Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete?

Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete?

Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete?

It might be fun to shop for a hot tub. However, before you settle on the hot tub of your choice, you must have many questions that race in your mind.

For instance, you might be wondering, does a hot tub have to sit on concrete? The answer to this question is “No.” It is not obligatory to have your hot tub sit on concrete since there are several options available.

While many people believe that installing a hot tub must be expensive as it requires concrete, this is not necessarily true.

Indeed, any stable level ground can suffice for the hot tub to sit on. All that is required is to ensure that your hot tub is on a level ground that should be well-drained in the case of outdoor installation.

Options that can be considered for your hot tub to use as a base include paver stones, wooden decks, gravel beds, and spa pads.

​​Can I Install A Hot Tub In My Backyard?

Yes. And it is easy. When it comes to installing a hot tub in your backyard, it is not as hard as you might imagine.

All you might need to have is access to your backyard, a level surface that is solid, a garden hose in close proximity, and an accessible power outlet.

Indeed, it is largely a straightforward affair to install a hot tub in the backyard. Once the delivery crew delivers your hot tub, they will place it on its side on top of a hot tub cart.

After this, they will easily roll the hot tub cart into the backyard, right to the spot you want it installed. Consequently, the backyard should have an access point.

This access point should be wide enough to move the hot tub and the cart to place. If your backyard cannot be accessed, the dealer will have to organize a crane delivery.

Consequently, this might have a financial implication on the overall cost of acquiring the hot tub.

In most cases, a level concrete pad is the most commonly used surface for hot tub installation. However, not all hot tubs can be installed on concrete surfaces.

In addition to this, the hot tubs that can be installed on concrete surfaces can also be installed on other surfaces.

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

Among the great options you might find appropriate for installing your hot tub is a stone paver level pad, wood and gravel slab, or a heavy-duty plastic modular hot tub.

The best thing is to talk to your dealer to provide particular foundation requirements that you need according to your spa model.

Can A Hot Tub Use 110 V?

Yes. But it will depend. Generally, hot tubs will run on either 110V or 220V. Therefore, you will be able to “plug-and-play” your hot tub if it is rated 110V.

On the other hand, you might require the services of a certified electrician if you choose a 220V rated hot tub. This is to ensure that you have enough power to run the vessel.

Without running the appropriate wires, it is not possible to use a 220V rated hot tub.

Therefore, it is advisable to get all the required information from your dealer so that you get to understand the pros and cons related to either of the two models.

Get to know the specific electrical configurations required for each model that before you settle on any.

Can A Hot Tub Sit On Gravel?

Yes. A hot tub can sit on gravel. While buying a hot tub is a great task, the battle is scarcely halfway done. Much more needs to be done before you can comfortably enjoy the luxury that comes with a hot tub.

The exact surface on which your hot tub will rest is an issue to consider, and gravel happens to be one of your options.

This is because; gravel is excellent in acting as a hot tub’s base. With gravel, drainage is excellent, and this happens without compromising the stability of your hot tub.

Although some people would choose their patio or deck for their hot tub’s base, gravel is a better option for the tub’s placement.

The weight that a hot tub bear is immense. If you couple these with the weight of the hot tub itself, we are talking of several thousands of pounds here.

This is the weight that qualifies for a solid foundation. Ideally, the hot tub and its framework are not very heavy.

But put in the occupants and the water! You will agree that the lightweight vessel turns into a heavy-weight vessel.

The fact that empty hot tubs are not such heavy occasions confusion when people assume that hot tubs do not require a firm, solid base.

Undeniably, gravel is the best option in terms of hot tub foundations. There are several reasons why gravel is on top of the list of appropriate foundations for hot tubs.

First, gravel is great in drainage. Again, aesthetically, gravel is pleasing and can be used in any backyard. No backyard design will not be complemented by gravel.

On top of this, it is pleasant to state that gravel does not attract high installation costs.

Unlike other options requiring much time in installation, gravel does not require much time to install. It is also easy and almost effortless to be installed. 

Unlike concrete, gravel will not crack after some time.The reason for this is the available ample drainage made possible by gravel.

On the other hand, concrete cracks over time. Due to the tiny pieces involved in the grave base, it can scarcely shift like other foundations.

Ideally, gravel molds into your hot tub, and this means that the hot tub cannot move or shift.

