Is It Easy to Set Up A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub?(Yes! Here’s How)

Is It Easy to Set Up A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub?

Is It Easy to Set Up A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub?

A Lay Z Spa hot tub is an excellent addition to any backyard or patio. Relaxation, therapy, and even exercise is some of its usages.

The more one uses the hot tub, the more accustomed they will become to it. One can even have a Lay Z Spa party with friends and family.

Regular users often find that a Lay Z Spa hot tub bath is also an effective form of physiotherapy. It helps to keep their bodies flexible and cut the risk of injury.

While exercising in a Lay Z Spa bath, you strengthen your muscles, not straining. You also improve circulation, flexibility, and balance.

The gentle warmth of the water relaxes stiff muscles while freeing up any joints which may have restrictions.

You always feel great after exercise or therapy sessions. Exercising in warm water also lowers blood pressure, making it good for your heart and mind.

Is It Easy to Set Up A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub?

Yes. You can set up a Lay-Z Spa hot tub in as little as an hour. The installation process is simple, and the required tools are minimal.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1) Find an appropriate location for your Spa by checking with your local building inspector to ensure no plumbing or electrical codes prohibit its installation at this site.

2) Lay down a tarp under the proposed installation area, then use one of the included metal stakes to mark where each corner of your spa will go.

Use two more stakes on opposite sides of the first stake – four total.

This is so that you have something to guide yourself with when digging out the holes for your spa’s footings (this will make more sense in a moment).

3) Dig out the holes for your spa’s footings, and use one of the included plastic anchors to secure each footing to the ground.

4) Next – and this is where things “get real.”

You’ll need to assemble your Lay-Z Spa hot tub by snapping together its modules with the connectors provided.

This sounds easy enough, but it can frustrate if some of those connectors aren’t fitting correctly or are difficult-staying put.

5) Using another metal stake as a guide.

Mark out an area approximately three feet around your Spa so you know how big of a pad you will need to build for its surroundings.

Assemble that surround system (by following step #4 above) and install it around your Spa.

Test the jets before filling the tub with water, as this is when you’ll be able to tell if there are any problems with its functionality.

6) Fill up your hot tub! Time to lie back and enjoy those soothing bubbles or jet streams (or both). Be sure not to overfill your Spa;


You want it only one-third full at all times. This will prevent potential leaks from occurring because of excess weight on any of the tub’s components.

Do you  Need A Flat Surface For My Lay Z Spa?

Yes. You will need to have a flat surface to place your Lay Z Spa on. This could be the ground, patio table, or even a pile of towels.

What you are looking for is about 6 inches in height and 24-36 inches wide (depending on where you’ll place it).

We recommend using an outdoor rug because it’s easy to clean and protects against weeds and bugs getting in the water.

Most people think you can put your Lay Z Spa anywhere, but this is not the case.

Because the waters jets are under pressure inside the Lay Z Spa, they need to be on a surface level to work properly.

It works just like your bathtub at home; if it’s not sitting flat on a level surface, then water will come out of the faucet no matter how much you adjust it.

So, before you fill up your Spa with water, make sure that there isn’t anything underneath keeping it from sitting evenly.

Around 6 inches in height should be fine;

Any higher than ten may cause damage to the pumps (which means you would also need someone strong enough to lift an entire filled-up Lay Z Spa to dump it out and refill it).

So just lay your Spa on a flat surface, fill it with water, plug in the cords, and enjoy.

Where Is the Best Place to set up My Lay Z Spa?

Here are some tips on what you need for the perfect location.

A flat, level surface is necessary for installation. You can use plywood or a tiled surface, but it’s best if there is no carpeting.

If your ground isn’t flat and level, use bricks or cinder blocks to make an even base.

-Place the Spa away from any trees or branches that may fall during high winds or storms – this could damage your new investment!

It also shouldn’t be near any doors, as they will interfere with the frequencies of the body pad, so try to place it at least three feet away from any doors.

-Also, lay the Spa on its side for 24 hours minimum before filling with water.

This will let the materials expand and contract from their packaging, not causing any buckling in the flooring.

Can I Use My Lay Z Spa Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes. You can use your Lay-Z-Spa indoors or outdoors.

You might find that it’s easier to inflate the Spa in a garage or sheltered outdoor area for maximum protection from the wind.

You should remember that there may be some minor differences between an indoor and outdoor Spa.

Such as the timer not working automatically when outside because of sunlight glare on the screen.

You may also find that the chemicals affect the plastic differently.

For example, while you can use chlorine or bromine-based sanitizers in your Spa, they might work more slowly than when used indoors because of the surrounding heat.

