How To Fix the OH Code on A Hot Tub?

How To Fix the OH Code on A Hot Tub?

How To Fix the OH Code on A Hot Tub?

An OH code is a function that controls various aspects of your water temperature maintenance.

This includes every aspect, including how often it’s heated, its temperature range, and how quickly it heats up to different temperatures when adjusting the dials.

  1. Disconnect the water supply to the hot tub. Remove all debris from the pump and heating unit by running a garden hose through these components, dislodging any blockages.
  2. Remove any foreign objects such as stones, coins, “cracks in the cabinet” “plastic bags” or toys from the reel and return them to their proper position. If there is no visible obstruction at this point, proceed to the next step
  3. Wipe down all surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. Slowly turn the hot water faucet on and check for leaks. If you have any leaks, do nothing and replace the faucet
  4. Test the whole unit with a bottle of chlorine bleach by filling a bottle and letting it sit for 1 minute, then place it in your tub. Allow sitting at least 10 minutes before testing again.
  5. If there is no chlorine odor, drain your hot tub or get more chlorine bleach solution.
  6. If you have a problem draining water from your hot tub, we suggest filling it with water before testing.
  7. This will displace any trapped air that may be present within the system and might prevent a false positive on the chlorine test

Hot Tub Error Codes, What They Mean and How to Fix

OH– OH, Means there is a short circuit, usually in the heating element or the wiring to the heating element.  

-Reboot the power strip, check the fuses, and reset the breaker

 PSoH– PSoH Means too much water in the tub  

-You need to clear the shower drain. To achieve this, shut off the water supply at the valve, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

This will allow air bubbles to come out of the shower drain system and make a bubble bath again. -Turning off the power strip for 10 minutes may solve this issue

CoLd– Cold Means that the temperature control is set to cold and the hot tub is too hot  

-Turn down the temperature control knob.

-If the issue persists, there’s a problem with the temperature control system of your hot tub. Contact the manufacturer for further instructions.
HLoH-HLoH Means that the temperature control is set to hot and the hot tub is too cold.  

-Turn up the temperature control knob.

-If the issue persists, there’s a problem with the temperature control system of your hot tub. Contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

PSoL-PLoS Means that the pressure switch is stuck  

-Open the drain on the hot tub and wait until all air is out. Wait 2 minutes and try again

PSoC-PSoC Means that you have closed the pressure switch.  

-Open the drain on the hot tub and wait until all air is out. Wait 2 minutes and try again

SERP-SERP Means that the temperature of the water is outside the set point range  

-Set and reset the temperature control knob

SESH-SESH Means that the shutting-off valve is stuck  

-Open the drain on the hot tub and wait until all air is out. Wait a few minutes and try again

How Do I Reset My Balboa Hot Tub Control Panel?

Switch it off and wait 30 minutes to let the heater cool down. Once it’s cooled, disconnect the power cord from your Balboa tub. Repeat this process four times.

If the problem persists, shut off your breaker and contact a professional plumber.

If you cannot switch off your breaker and still experience problems with your Balboa hot tub control panel, try resetting all its settings using a paper clip or key ring. You can achieve this without losing any of your settings.

How To Fix the OH Code on A Hot Tub?

Once you’ve reset it, reconnect the power cord and switch on your tub as usual. This will reset the display to its default settings, which may solve the problem.

If that doesn’t work, recheck all your settings and call a professional plumber if you are still experiencing problems.

If the problem seems to be that everything is working, but the display is displaying a blank screen, you’ll need to check your connections.

Switches are a common problem in any panel, especially moved wires or tampered switches. If your wires seem bent or scratched, consider replacing them with new ones for optimal performance.

Bathtubs offer an excellent escape from stressful days at work and help make every relaxation session even more enjoyable.

How Do You Reset the Flow Sensor on A Hot Tub?

Drain the water from the hot tub. If your hot tub is hard to access, remove the pump from the basin and put it on a stable surface nearby.

Disconnect all hoses and electrical power before you begin working with them. Ensure all switches are in the “Off” position when disconnecting cords or wires. Unscrew the pump assembly from the water inlet.

On the control panel, turn off all pumps and pressure switches on that panel. Turn off all jets, sensors, and other appliances, including the temperature controller.

