Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

The popularity of inflatable hot tubs is gaining momentum by the day.

With some populations not aware of the architecture of inflatable hot tubs, the regular question is, “do inflatable hot tubs have jets?”The answer here is yes.

There are jets in inflatable hot tubs.

Having said that, the number of jets available in hot tubs is another story! There are very many jets in an inflatable hot tub.

The number of jets in inflatable hot tubs far exceeds the number of jets in most regular hot tubs. This is the reason behind the success of inflatable hot tubs in focused massaging.

What Types Of Jets Are Available In Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Although jets may innocently be misinterpreted as hydro jets in inflatable hot tubs, the meaning is not the same always.

Sometimes, the term jets will be used to mean air jets (bubbles).

Bubbles are very different from hydro jets. Unfortunately, this term (jets) has been used to the detriment of the unsuspecting buyer.

So how many types of jets are available in inflatable hot tubs? Read on.

As already implied, there are two types of jets in inflatable hot tubs. These are air jets and hydro jets. The types are distinct and need not be confused with each other.

What Are Air Jets?

Air jets is a term that is the main culprit of intentional misuse in the inflatable hot tubs’ industry.

It is used by marketers to confuse users and lure them into either buying or using the services as if they were dealing with hydro jets.

Perhaps, it would have been better if marketers stuck to the other term (air bubbles) because that is what these are.

But is this meant to say that they are wrong? Absolutely not! There is nothing bad at all in air jets.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

Indeed, they are good at offering a massage system that is basic in its nature.

They don’t have any capacity to offer focused massaging, but their price is pocket-friendly. Spas that use this massage system are relatively cheap in their service charges.

How Do Air Bubbles Function?

Inflatable hot tubs that use air bubbles have a blower whose function is to inflate the whirlpool.

After the whirlpool is inflated, it pumps air through tiny holes in the inflatable hot tub.

A continued pumping creates a force that is used as the massage system. The totality of the force creates a tinkling and enjoyable massage effect.

Many people may not desire more than this. But to some, this leaves a person far from being satisfied.

To the unsatisfied, there is just as much the air bubbles can provide. Indeed, the massage is weak, and there is an unpleasant noise that the blower continues to make as it pumps the air.

Surely, this is not a very good environment for those who are looking for perfect relaxation.

Again, the water is easily cooled by the air bubbles, sometimes cold air touching your warm skin.

You do not want to imagine how that feels! This is confounded by the fact that heaters in inflatable hot tubs cannot simultaneously work with air jets.

How Do Hydro Massage Jets Function?

Although a rare addition in many inflatable hot tubs, hydro jets come with improved efficiency in the overall function of the system.

Although they are not cheap, their services justify their pricing.

When it comes to the production of hydro jets, it is a costly affair that sees the manufacturers incur great expenditures, which are passed on to the customer.

But isn’t this the basic principle in manufacturing? All the same, paying the extra fee for the convenience and better services will make many forget the financial implication.

These high-end products offer perfect relaxation through their perfect massaging system.

The adjustable hydro jets installed in a hot tub will far outdo their counterparts the air bubbles. A pump creates high pressure that forms water jets.

The adjustable feature in them ensures that there is a focused massaging that gives a powerful effect and relaxation on the user.

As they perform this wonderful function, hydro jets are very quiet and run smoothly.

A quiet environment gives you the real relaxation that you require from an inflatable hot tub.

Unlike the air bubbles that cannot heat the water as they function, hydro jets ensure a constant temperature as the water jets are continually heated.

The therapeutic effect derived from this is excellent. Any back pain or tensed muscles will receive their healing power from this type of massage.

The only limiting factor that hydro jets have is the cost aspect. When inflatable hot tubs are installed with hydro jets, they can be very costly.

These are not your ordinary hot tubs, and the price can tell.

However, if you prefer a better massage that is focused on giving you perfect relaxation in a quiet environment, look for inflatable hot tubs that are installed with hydro jets.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

With the clear difference between air bubbles and hydro jets, you should not confuse them.Their functionality is quite different, not to mention the cost.

What Is The Function Of Jets In Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Modern inflatable hot tubs are fitted with jets.The function of the jets is to offer you massage at the level of standard hot tubs.

The best inflatable hot tubs use hydro jets to provide focused massaging to all your muscles.

Due to the strength of the pressure, your muscles will end up being relaxed and any ache from muscles eliminated.

When you think of hot tubs, you need to differentiate between hot tubs and inflatable hot tubs. If you go for inflatable hot tubs, you will still want to distinguish between air jets and hydro jets.

Choosing any of the distinct types has its advantages and also disadvantages. Therefore, get to know all there is to learn in these diverse models.