The chemical’s effect on any materials is very minimal and should not affect your Lay-Z-Spa adversely at all.

The one thing you cannot do is inflate an outdoor spa within a covered area or underneath an overhead cover, such as a patio or gazebo.

Ensure good airflow around the pump and heater, so these parts don’t get damaged. Once inflated, move it outside into direct sunlight for maximum heating power.

Lastly thing to keep in mind is that your spa might require a long warm-up time.

This is because you’ve moved it from an inhospitable environment into a hot one, causing heat loss and temperature drop.

We recommend you run the jets for at least 30 minutes before getting in for maximal heating power – known as “thermal shock,” .

Movement from cold to hot causes the formation of minute bubbles, which dissipate after some time.

So do not worry, with or without insulation; your Lay-Z-Spa will be fine either way! It’s used indoors and outdoors, so bring the party on wherever the mood takes you.

How Long Does A Lay Z Spa Take to Fill?

A Lay Z Spa typically takes between 5-6 hours to fill with water. The average size of the Spa is 7 x 7 feet in size and can hold up to 2,500 gallons of water.

However, filling the Spa with this type of larger body would not be difficult if you have an above-ground pool;

Or other large containers holding several thousand gallons of water near your home for use with irrigation or sprinklers.

When filling the Spa with a garden hose, it is better to fill it with an outdoor faucet.  If you need to use an indoor sink faucet.

Remove and replace the aerator on the end of your faucet or restrict water flow by using a split washer (nipple) while filling the Lay Z Spa.


However, during hot weather, particularly when air temperatures exceed 90°F and wind speeds are light to moderate (approximately 5-15 mph).

Ponds can lose as much as 1/2” per day through evaporation alone.

This would lead to nearly 4 inches of loss per week without additional measures, requiring constant refilling.

To prevent this type of rapid evaporation, you can add water treatment products that increase the water’s retention time or provide an additional barrier to evaporation.

For example, PHMB (Poly hexamethylene Biguanide) is a chlorine-free water treatment product often used for this application.

This product inhibits algae growth while also providing free chlorine residuals, warding bacteria and other contaminants in the water.

Many people feel it is far superior to traditional chlorine bleach treatments.

This is because it does not create hazardous byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs) over time; nor will it affect bather load capacity like other non-PHMB based chemicals.

To maximize the efficiency of your Lay Z Spa: Ensure that you install a hair and lint filter on your main pool pump before it enters the filter.

This helps prevent debris from passing into the Lay Z Spa’s cartridge, which might restrict flow rates. In addition, use a highly rated pump and filtration system.

This will help save money as you won’t have to replace them as often as lower quality systems, allowing you to enjoy your spa more often.

You should also run your filtration system at least 8-12 hours per day during periods of stagnant water conditions.

Under normal operating circumstances, the recommendation is to run the system for 10-12 hours a day or a minimum of 120 hours a week (not including sanitization cycles).

How Long Does A Lay Z Spa Take to Heat?

It should take approximately 24-72 hours for a Lay Z Spa to reach maximum temperature.

Although many customers report their spas to seem to reach optimal temperatures much faster than this.

For maximum efficiency, always preheat your spa before use by turning it on and letting it run for an hour or two before getting in the water.

To do this, plug the power cord into a standard household outlet. 

The heater will turn on automatically once you plug in the cord and running water fills the Spa through its dedicated return line.

Heating elements’ location is underneath the water panel inside the Lay Z Spa. The water panel comprises an inflatable plastic shell with foam insulation underneath it.

Underneath this compartment, some wires complete the electrical circuit to power the heating elements.


 You can adjust the water temperatures to 12 degrees by rotating a white dial on top of your hot tub, located just next to the control box.

Lay Z Spas use state-of-the-art computer-controlled digital thermostats.

This maintains water at its optimal comfort levels between 100 – 104 degrees F even in colder climates where temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside wintertime.

So, if you ever wonder how long it takes for an inflatable spa to heat, connect the power cord to your wall outlet.

Turn the dial on top of the control box to the desired temperature and then wait for it to reach that level.

Once you feel comfortable with how warm it is in there, open up the zipper door and enjoy a nice relaxing evening or weekend getaway with friends or family!


The Lay-Z- Spa Hot Tub is a favorite among those who love to take the time and effort to enjoy their hot tub.

You will want to make many considerations before setting up your new spa.

These include its location, how much space it requires, and whether you can use an indoor or outdoor location for installation.

You also need to gather patience for your tub to get heated up before enjoying a warm bath.

It would be great if you had all these questions answered before deciding so that your expectations align with reality when installing this luxury addition.

I hope I have responded to all your questions and can now buy a Lay-Z-Spa confidently.


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