Open the panel to the flow sensor and turn on the pump. You should see a steady stream of water from the flow sensor.

If you don’t see a steady flow, you can adjust it by turning one of two small screws on top of the sensor housing counterclockwise to slow down and clockwise to increase the pressure.

This adjusts how much water pressure you need for a signal to count as “On” rather than “Off.”

Now, unscrew the sensor from the housing. Pull the wires from both terminals.

Reset the flow sensor by inserting a screwdriver into each terminal and turning it 180 degrees counterclockwise. This will reset it to 0 On/Off cycles.

Screw the flow sensor back into its housing and reconnect all wires as they were initially connected to it.

Including connecting the wires to their respective control board terminals where they were before you disconnected them (ensuring polarity is correct).

Reconnect the electrical power to the hot tub. Shut off all pumps and switches on the control panel and turn on any other appliances you wish to use.

Turn on the pump, check for a steady flow and then return it to your storage spot and put it away when finished using it. If you store it for a while, ensure the electrical power is off.

Reconnect the tubing and electrical power cord to your hot tub (if applicable). Return all hoses and pipes to their storage places and put away all tools and supplies you used.

Turn on your hot tub (if applicable) and let it run until the water is completely circulating through the system again and all lights turn on, indicating that everything is working properly.

How Do I Fix the Flow Error on Sundance Spa?

How to FixDescription
Remove Your Filter– Often, Filters can obstruct the water flow and prevent it from turning On. Check your filter and make sure that it is not blocking anything.  

– Take out the filter, clean it off with a towel, then re-insert it to see if there’s any improvement

Check the Impeller– The impeller is the motor that pumps water through the filter and into your tub. If it’s broken, your Spa won’t be able to get any pressure.  

– Turn the pump off and check to see if there’s any movement – If it’s moving, then you’ll need to replace the impeller

Check the Heater– Most Spas have a heater that helps warm up the water and keep it at a comfortable temperature for you.
Check the Thermostat– The Thermostat regulates the temperature of your Spa and keeps it from getting too hot or too cold.  

– Make sure that your thermostat is working correctly by turning off the heater

Check the Filter– The Filter removes impurities from your water and keeps it clean. If there are foreign particles in your water, the filter will catch them before they reach your tub.  

– Remove the filter to see any impurities in your water.

Check the Pump– The Pump handles the water movement from one container or place to another. If the pump is faulty or not functioning correctly, your Spa won’t be able to move water.  

– Make sure that the pumps are working properly by turning on your pumps and your hot tub

The Thermostat – The thermostat regulates the temperature of your heater by shutting off or turning on the heater based on the temperature in your tub
Check Your Hoses and Connectors To Make Sure That They’re Airtight And There’s No Debris Blocking Them
Check the Gaskets– The Gaskets are seals that help keep water in or flowing out of your tub. If they’re leaking, then you leak somewhere.  

– Check to see if any debris is obstructing the connections. To do this, remove the hoses from their connectors and then clean them off with rubbing alcohol.

Then reconnect both ends of the hoses and see if there’s anything wrong. If there is, you will need to replace that part of the hoses.

– You may want to check these parts out when you’re replacing your pump impeller
Make Sure That Your Water Heater Is Working Properly– If your heater fails to heat the water to a comfortable temperature, it has a problem.  

– Turn the heater off and check its temperature gauge. It should be at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it’s under 120 degrees, your thermostat will not turn on the heater, and it will never get hot enough for you to enjoy.

How Do You Purge Air from A Hot Tub Pump?

-Turn the pump off, lift the lid and pour water into a bucket. Pour the water into the drain valve to flush out any debris or mineral buildup that may be blocking it, then keep pouring in until water comes out of a pipe at a high velocity.

-Open all faucets on the hot tub (except those supplying heater) to purge air from pipes and filter cover, running only until water flows freely from all spouts with no bubbles showing in sight or sound.

How To Fix the OH Code on A Hot Tub?

-Turn on the heater and run it to ensure no air leaks. Refill the hot tub once air bubbles stop flowing from the drain pipe; this should take about a half-hour or so.

-Refill the hot tub after it has cooled down; The water level will be lower than average at first, but will be even over the next few days. Check the hot tub weekly to watch for air escape and repeat steps 4, 5, 6, and 7.

