Does The Lay Z Spa Have Seats?

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Does The Lay Z Spa Have Seats?

The Lay Z Spa is a popular hot tub that has been in production for the past thirty years.

Leisure Industries currently manufacture the Lay Z Spa, initially founded under the name Intex Recreation when they began to produce many products related to water and pools.

One of the most popular items in their line of pool-related equipment is the Lay Z Spa hot tub.

The company boasts a location in Sacramento, California, where they produce all of their products.

They also offer a customer service division with over twenty offices worldwide, including London, England.

This hot tub comes with an insulated thermal bather’s cover that helps retain heat while reducing evaporation.

The Lay Z Spa uses Energy Smart heating which gives the hot tub a rapid heating capability.

There is also an easy-to-use control panel that reveals the water temperature and has many other valuable functions.

Other features of the Lay Z Spa include thermal ground cloth, cover straps with buckle, filter cartridge set (replacement every three months).

Two filter cartridges (replacement every twelve weeks), one-year limited warranty, and six handles for carrying convenience.

Hot tubs often choose this brand as their favorite.

Does The Lay Z Spa Have Seats?

Yes . Some of them even come with seats for two people so you can cuddle up with your significant other or relax on your own when you need some time alone.

There are inflatable hot tubs that include spa seats for two people that allow you to sit upright.

The best part of having a bubble seat is that you don’t have to lean on the sides of your inflatable hot tub to stay upright.

Some of these seats are big enough for more than one person, too, so it’s not just couples who can use them.

This bubble chair is designed with comfort in mind because it’s made of unique vinyl material, soft and cozy without being bulky or making moving around tricky inside the water.

Some inflatable hot tubs designed for only one person come with built-in lumbar support. It cradles your back while still allowing you to move about freely inside the water.

The seat itself is designed with extra backing because it’s meant for relaxing. It can help you unwind after a long day at work or school.

When looking for the best inflatable hot tub for your needs, consider what options to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

You may find that some options are worth the additional costs while others aren’t essential depending on how much you plan to use your hot tub.

If you want to save money, affordable inflatable hot tubs come without any spa seats but still have enough room for two people inside each one.

Opt for an inflatable hot tub with smaller dimensions so it won’t take up as much room inside your home to save even more space.

There are inflatable hot tubs designed with space-saving in mind that are still big enough to accommodate you and another person.

Also, consider how much time you plan on spending in your new inflatable hot tub when deciding between options.

If comfort isn’t a concern, then it’s possible to find an affordable hot tub with no spa seats, so you’ll save money without losing anything too important.

But if you want to relax after a long day, the best option is to buy an inflatable hot tub that comes with built-in lumbar support or even bubble spa chairs for two people.

This way, you can have the most comfortable experience when soaking inside your own home.

The bottom line is that there are out there that come with built-in lumbar support or bubble seats for two people.

You can usually find out what comes with your inflatable hot tub by checking the product description online before purchasing.

This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when it’s delivered to your doorstep, so you can begin using it right away once everything is set up and ready to go.

Do Lazy Spa Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Yes! These spas have seats that make it easy to relax and unwind while comfortably soaking in the water.

Hot tubs with seats allow users to lounge back and lean against a headrest, which can help relieve tension and stress throughout your neck and shoulders.

The benefits don’t stop there; these spas also provide an excellent way to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation for those suffering from chronic pain or illness.

Many different types of lazy spa chairs are available on the market with various features such as armrests, lounging areas, footrests, etcetera; however, most come with 2 or 3 seats.

“Only products on the market for over 10 years should be compared; otherwise, there is no way of knowing if they are still available on the market.”

The best thing to do when buying a lazy spa is to go out and research them first-hand. Then you can ask yourself if you want an inflatable or solid tub?

If you want one with multiple seats, you will need someone who can stay with you during your entire spa session (unless it has multiple massagers).

Also, if the spa doesn’t come with seats, some cushioning would have to be added to make it too hard for you to sit/lay down on it.

When looking for a lazy spa and deciding whether or not to buy one with multiple seats.

Consider all your options and how many people in your family will want to use the spa simultaneously.

Are you going to need an additional person to help out? Do you have enough space in your backyard/home for such a large (inflatable) product?

Most importantly, do you want the extra comfort of knowing that there is another seat beside yours?

If so, then look around at what other lazy spas are currently on the market or if their respective companies make products with more than one seat, and decide from there!


Using a hot tub with seats that outshine those of a non-seat model. Here’s what you need to know about lazy spa hot tubs and why they’re so beneficial:

Lazy spa hot tubs have fully adjustable seating – perfect for lounging back and relaxing.

