Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Need Constant Power to Stay Inflated?

Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Need Constant Power to Stay Inflated?

Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Need Constant Power to Stay Inflated?

The Lay Z Spa is a great way to relax and pamper yourself with its heated water, hydrotherapy jets, bubbles, and more.

It’s easy to use and maintain and folds away for storage when you don’t need it.

The Spa needs air blowers to run these features: four (two of each) push air through the jets and bubble stones.

If you feel too much resistance when one is running, make sure there isn’t a hair caught in the filter protecting the pump. If so, remove it carefully with some tweezers.

The filtration systems can also get blocked up with impurities like dust or sand from new water.

That’s why we recommend only filling your tub with fresh tap water, which eliminates this problem.

There are cleaning brush that you can use to scrub away any stubborn dirt or mildew.

Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Need Constant Power to Stay Inflated?

No! A Lay-Z-Spa does not need constant power to remain inflated.

It can even get taken down for storage during the winter months without fear that it won’t work again when you take it out next spring.

Lay-Z-Spas come with a special PVC that is stronger and resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

When inflated, it creates a durable fabric that will hold up against the elements.

But empty all water from the pump and Spa tub if you wish to deflate your Lay-Z-Spa for storage. Unplug the filter and lay it out in a shady spot on an old sheet or towel.

Make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight because this might damage the motor.

Then completely deflate the cover liner by rolling it down along one side of your Lay Z Spa until all bubbles disappear from inside, then roll it back up tightly toward the top end.

Fold over the thick fabric cover flap at the top of your Spa before folding in half, lengthwise.

Fold it in tightly so no air can enter when you properly store it. This will keep your Lay-Z-Spa free from unwanted dirt and debris when not in use.

Do not store your Lay-Z-Spa with water left inside or outside during extreme winter conditions.

Water exposed to freezing temperatures can cause the material to weaken much sooner than expected, which could cause possible damage to your Spa.

If you live in harsh winter areas, be sure to bring your tub indoors until spring comes again for optimal protection against anything Mother Nature might toss your way.

Can I Add More Air to My Lay‑Z‑Spa When It Is Full of Water?

Yes! You can add an air pump to your Lay Z Spa Hot Tub, but only when the tub becomes filled with water.

The pump should boast placement on top of the water, not drawing any water out.

Turn the pump on and leave it run for 10 minutes. You can then shut off the pump and let it continue heating as usual.

This will cause the inside of your spa to pressurize, which should allow you enough time to get in before all your neighbors.

Note: If there are leaks, only use the pumps designed specifically for spas. Otherwise, they may air into small holes where it would be impossible to remove the air from your spa.

When running pumps, always place them on top of the water, not under it or in it. The only exception is when using an ionizer which should never get used with a pump, anyway.

Air bubbles will rise and stop before they get into the water.

If you still have a concern, try placing a small amount of pool dye or food coloring in your spa along with your pump so that if there are leaks, you will know where they are.

Your Lay Z Spa Hot Tub unning out of pressure may cause damage to its components.

Therefore, we recommend only filling up your tub halfway (to around 12 inches of water) to begin with.

Is It Easy to Drain A Lay‑Z‑Spa?

It’s easy to drain a Lay Z Spa, but it’s often necessary to get the help of a professional.

If you are emptying your Lay Z Spa on your free time, this may mean that there is something wrong with it.

You can opt to drain the water yourself if you have lung problems or other respiratory complications.

If so, the following instructions will help you figure out how easy it is to drain a Lay Z Spa without hiring someone else first.