After a few weeks, the water level should no longer be dropping on its own. In some cases, you may need a recharge. Recheck your heater and ensure all faucets are open and the heater is running correctly before closing the lid.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hot Tub Control Panel?

The price of a hot tub control panel replacement can vary depending on the type, manufacturer, and location of the hot tub.

It’s important to note that a certified technician will also require a service call to install the new panel.

Electronic$1,200 to $3,000
Digital Type Systems$200 to $700
Older-Style mechanical air controls.$200 and $700

Hot Tub Overheating: Troubleshooting and Fixing the Problem

Sensor Malfunction-If the Tub is not heating, a sensor may malfunction.  

-Remove your filter and open the back panel to verify if they are all clean.

-If the Sensors are dirty, wash them with a high-temperature safe bleach solution (boil water and mix one-part bleach to 9 parts water).

Overloaded Or Clogged Drain-Turn off the Hot tub and empty any remaining water or debris from the overflow drain to avoid damage to the plumbing.  

-Clean the overflow drain to remove debris.

-With a Power jet, clean the drain with a small bleach solution and replace parts as necessary.
Electric Motor Overheating or Motor Burnout-If the Heater is not working, check for worn-out brushes or wiring connections in the motor casing.  

-Replace any worn wires with new ones and connect them properly (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).

Water Heater Problems-Open the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the hot tub.  

-If there is no other indication of a problem, replace the water heater (this is a relatively straightforward replacement).

 Control Valve Failure or Pressure Limitation-Open the Circuit breaker and turn off the power to the hot tub.  

-Avoid touching both valves with your bare hands as this could damage them.

-Remove one valve for testing purposes (follow manufacturer’s instructions).
Broken Pump-Open the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the hot tub.


-Check for broken Pump parts, as this could be causing them to malfunction.

-Remove the pump and check it for wear and tear or wear.

Low Flow of Water Heating-Open the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the hot tub.  

-Check if the water flow is low to a specific jet by looking into it from above.

-If there is no problem with the water flow, slowly open your return valve and check if that limits water flow.

Balboa OH error code

This means that a temperature sensor has detected unsafe water temperatures of 108° – 118° F, and your Spa is in an emergency cool-down mode.

The unit will automatically shut off if you have a thermostat in your hot tub to prevent further damage.

Since your Spa is no longer producing any evaporation, and the water heater is not available for circulation, you will need to disconnect the hot tub from the power source until it has cooled down.

It can be challenging to distinguish between different types of error codes from your Balboa OH models. Here is a concise description of how to solve the error code you’re seeing.

The most common error code from your hot tub is 001, which means that a temperature sensor has detected that the water temperature has exceeded 108°-118° F.

If this error code appears on your display, there are numerous things to do to fix it.

After turning off the power, ensure that the display screen goes blank and that no water is still flowing into the hot tub. You may need a towel or a bath mat to cover the drain.

If you have an external temperature sensor, ensure it’s still in place and correctly installed. If the sensor needs some adjustment, you can turn this off on your control panel.

You can also unplug the wire harness from the sensor if you need to remove it. If the error code still appears, contact your dealer for more assistance.

How do you prime a hot tub circulation pump?

First, Turn off the hot tub. Ensure the pump is inlet side down (facing down) and the green “Priming” button is not pushed in.

Press the green button with a screwdriver or something similar to allow water to run through it, then turn it off again.

Turn on the hot tub and wait for about 30 minutes until there are lots of bubbles from both jets at one end of your Spa. (This is also an excellent time to do some much-needed cleaning.)

Now turn the hot tub on again and let it run for about an hour. This will give everything time to adjust. Please turn off the pump and unplug your Spa when it finishes running.

After letting it sit for an hour, plug the pump back in and test it again. If there are still more issues, then you should quit while you are ahead and contact a professional regarding repairs or replacement.

Finally, if there are no more issues and you turn off the hot tub and unplug it after an hour or so.

The last thing to do is grab your pool pump plug-in items and clean up the lines that might have some residue in them after you turn off the Spa.

This will help ensure that everything is clear before putting away your equipment for the winter.


Now that you are familiar with the OH code and some errors, you should feel comfortable troubleshooting the problems and making the necessary repairs.

However, if you need further assistance, contact a professional, and they can help you. They can also help you complete a simple repair or give tips on doing it yourself.


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