Hot tubs with seats allow users to lounge back and lean against a headrest, which can help relieve tension and stress throughout your neck and shoulders.

The benefits don’t stop there; these spas also provide an excellent way to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation for those suffering from chronic pain or illness.

Another important thing is that you might want to purchase a cover for your spa to prevent people from using it without your permission.

-The benefits don’t stop there; these spas also provide an excellent way to stimulate circulation, as well as promote relaxation for those suffering from chronic pain or illness.

Another important thing is that you might want to purchase a cover for your spa to prevent people from using it without your permission.

-If not, make sure the hot tub has enough insulation and is weatherproof so it can be used year-round.”

Where Do You Sit In An Inflatable Spa?

The best seat in an inflatable spa is either the “deep end” or the “shallow end.”

The deep end is best because it gives you greater control over your buoyancy and lets you easily access all of the jets.

If, for some reason, you cannot get into or near the deep end (perhaps someone else has taken it), then choose one of the side seats facing towards the center if possible.

Most spas have 4-8 seats in total, so there should always be several options available to you when choosing where you will sit next time around.

Having said all of this, the worst place to sit is right next to the sides.

The sides release air and make your spa unstable and harder to control – it’s like having a 1/4th inflated ball inside your inflatable spa. Avoid sitting there if you can

Do I Want A Lounge Seat In My Hot Tub?

Yes .Suppose you are the type of person who likes to relax and enjoy their hot tub, rather than swimming in it.

A seat allows you to quickly get in and out of your hot tub while also allowing you to be seated when you want to relax.

Some people have trouble getting in and out of a standard hot tub due to back problems or other ailments.

A seat is ideal for these people, allowing them to enjoy their home spa.

Do Portable Lay Z Spas Have Seats?

The answer is no, but there are some ways you can modify or add one to your Lay Z spa to be comfortable for you.

The Lay Z Spa comes with a removable hard bottom. The hard bottom does not have any place for back support. It’s just molded plastic as a base to sit on.

There are two large pockets in the front that you can use for your feet if you would like.

If you fill these pockets with water and then sit down in the spa, the pockets will provide the support that your rear legs need to stay afloat.

Others may want a little more to lean against to avoid slipping out of the seat.

Also, if you have kids or others using this spa, it is better to have something to hold onto when getting in and out of the spa.

There Are Two Options Available To Achieve Seat And Hand Grips:

Option 1: use the Lay Z Spa air pump. This air pump will inflate your spa up to 2 inches.

You can place something on top of this inflated surface to create a backrest or another flat board across it as a support for your arms as you lean against it.

Option 2:  go with an inflatable chair instead of the hard bottom that comes in the box.

Globo offers three different chairs, one with armrests, one without, and one with removable legs.

So you can still use the Lay Z Spa base without worrying about sinking into the ground when placed outside.

These are all inflatable chairs which means they have no rigid surfaces to be uncomfortable for some people.

An inflatable raft is available from Amazon if you want more of a floating experience instead of a support chair on top of your hard bottom.

This will not work with the air pump because it only takes up half of the base, and this raft requires all four sides to have something pushing against it to keep it inflated.

Do Intex Hot Tubs Have Seats?

Yes! All of their hot tubs come with seats, and some even have a bench seat so you can fit more people in the tub!

Seats are great for getting out of the hot tub, especially if you have guests with you.

If your Intex hot tub does come with seats, they will be located on opposite sides of the hot tub or either side of the filter tank, depending on the model.

To find out how many seats an individual Intex model has, check their specification sheet.

There should be a list of all items included with the purchase, and it should tell you how many seats boast inclusion in each model, so you know exactly what to expect!

If your new Intex hot tub doesn’t include any extra seating, don’t worry because all their models can withstand powerful jets.

So there is more than enough room to add some able chairs or benches that you already have.

If you are looking for an Intex spa with extra seating, I recommend the PureSpa Plus Portable Hot Tub or The Intex 28409E PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa Set.

When it comes to buying a new hot tub, there are many things to consider, like size, shape, and location, but seats should not be one of them.

As long as you know how many seats your hot tub has before making the purchase.

Then you can get back to focusing on all the other important stuff without stressing about not having enough room.


The Lay Z Spa is a portable hot tub that you can set up anywhere, and it has seats.

There are also other models of inflatable spas with lounge seating available if this style would be more appealing to your customers.

You might not think about the importance of having seats in your spa, but there could be many reasons someone may want them, such as an injury or mobility impairment like arthritis.


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