

It would help if you remembered that plugging a lazy Spa into an extension lead is not recommended.

How Do You Burp In A Hot Tub?

Burping a hot tub is not hard and can be done by any owner without calling professional assistance.

Start by opening all jets in your hot tub as burping becomes needed due to an airlock in the jets.

Therefore, opening the hot tub jets makes sure that the air trapped in the hot tub’s plumbing gets a free pass out of the hot tub.

After this, turn off the hot tub heater and turn the jets on and off very swiftly. Repeat the process and turn the jets on and off them immediately.

This is an effective way of burping your hot tub to free it from the airlock.

Fortunately, the airlock will naturally clear if your hot tub consists of a well-designed low-pressure water pipe system.

But there are instances when the airlock will not go on its own. This will be when you find the above-discussed helpful process. Otherwise, you will not need the process.

An airlock is easily identifiable by a humming sound from the hot tub and a pump not working correctly. Still, the pump might stop working.

How Do You Get Bubbles In A Lazy Spa?

There has to be a problem with the air in your hot tub to get bubbles on your lazy spa. You will get bubbles if your air vent has a blockage.

Still, a failed blower will easily occasion bubbles in your lazy Spa. Bubbles on a lazy Spa can be frustrating, so you need to eliminate them once you see them.

Having some jets not functioning or not turned on can cause bubbling. Therefore, look at the control panel and see if some jets need to be turned on. You will need to get your settings correct.

Why Does My Jetted Tub Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Jets that are not free from clogs will always cause bubbling, just as is the case for jets that are not open.

And as I have mentioned here, filters play an essential role in the flow of water and air. Any problem with the filter will cause some restrictions to the flow of water and air.

And because dirty filters restrict water flow, it leads to bubbling.

How Do You Reset An Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

To reset an Intex inflatable hot tub, you must know where the reset button is. An Intex inflatable tub displays errors that a reset can only address.

One example of such an error is the error code of E90. However, you can still reset your Intex inflatable hot tub by turning it off and unplugging it before plugging it again.

But you will need to unscrew the B and C connection until water starts to leak out.

Intex inflatable hot tub’s RESET button is on the side of your Spa control panel.

Pressing the reset button and restarting the unit will reset your unit and clear most of the error codes. Technically, you will want to unplug the unit after pressing the reset to enforce a restart.

I must mention that there are two “hard resets” in hot tubs. These include the high limit reset and the GFCI reset.

Unlike the high limit reset, the GFCI pops when there is an electrical short, like water getting into the heating element.

Why Won’t My Intex Spa Heat Up?

Your Intex Spa might fail to heat up for several reasons. Your Spa might not rise to the required temperature due to pressure or flow rate problems.

Clean the filter to rule out such possibility and check the water level, pump impeller, valves, clogged pipes, and blocked drain pipes.

Address this by locating the Spa’s high-limit reset button observe your Spa’s operation after turning it on.

Alternatively, you can flip the breaker panel switch on without pressing the reset button on the GFCI outlet to restore power (although both are options).

If your Intex Spa takes too long to heat, your timer setting might be blamed. Failure to set the timer to run long enough each day can have trouble keeping up.

This is especially so with low outside temperatures.

If you feel that the heater takes too long to heat or is not heating at all and your breaker is not tripping, test the voltage to the heater with a multi-meter and determine the cause.

What Does Code E90 Mean On Intex Hot Tub?

Error code e90 will be displayed on Intex hot tub when there isn’t any water flowing through the system.

Water might not flow through an inactivated filtration, so you need to turn on the control unit to activate the filtration.

But if water is flowing and the filter cartridge assembly is removed, return it in place.

Another reason the E90 code appears after running for a while is the presence of debris inside the Spa tub inlet and outlet grids.

Therefore, you will need to turn the control unit off and unscrew the Spa inlet/outlet grid to clean it and replace it.