  1. Put on a respirator mask or put some filtration system over your mouth and nose to protect your lungs from the chemicals in the spa water.
  2. Use a filter pump with a hose clamp attached to hook it up to a bucket for draining.
  3. if you do not have somewhere suitable outside the house with an accessible drain that is far enough away from anything else that can become affected runoff water.
  4. Run the filter pump until all the water has drained out of the Lay Z Spa into one of these buckets.
  5. Then throw out any debris that comes out with it into either the trash or sewer depending on local laws on flushing hygiene products down toilets. 
  6. Place your Lay Z Spa on a sturdy surface that dents or scrapes won’t damage like concrete, tile, brick, etc.
  7. Put some padding underneath to protect the spa from scratching here as well.
  8. Find an appropriately sized socket wrench and remove all the Allen screws on the pump cap on top of your spa to expose the impeller inside.
  9. Pick out any hairline fractures in the plastic with needle-nose pliers so they don’t get any bigger after filling with water again later.
  10. Wrap Teflon tape around every thread on the Allen screws and screw them back in again to avoid leaks.
  11. Clean off any scum or dirt around the filter caps with a suitable brush so debris doesn’t clog your pump up when you refill it again next season.
  12. Wrap Teflon tape around every thread on all the other connections, you can find that through an air hose, water hoses, and anything else that attaches to this Lay Z Spa intake or output system.
  13. When finished cleaning these surfaces, dry them before continuing.
  14. Take out your drain plugs one at a time and wrap Teflon tape around their threads as well for extra leak prevention.
  15. Screw them in once they are clean instead of jamming them back in.
  16. Turn your filter pump on and run the spa water through the plumbing until it runs clear of debris caught by its filter.
  17.  To get rid of any dirt that you might have missed when cleaning each part before touching it again later.
  18. If this doesn’t work, add a cupful of chlorine bleach to the spa and let it sit for half an hour before draining and rinsing it one more time with fresh water.
  19. Put all your parts back together and fill up your Lay Z Spa again with water and any other necessary chemicals, like bromine tablets for sanitizing or ozone for oxidizing. .
  20. Turn your filter pump on again and make sure everything works correctly.
  21. If not, check if there are more leaks anywhere else by watching for water spots or drops on the ground.
  22. Tighten any parts with leaking connections if you find them.
  23. Clean up your dirty clothes, buckets, hoses, etc., and store them away for the next time with a warning to anyone that uses the Lay Z Spa that the water may have chemicals in it.
  24.  After filtering out all the debris that made you drain it in the first place so they should wait 30 minutes before entering it again to be safe.
  25. Enjoy your Lay Z Spa! It should now finish draining without too much effort from you.

How Long Do the Filters Last?

Experts estimate these filters last about three months. Sometimes more if you are diligent about checking for tears or rips before starting your spa each year.

You can tell that it’s time for a change when the pressure inside the filter gets very low.

This gets caused by dirt and debris from your pool collecting at the bottom of the cartridge, creating an air-tight seal that prevents water from passing through.

Saltwater pools also use a hose to connect to your original pump line, but instead of a standard filtration system, they have a high-tech system known as Mineral Springs.

It requires saltwater pumps to create circulation in the design and moves fresh water through a set of copper pipes where it combines with minerals to add therapeutic benefits.

While cleaning your pool at the same time. These systems last about 6 – 8 months before requiring replacement or maintenance.

Is It Easy to Get Lazy Spa Spare Parts?

Spare parts for the Lay Z Spa are easy to find, but there are some things you should know before ordering.

The Lay Z Spa’s cover gets held up by two springs. If either spring snaps, it will be necessary to replace both.

You can order just one or both spares at once if that makes more sense to you. The screw that holds the spring into place is usually an M6-1 X 25MM (or 1/4″ X 1″).

If your spa’s heater isn’t working, check its fuse first – most heaters have a 3Amp fuse on them somewhere.

If this has blown, you’ll need to buy a new one and replace it yourself using our step-by-step video guide. Be sure only to use fuses with ratings between 3 and 5 amps.

The filter housings that attach to your spa’s pump and filtration system can sometimes get clogged with dirt and debris.

If you’ve noticed the water coming out of the jets has slowed down or is not as powerful, it might be time to replace your filter housings.

The standard size for these filters is 3″ (75mm).

If there is a crack in one of your Lay-Z-Spa’s sidewalls, you’ll need to replace it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the whole inflatable could start deflating under pressure from the inside. You’ll find a selection of replacement sidewalls here.

Since the spa doesn’t have a speed controller built into its pump, it’s necessary to replace the entire motor if the one that comes with your spa has ceased working.

You can find a motor replacement guide here.

The feet on the bottom of your Lay Z Spa should be able to support around two stones (14lb) each.

 Check their condition if you’ve noticed any weight limit signs popping up recently. All you need to replace them is an M4 X 20MM screw and washer.

With this many spare parts available for such a low price, plus free shipping, too, there is no good reason not to treat your Lay Z Spa like the practical luxury it is.

What Chemicals Do I Need for Lay Z Spa and Where Do I Get Them From?

It would help if you had a bucket with a brush in it that contains a chemical such as

  • Chlorine or bromine
  • salt for electrolyte balance
  • A pH stabilizer to keep the pH level from fluctuating too much

Algaecide kills algae and other organisms on the water’s surface, which causes problems like cloudy water or green hair.

You also need some sanitizer such as chlorine bleach to make sure there are no unwanted bacteria around.

Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Need Constant Power to Stay Inflated?

Some people prefer tablets over liquid because they dissolve faster, but this is up to preference.

You can get these chemicals at stores like 

  • Walmart
  • Kmart
  • Lowes
  • Target
  • Amazon


For any questions about how to take care of your Lay-Z spa, we’re happy to help.

i have compiled  frequently asked questions that hopefully answer some of the more common concerns and issues people encounter.


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