Do Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?(Yes! But..)

Do Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?

Do Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?

Yes! Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs comes with seats that provide comfort and relaxation for anyone who wants to escape the daily grind. Depending on your needs or preference, they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

The Lay‑Z Spa brand has been around since 1999 when they first began making hot tubs for their customers.

Today you can find them at retailers nationwide as well as online. There you can buy all products, including Lay‑Z Spa’s newest seat line that is currently available.

Do Lay‑Z‑Spa Hot Tubs Have Built-In Seats?

It depends on the model of your Spa and the options you want it to have. The Lay-Z-Spa Bali, has seating for up to four adults with an option for more seating.

Also, if you are looking for something that only accommodates two people, there are many options.

The ultimate decision about whether your desired model comes with seating depends on what you’re looking for and how much space you have.

If you’re looking for something that’s able to seat over two adults, we recommend  Lay-Z-Spa models, such as the Salu Spa Paris or the Miami.

These Spas both come with seats for three adults so that they can accommodate anyone looking for a Spa with more extensive seating.

If you only need two seats, there are also plenty of options available. Sit back and relax in your new Lay-Z-Spa hot tub while you read some reviews.

Is a Lay‑Z‑Spa Comfortable?

Yes! The water temperature heats nicely for your skin. Also, there’s plenty of room in the pool for two people to enjoy themselves without feeling cramped.

The Lay-Z Spa Monaco has many interesting features, including:

* Over two hundred bubble jets envelop your body, keeping you warm and soothing

* A rapid heat system so the temperature is adjustable to suit your preference

* Two seats at foot level for when you want company or need to position yourself to keep your head above water

* An insulated ground cloth that ensures even heat distribution to the pool floor. This prevents the Spa from heating and saves energy.

* The Lay-Z Massage system.

As stated by British Spas & Leisure PLC, “The Lay-Z Spa Monaco is the only hot tub in its price range that offers a hydraulic Jet System with back, foot, and full body massage.”

Can Children Use A Hot Tub?

No. Unfortunately, children can’t use them because of the risk of drowning and electric shock.

However, some hot tubs come equipped with a child lock to keep little ones out of the water while still allowing parents to relax in the bubbling water.

It’s vital to consider that even if your child can’t use the hot tub, they might enjoy the attached Spa.

However, little ones should get supervision from their parents at all times when they are near water of any kind. It’s good to invest in pool safety fences.

This will ensure that no one falls into an unsupervised hot tub or pool area while you’re busy chilling inside your home.

First, do not allow children to use your hot tub for any reason.

Although cool off from the summer heat, there are many safety concerns involved with allowing young children around the water of any kind.

Besides drowning risks, electric shock is also a concern. A faulty heater or damaged control panel could electrocute the little one playing in your hot tub and cause serious injury.

However, you can still enjoy relaxing in your Spa while monitoring your child with ease using ‘parental controls’ on most models.

How Long Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Last?

It depends on the type of Lay Z Spa.

There are two different Lay Z Spas: Inflatable and rigid shells. The lifespan of an inflatable Spa is between 3-5 years, with the average being four years.

Hard-shell Spas can last up to 10 years, with the average being 7 years.

Once the pump fails, the spa will lose air. If you discover that your Lay Z Spa has lost a lot of air, the recommendation is to replace the pump for safety reasons.

The most common reason Spas lose air is damage caused by rocks or debris getting into the circulating water system and blocking the return jets.

This causes an overload on the electrical elements, which can lead to failure.

A clogged filter also affects how your Lay-Z Spa operates, as water cannot flow freely through it.

This results in too much electricity usage, which could cause irreversible damage to your Lay-Z Spa’s electrical components.

You should ensure that no external objects can enter your Spa.

If you are using your Spa daily, there is no need to wait for the water to warm up before getting in.

The water will heat quickly because of the solar panels, which collect energy from the sun and transfer it into the water through convection (heat absorption).

If you’re not planning on using your Lay-Z-Spa for several days, then you should empty any remaining water that may contain bacteria or algae, which can grow if left stagnant.

It’s also essential to drain this water as it may freeze during the winter months, causing damage to your inflatable spa.

How Fast Do I have to Change Water?

Your Lay-Z-Spa will need maintenance to keep it in excellent condition and to work at total capacity.

Do this every three days (or at least once a day during periods of heavy usage) and clean the filters every two weeks.

However, suppose you are using the water for therapeutic purposes (e.g., using bromine to sanitize).

In that case, change the water every day to avoid any problems with high chemical concentrations in the water.

If this is impossible, ensure that you use a product like Spa Frog Float or Chem Balance.

This is to maintain the proper chemical balance of the water and ensure it remains hygienic and safe for swimming.