Can A Patio Or Deck Make A Good Base For A Hot Tub?

 Yes. As already implied, a hot tub can sit on various foundations. One of the go-to hot tub placements is a patio or deck.

It is not only convenient but also beautiful to have your hot tub on the deck. This will make as the real attraction for gatherings in your area.

Peradventure you are considering a deck or patio, as your base for a hot tub, do not forget to factor in its weight in.

Your support structure needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of the but tub, water, and its occupants.

You can also install a hot tub on a flat surface. Having grass in your backyard might appear as your perfect thing when it comes to installing a hot tub.

However, it is not necessarily correct.  Grass and dirt might not provide the stability and sturdiness that you are looking for towards the support of your hot tub.

Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete?

The ground can easily sink on the weight of the hot tub. Well, it might not sink, but it might shift, and this is not any better.

Either of these two happenings will occasion cracks and damages to your hot tub.

How Do I Install A Gravel Base For My Hot Tub?

If you are considering gravel as a base for your hot tub, you are thinking right. This is an excellent choice. However, you will need know-how on how to install it.

When installing a gravel base, it is essential to know the accurate measurements for your hot tub. You can’t mess up with the dimensions and expect anything to go right.

If you have to measure the hot tub to get those measurements, it is best to do exactly that. However, remember to have a few feet in excess for drainage as well as for aesthetic purposes.

Determine the exact place in your backyard where your hot tub will rest. Make measurements by use of spray paint on the ground.

There should be distinct borders marked clearly. Now begin digging the earth following the marks. Make sure you dig about six inches using a shovel.

You can place a landscaping layer cloth at the hole’s bottom. While this does not have to be there, it helps the overall appearance and support that your hot tub requires.

The excavated area needs to be filled with gravel, and this is what you need to do. Some want to fill them medium-grade construction gravel, and that one is permitted.

On the other hand, others will choose to fill the excavation with pee gravel; still, there is no harm. You are free to choose what material to use to fill the excavation.

Peradventure you use pee gravel, be sure to add about four inches of the medium construction gravel.

The remainder of the excavation should be filled with (two inches) pea gravel. After this, use the shovel to smooth up the surface.

The universal thing to remember is that it needs to be level on any basis that you choose. Do not mind taking more time to ensure that no gravel is not level with the others.

Alignment of all pieces of gravel with the corners is of extreme importance as well.

It is critical to remember that the gravel base should be constructed on a flat and level surface.

If you crate the base on bumpy earth might cause the hot tub to be damaged. Making a level hot tub base requires a level area, remembering that concrete construction rarely pleases the eye.

Avoid digging too far into the ground as it might make the hot tub lose its stability.

Will A Gentle Slope Serve For My Hot Tub Installation?

No. the base for a hot tub must be completely level. Any base that is not even will cause problems in the hot tub, including breaking the frame.

When you place your hot tub on a gently sloping base, its structural integrity is automatically compromised. Once this happens, you should expect the hot tub to break.

Since hot tubs are made of wood and acrylic walling, it will be hard for the hot tub to put itself together when weight is exerted on it as the weight will be unevenly distributed.

There will be pockets of weight concentration when it is loaded, and this is where the hot tub will break.

Therefore, if the base is gently sloping, it is best to move the hot tub to another. You might also consider using shims.

Shims are handy in correcting slight unevenness on your existing hot tub. You can insert shims on one side of the hot tub, but the difference must be carefully considered.

To install shims at the base of your hot tub, you will find your user’s manual to be of great help in dispensing this information.

Kindly refer to the annual since it is from the manual that you will know if your manufacturer supports their use.

Some manufactures like Jacuzzi do not allow shims to be used on their hot tubs. If you use them on such vessels, you stand the risk of forfeiting your warranty.

Therefore calculate between your warranty and correcting the base to use your hot tub and make an informed decision.

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

To know whether your hot tub is on level ground, start to fill it slowly with a hose.

If water appears to be filling one side more than the other sides, the ground is not even, and therefore, it should either be level or the hot tub moved to another place.


While buying a hot tub is exciting, it can be challenging when it comes to the base it sits on. A structurally sturdy area is required to ensure that it can handle the hot tub’s weight.

Placing a hot tub on a concrete surface should give you a good amount of confidence, as concrete is a good base. However, if you choose gavel, you have the best base for your hot tub.


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