But let’s look at an inflatable hot tub first.

In its basic form, an inflatable hot tub does not offer the relaxation that you will get in a standard hot tub.

This is because most of these can scarcely give any focused massage when you want real relaxation in a quiet environment.

Indeed, most of these can only perform a basic massage session but nothing specialized. But innovation has already looked into this.

Do I Need To Research About Hot Tubs Before Purchasing?

Yes. Research never disappoints. Many people have avoided pitfalls in their purchases through this old-age technique. Indeed, it works every time.

There is a need to conduct enough focused research before you endeavor to buy a hot tub. Although the research should be conducted before all purchases, it is even more needful if the purchase is costly.

The cost of hot tubs is not low.Indeed, these appear to be way beyond many people’s reach.

Therefore, you will be better off ensuring that you have researched thoroughly about inflatable hot tubs.

Before you even embark on your research, define your need. What specific services are you looking for? How many jets do you want? Are you planning for air jets or hydro jets?

All these are questions that you need to ask yourself to define your need. Once this is done, you will be looking for a product that meets specific specifications defined by your need.

In your definition of the need, factor in future aspects as this is not a thing you get to buy every other time.

Ask yourself, how many jets might I need in the future?

If you opt to look for an inflatable hot tub with fewer jets and then add some more in the future, look at the warranty statement and ensure it has that provision.

How Long Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Last?

As you complete your research on the best inflatable hot tub that you need to buy, it is essential to get informed of the lifespan of an inflatable hot tub.

Although a hot tub will not last as long as standard hot tubs, it will give you service for several months or a few years.

On average, a well taken care of inflatable hot tub will last for about three years. The duration of a hot tub that lasts largely depends on the way you maintain it.

The longevity of the same will also be affected by the quality of the product and whether it had any factory defects.

However, in most cases, factory defects are covered by the warranty.

What Features Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Have?

Generally, inflatable hot tubs are made of durable thick vinyl. These are easy to use and will largely have a hard water system.

With this feature, it is hard to fight the effect of hard water, that is, calcium deposits and the buildup.

Although this is a good thing, you will need to maintain your water chemistry regularly. It is essential to maintain the alkalinity in your water at all times.

Inflatable hot tubs have capacity. If you are 4 in a family, you will not buy a two-capacity hot tub hoping to serve the family well.

This is a very important aspect of the inflatable hot tubs that must never be ignored.

Indeed, it should come in the area of defining your need. Again, consider the fact that inflatable hot tubs are designed to be tight-fitting.

Therefore, you cannot go wrong with the capacity and enjoy your purchase later.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Have Jets?

Again, inflatable hot tubs have a control panel. There are several options that inflatable hot tubs are packed with.

The simple LED display allows you to browse the menu and select the option you want to use.

The menu addresses jets, temperatures, and other operations of the inflatable hot tub.

How is the heating system of inflatable hot tubs?

Inflatable hot tubs get hot as a function of the heating system. As you operate the menu function, set the maximum safe temperature.

You may want the inflatable hot tub to operate at a lower temperature, and this is acceptable in the settings.

When setting the temperature for your inflatable hot tub, remember that your preference might not be what your wife prefers.

Let them be! Do not insist on your terms only, or you will spoil an otherwise good venture.

Remember that the temperatures most people prefer are between 37°C and 39°C.

It is essential to ensure that the heat for your inflatable hot tub maintains temperature consistency at all times.

However, this is not an easy task, and there are ways that you can employ to maintain the heat. You may consider using a cover or ground seating that will act as a heat insulator.


All hot tubs do not have jets.However, the majority of hot tubs have jets. As you plan to buy a hot tub, you will need to conduct enough research to know what you are buying.

You will need to ensure that it meets all your needs and complies with your budget. Avoid making a purchase that is beyond your means.

If you feel that you want to buy a hot tub that has fewer jets with the possibility of allowing you to add more jets into the future, ensure that you verify this information from the warranty.

There is no need to void your warranty ignorantly.

All in all, the most important thing is to know what you are looking for. To know this, you will need to have defined your need.

Lastly, consider professional advice from a trained professional.

In addition to the professional advice, remember the installation should be done by a qualified technician.

This might not qualify to be one of the DIY projects you enjoy doing. A tiny error can cost you much in repairs.

All in all, it is a worthy investment to buy an inflatable hot tub. Although the cost may seem prohibitive, it will prove you wrong in the long run.

Consider what you pay in spas if you are a regular visitor. That compounded is quite a lot.

Unfortunately, you cant visit the spa every time you feel like soaking, and this is where inflatable hot tubs come in handy.


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