Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Need To Be Level?

How Do You Build A Base For A Hot Tub?

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Need To Be Level?

If you are buying your first inflatable hot tub, your most probable question is, “do inflatable hot tubs need to be level?”

The answer here would be, “Yes.” Inflatable hot tubs should be level.

By default, inflatable hot tubs consist of a wood frame and an acrylic shell. Although they can hold several thousands of pounds, they cannot hold the weight unless distributed evenly.

When an inflatable hot tub is not level, stress fractures will most certainly emerge. Both the wood and the shell will suffer this blow.

As people continue to seek more comfort and relaxation, inflatable hot tubs are gaining more popularity.

This popularity comes with an increased need for specific information relating to hot tubs.

It is essential to be well informed on these devices before you buy them. Consequently, we are looking at inflatable hot tubs and the best ways to install them.

We will be considering the essence of level as far as hot tubs are concerned. So in this article, we’re diving deep into hot tubs and the best things to place them on.

If you don’t know what to place under your hot tub, this is the article to read. Before installing an inflatable hot tub, first, establish your preferred place of installation.

Secondly, determine how large your hot tub is, and thirdly, determine your preferred shape of an inflatable hot tub; is it square or rectangular? Read on to know more.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Need To Be Level?

Are Gentle Slopes Bad For Inflatable Hot Tub Installation?

Yes. Ideally, your preferred area for installing an inflatable hot tub must be completely level.

Placing your inflatable hot tub on a slight slope compromises the structural integrity of the inflatable hot tub.

The result will be a potential collapse of the inflatable hot tub when filled with adequate water.

This may also happen after the inflatable hot tub is loaded (when you and your family get into it to soak).

Therefore, it is needful to pay attention when filling your inflatable hot tub to prevent such unfortunate occurrences closely.

If water fills the tub, water seems to be more on one side, which means that the inflatable hot tub isn’t sitting on a level surface.

To keep this from happening, pay close attention when you fill the tub. When water seems to flow to one side more, it means that your inflatable hot tub is not sitting on a level surface.

In this instance, it is best to either move your hot tub to another level ground or level the ground on which it sits.

Apart from the ground on which an inflatable hot tub being level, it also must be sturdy and firm enough to accommodate the potential weight of the hot tub with its occupants.

The weight in the inflatable hot tub increases in a significant manner as it gets filled. This weight keeps changing as people use the hot tub, getting into the water and out of the water.

Inflatable hot tubs that are not seated on a study ground cannot handle these weight changes.

Therefore, avoid sandy or muddy surfaces that will scarcely provide the needed support to an inflatable hot tub. It is best to place your inflatable hot tub on a concrete deck or pavement.

What Can I Put Under an Inflatable Hot Tub?

One of the most excellent additions you can have in your home is an inflatable hot tub. Although an inflatable hot tub is cheaper than a traditional hot tub, it has the same features.

So, when buying an inflatable hot tub, you are getting the honor of accessing the same services as you would from a traditional hot tub- but at a much lower price.

This home addition has been used by many to bond with their families. It also comes in handy as an effective tool for hydrotherapy.

With an inflatable hot tub, you will quickly ease much stress and relieve muscle aches and pains.

Due to the many benefits an inflatable hot tub offers, it is essential to know how to take care of your hot tub.

If you take good care of your hot tub, you will definitely use it for an extended period with fewer repairs.

When buying an inflatable hot tub, you will be required to know ways of maximizing its security when being used.

There is a lot of work that goes into caring for an inflatable hot tub.

Additionally, there is enough work required when it comes to looking for the perfect ground to install your inflatable hot tub.

You may wonder what you might put under an inflatable hot tub. Read on to know.

What Foundation Do I Need To Have For My Inflatable Hot Tub?

You have possibly invested much money in buying the best inflatable hot tub.

Although cleaning your hot tub is an essential thing you need to do regularly, there are other things you will have to remember and also consider.

Indeed, the most important issue to think about is installing your inflatable hot tub. When it comes to installing your inflatable hot tub, you can’t afford to go wrong on this one.

When you get it wrong, you will incur an immense loss. You will want to install your hot tub on level ground.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Need To Be Level?

Additionally, you will have to have some foundation on which your new purchase will sit. The alternatives you might find worthy of consideration are decking solid foundation or grass.

As you choose the preferred floor for your inflatable hot tub, ensure that the surface is level and solid.

It also needs to be both durable and strong. It needs to be at a reasonable distance from electrical components. Let’s look at these foundations.