If your Spa has shown continuous usage over three days and you find that some areas of water appear ‘stagnant’ for long periods:

1) Drain and clean filters and refill with clean water

2) Increase your maintenance schedule from 2 weeks to every ten days or even weekly

3) Keenly check the water chemistry to ensure that you are using the suitable chemical balance of sanitizer and pH plus any other additives you may need

How Heavy Does A Lay‑Z‑Spa Weigh When Filled with Water?

The original Lay-Z Spa holds 350 gallons of water due to its design.

The new Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs holds 740 gallons of water, weighing approximately 5800 pounds when full.

People enjoy Spas more when they have no tension and are comfortable. The weight distribution for this Spa ensures your comfort by placing the rider at the center of the Spa.

When empty, the weight of an average-sized Lay-Z Spa is around 220 pounds (100 kilograms).

When filled with air or water, it can weigh up to 834 pounds (375 kilograms).

Note that each brand of Spa varies slightly in weight.

  • An empty Lay-Z-Spa weighs approximately 220 pounds (100 kilograms)
  • A filled Lay-Z-Spa weighs about 5800 pounds (2630 kilograms)

How Loud Is A Lay‑Z‑Spa When Switched On?

It depends on the type of Lay-Z-Spa. But most Spas have an operating range of 55 decibels up to 80 decibels, with some models even reaching 120 decibels.

The actual sound level may be lower if the unit’s installation is within a screened area.

Factors such as distance, background noise levels, and physical barriers will affect how loud the spa will sound.

The higher the decibel reading, the louder or more irritating the noise may be to surrounding residents.

For this reason, most councils stipulate Spas are best placed in screened areas where they are least likely to bother neighbors.

On average, council setbacks are around 6 meters from a property boundary for open-air Spas.

While indoor Spas require a minimum 2-meter radius screening to satisfy building code requirements.

However, it’s essential to check with your council before installing your Spa, so you don’t risk a fine.

Councils in most areas do not regulate noise levels in Spas unless they are operating 24 hours a day or seven days a week, which is damaging the Spa.

Most will, however, ask that you position your Spa so it minimizes noise pollution to its surrounding area.

For example, setting your Spa against an external wall may reduce the amount of noise heard by neighbors if it’s placed close enough.

However, this depends on wind direction and any physical barriers between the unit and potential complainants.

You need to consider other sound sources within your environment when planning where best to place your unit.

A quiet street with little traffic flow may be a good indicator the spa will not disturb neighbors, but you should always check with your local council.

Can I Add Accessories to My Lay‑Z‑Spa?

Yes, you can! Ensure that the accessory has approval for use with a Lay Z Spa tub.

Most accessories used with the Spa will have a rate of 220v-240v, but please double-check this before purchasing.

Below are the most popular and most accessible to use accessories:

Aeration System: Ionizing bubbles helps to keep your water clean by removing dissolved impurities.

These systems work best when placed on top of the water level inside your Lay Z Spa tub.

Yet, they may also function well without submersion underwater if placed near enough to an electrical supply socket.

Bluetooth Speakers–A fun addition to a Lay Z Spa is a set of Bluetooth speakers.

Their placement can be on or near your Spa and allow you to play music from any device that has Bluetooth capabilities–phones, tablets, iPods, etc.

Beacon Lights–For added party effects, you can place these lights around the rim of your spa. They change color automatically and look great at night.

Again, they will need to be near an electrical socket.

Inflatables – The inflatable accessories are for use inside your spa tub. Some examples may include a football table, a floating chessboard, the list goes on.

The specific attachments for these would come with instructions on how best to attach them, so please read carefully.

Likewise, be aware of how you plan to attach your accessory (with tie-wraps around the spa cover, suction cups, etc.) And ensure there is secure safety.

Do nothing that will cause damage to your Lay Z Spa tub or electrical supply system, as you will invalidate your warranty.

You can purchase most of these accessories at your local showroom or online retailer.

Many of them are safe for children to use too, which is great if you’re looking for something fun to do outside the Spa.

VITAL NOTE: Please check that any electrical appliances used with your Lay Z Spa.

Follow the country’s safety regulations in your territory and have a suitable CE mark or other international equivalents such as UL, CUL, or GS quality marks, etc.


If you’ve been trying to decide which hot tub is best for your needs, we hope this article has helped you make a fine choice.

Lay-Z Spa lovers who want a comfortable and therapeutic experience will love the Lay-Z Spa.

It features built-in seats perfect for extended relaxation without feeling stiff or sore from sitting on cold concrete.

It also comes with many accessories, so you can customize your spa just how you like it.

While children may not use a full-sized spa comfortably, models are available specifically made for kids of all ages.

So, when looking at Lay-Z Spa products, don’t worry about your little ones getting left out.


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