After you address the problem that might have caused the error code.

it’s advisable to reset the unit by pressing the reset button on the side of the Spa control unit with a thin object to clear the E90 alarm stop.

After this, unplug and then plug back in to restart the system.

Why Does My Intex Inflatable Hot Tub Keep Shutting Off?

A worn GFCI breaker, corrosion or moisture inside the breaker box, loose or damaged wiring, or malfunctioning components can cause your Intex inflatable hot tub to shut off.

A bad heating element or a flooded blower can also cause your hot tub to keep shutting off.

Again, when your hot tub keeps shutting off, checking the water level is a good idea, even as you establish if there is any clogging in the system.

You will need to change the filter, knowing that your hot tub will keep shutting off if the water gets too hot due to the high limit switch.

While it can be frustrating to have the hot tub shut off anytime you want to use it, it is for your hood.

This is because its shutting off prevents any catastrophic damage or even an accident that might be lethal.

This tripping is handy in preventing overloading in your house and will go a long way in averting danger.

However, you better establish the cause of the tripping to be on the safe side and to continue enjoying your spa to the fullest.

Damaged or worn wiring could also cause your hot tub to keep shutting off. Start by looking for char marks or breaks, and ensure all the connections are snug.

Short-circuiting is the main problem in a hot tub’s wiring. A power surge will ensue when two wires are not meant to touch each other.

On the other hand, if a wire carrying power touches the ground wires, there will also be shutting off.

What Does Error Code E94 Mean On Intex Hot Tub?

When the water temperature in the hot tub is too low, the error code e94 will be displayed on the control panel.

Once you see alarm e94, you need to unplug and plug back in the GFCI/RCD immediately.

After this, test the GFCI/RCD to restart the system after the spa water temperature gets higher than 39ºF (4ºC).

Generally, it’s recommended not to use your hot tub when the temperature (ambient temperature) is below 39°F (4°C).

In such instances, you need to switch off and unplug the control unit and add some warm water to raise the Spa water temperature.

The temperature needs to be raised above five °C (41°F). After this, heat the water to the desired temperature.

You can use the temperature increase button to set the desired water temperature.

But if the problem won’t go away, you might need professional assistance. And Intex Service center might be your best bet.

Why Does My Hot Tub Cycle On And Off?

A hot tub cycles on and off due to its design. Some hot tubs are not designed to run constantly. They need to cycle on and off.

Indeed, if a hot tub is designed for cycling on and off but won’t stop running, you have a problem. When a hot tub is not designed to run continuously, the heating element is faulty.

A faulty timer can also cause the problem, just like a stuck relay or other electronic problem causing the constant running.

Modern Spas feature circulation pumps since they are constantly bombarded with contaminants.

The pumps run to prevent water stagnation. If the water stagnates, it could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Some older hot tubs operate on either Timer mode or Automatic mode. Spas using analog timers must have their pin set to either off or on for the selected periods.

But Spas with Automatic Modes are controlled by a thermostat which automatically switches the hot tub’s pump off whenever the chosen temperature is gained.

Still, there are pumps for automatic mode hot tubs that run continuously at low speeds. For such hot tubs, it’s perfectly normal to run all the time.

How Do You Reset The Hot Tub After A Power Outage?

After a power outage, your hot tub might need to be reset. The method you will use to reset your hot tub will depend on the problem or error displayed by your hot tub.

Without a reset, it’s not possible to clear most error messages. And the problem will continue to show on the control panel.

A soft reset is at your disposal, but you will normally require a hard reset after a power outage.

A hard reset is suitable for a hot tub control panel that has crashed.

As you might know, a hot tub control panel is a small computer, and it is normal for computers to suffer from software errors from time to time.

Indeed, your control panel may crash after a power outage, and a hard reset is all you need.

Consequently, people with knowledge of soft-booting have an added advantage as this is what you need before trying anything else.

However, you might still find that switching it off and on will work wonders.


Intex hot tubs come with a reset button that can clear most of the hot tub display error codes.


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