First, we look at the grass. Among the most popular foundations, grass emerges at the top.

Many people prefer to use this type of foundation when installing their inflatable hot tubs. Due to its texture, there is a lot of cushioning provided to the inflatable hot tub.

As you go for this most popular foundation, ensure that you don’t have any broken grass or wood since, if left underneath, it may pierce your inflatable hot tub.

You may also consider paving slabs for your foundation. Paving slabs are easy to use and provide a good base to your inflatable hot tub.

However, as with all other bases, the ground must be level. When you use paving slabs, there is much more flexibility than when you use other foundations.

You may vary designs and colors when using this foundation.

Additionally, you will want to surround the hot tub with paving stones. If you put paving stones under the inflatable hot tub only, you may not achieve the level that you need for the hot tub.

This is also a great way to ensure that your hot tub rests on level ground, with the stones fitted correctly.

How Level Does Hot Tub Need to Be?

If you are considering buying an inflatable hot tub, you might be wondering the extent of leveling requirement that is safe for inflatable hot tub installation.

Several reasons are fronted as to why an inflatable hot tub must be on the level. The bathers’ safety is one of the things to be considered since level hot tubs are safe for the bathers.

Additionally, the longevity of your spa is at stake if you do not consider the level of your foundation well. Read on to know why you must install your inflatable hot tub on the level.

Why Level a Hot Tub?

As already implied, a hot tub that is occupied with bathers can weigh well over 8,000 pounds. This is because of the water weight.

If the surface has any form of dips, it is not hard for stress to be created that goes straight to the inflatable hot tub shell. When stress gets to the shell, it usually leads to cracking.

Therefore, as you level a hot tub, it is essential to ensure evenness on the level.

You will also want to consider the drainage since, without drainage, the level may have interfered within the near future.

This may result in the shifting of the hot tub, meaning the uneven distribution of the pressure exerted on the hot tub. This will also most certainly occasion cracks.

Some situations might force you to consider an above-ground installation. This type of installation comes with more designs and is desirable to many.

However, it is essential to consider that if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, it is essential to factor some other aspects in the entire process.

Indeed, splash water may quickly form under the base. When this happens, your structure that supports the hot tub will be shifted.

This is a sure way to damage your inflatable hot tub. Therefore, if you consider an above the ground inflatable hot tub, ensure that you construct a solid and firm-level concrete pad.

While there are many DIY projects that you can do and save money in the process of having fun, installing an inflatable hot tub is definitely not on the list.

There is so much keenness and so much at stake that you don’t want to get it wrong. Getting it right will see you involve a trained professional to install your inflatable hot tub.

This is not the type of work that can be handled by novices. Extreme carefulness is required, especially when you think of the weight that the hot tub will be supporting.

Therefore, you are better off leaving this task to a professional. Forget about the charges since you will not be sorry about your decision later.

The professional will use the appropriate tools to ensure that your base is level.

How Do I Get The Best Contractor To Install My Inflatable Hot Tub?

As mentioned above, installing a hot tub is not the work for anyone. This is especially so if the surface needs to be worked on.

Consider the amount of work that will go to leveling the sloppy ground.

Sloppy grounds require much work to be leveled. It is only a trained professional who can achieve the required standards.

When looking for a contractor to install your inflatable hot tub, ask around. Visit your friends or workmates who have installed inflatable hot tubs.

Find out their feelings and views on the contractors who did the work. If they are satisfied with the installer’s services, you might want to contact the same company.

You might also want to read reviews of customers who had their inflatable hot tubs installed.

Look for the companies that have many positive reviews. Also, look at their star rating. Do not go for a three-star rated company when there are five-star rated companies.

You want your inflatable hot tub installed by the best contractor.

Also, look for references from your friend and family.

If they refer you to a contractor, they worked with, first find out how they feel about the services and then decide if you want to have the same feeling.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Need To Be Level?

Do not leave anything for chance as this is a considerable investment. You can’t afford to carelessly choose an inflatable hot tub contractor when you know what this entails.

Your money and the safety of the entire family is at stake here.


 An inflatable hot tub costs much to buy. Consequently, there needs to be much carefulness when using it or installing it.

Installing an inflatable hot tub requires the hand of a professional due to the details involved.

Indeed, it is only a qualified professional who will be able to carefully level the hot tub and safeguard the safety of the entire family.

When the hot tub is installed incorrectly, it may develop cracks due to uneven distribution of the weight to carries.

This is not something that you want to happen to you. Therefore, you better get it right when installing your inflatable hot tub.


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