Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

The question, do hot tubs lose water over time?, comes as a genuine concern for many.

Yes. Hot tubs lose water, and that explains why you need to add water occasionally.

It is normal for people to add water to hot tubs since evaporation takes place on the hot tub hence the decrease in water.  

Although hot tubs lose water, the quantity of water is not significant. Indeed, you will not need to add more than an inch in about a week or so.

However, when the cover is left open, there may be a need to add more water to the hot tub.

To reduce water loss, you may come up with a well-fitting cover.This will help in greatly reducing the water loss.

However, water loss in hot tubs may have other causes, especially if it’s significant. Read on to know more about hot tubs.

Do Hot Tubs Lose Much Water To Evaporation?

There are many forms in which water exists. Indeed, it may be in the form of a liquid, a solid, or even a gas.

When we talk of evaporation, it is a way through which water changes from liquid to gas.

The water changes into water vapour and rises above the ground.This gas will then take an average of about ten days and cool down, changing into clouds and falling on the earth again as rain.

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

Evaporation is a process of nature. However, it can be controlled by human beings through particular activities.

In the same breath, evaporation can be increased by human activities. This is not alien to the hot tub world.

The quantity of water that a hot tub will lose to evaporation will vary from one hot tub to another.

Many variables will affect the amount of water that a hot tub will lose to evaporation.

Water lost through evaporation in a hot tub will be between 1 and two inches each week.

This may also vary according to the number of people who use the water tub.

Many people will splash water as they bath, and this water is lost from the hot tub. For you to know if your hot tub is losing water, it is essential to check the water level in the hot tub regularly.

Each time, compare the water level with the mark shown on the side of the hot water tub.

How Do You Reduce Evaporation In A Hot Water Tub?

It is not only a common but a normal occurrence to lose hot tub water through evaporation.

This is not a big issue, and it can be addressed quickly.

If the hot tub loses a few inches of water every week, it may suffice to get the hose to refill the tub in a few minutes.

This may not be very significant, but there is a need to ensure that you reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation. Read on to know some of these tested tricks.

If you are concerned with the quantity of water disappearing from your hot tub, it is time to start using a quality hot tub cover.

A good hot tub cover will save you from massive losses of water every week.

Indeed, once you resolve to be using a good hot tub cover, you will see the difference very soon. The repeated loses of water will translate to huge water bills cumulatively.

When you use a good hot tub cover, you are effectively protecting yourself from these massive bills. When it comes to buying a hot tub cover, go for the best quality.

If you opt for the cheaper covers, time will prove you wrong since your water savings will be minimal.

You will also need to pay close attention to the size.Do not buy an over-sized cover. Ensure that you use a tight-fitting cover.

It is also essential to protect your hot tub. Evaporation intensifies with increased sunlight, wind and heat.

Peradventure your hot tub has its location in a windy and sunny spot, there will be increased loses of water due to evaporation.

When you protect your hot tub from these elements, it will have minimized water losses. Additionally, you will be more comfortable owning such a maintained hot tub.

If you have your hot tub exposed to these elements, it may be a good idea to consider a canopy,gazebo, or shade of some kind.  

Will Reducing The Hot Tub Temperature Reduce The Water Lost?

It will always pay when you reduce the hot tub temperature. The reduction in temperature does not need to be great. Indeed, two degrees or three will suffice.

The temperature of your hot tub can be reduced, and the benefits felt with time. If evaporation is one of your concerns, think about lowering the temperature.

You don’t have to use hot water in the tub. You may use warm water but if you must bathe in hot water, consider other ways of reducing evaporation.

How Do You Deal With A Hot Tub Leak?

If you realize your hot tub loses much water, you may be staring at a leak. Hot tub leaks are capable of draining the hot tub gradually.

You will quickly identify the presence of a leak.

For instance, was your water tank okay until a certain point when water loss seemed to have increased significantly? If this is your case, your hot tub might have developed a leak in the recent past.

But you will need to differentiate a leak from evaporation losses. Read on to know the difference between a leak and evaporation.

First, you will need to check around the base. A thorough check round about the cabinet should reveal much.

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

This will be handy in revealing whether there is any sign of water that leaks from underground.

If the ground underneath the hot tub is wet, there is a leak and what remains is to identify where it is.

Again, you will need to assess the heat and the pump. One of the common area where hot tub water leaks are the pump area.

You might wonder why but consider that the pump is a moving component in the water tub system.

The frequent movements of the water pump may occasion connections getting loose and making the water escape.

A soft point for these is the place where you have hose connections.

Again, you may experience the same issue around the heater. Several connections may be in the area.This makes the area more susceptible to leaks.

You will also need to ensure that you carry out serious checks around your connections. This will cooperate with all other connections that originate at the hot tub.

Does Hot Tub Lose Water In Winter?

In essence, hot tubs evaporate throughout the year. However, when it is cold, hot tubs evaporate at a faster rate.

The simple explanation for this is that the hot tub has warmer water than the surrounding area when it is cold.

On the other hand, humidity significantly affects evaporation rates in a hot tub. Therefore, when the air around is more humid, you will have lesser evaporation rates.

As a consequence, over winter, you may expect twice the normal evaporation.

Should I Change My Hot Tub Water?

It is essential to change your hot tub water. Since people bathe in the water and leave dirt and other germs there, it is wise to ensure that the water is changed periodically.

You should not take more than three months to change the water in your hot tub.

Again, if you exceed three months, you may realize that your water has some debris settling at the bottom.

With debris, there will be a build-up of bacteria and germs. This is regardless of whether you are treating your water with chemicals or not.

You may change the filters regularly, but nothing will replace the need to change the water regularly.

To change your water, you will only need to connect your hose to the spigot. Alternatively, you can opt to use a submersible pump.

This water cannot be recycled since it has chemicals, and it may not be ideal for watering any plants.

How Clean And Safe Is My Hot Tub Water?

Your hot tub water is a thing to be carefully considered all the time.The water in your hot tub may seem very appealing to you.

Unfortunately, the mere look by use of naked eyes can never reveal the actual state of your water.

Indeed, there are many bacteria in hot tub water. Although many people are used to seeping the water as they bath, this is very dangerous. It can occasion hazardous health conditions.

We take care of everything in our homes.There is no exception when it comes to hot tubs. They need to be treated with a lot of care to minimize contamination.

It is appalling to think that hot tub water may contain urine, fecal matter, and sweat. These are very common in hot tub water and lurk at the bottom.

 These are perfect conditions for bacteria breeding. There are severe health conditions that can be dictated by such contamination and bacteria.

As a consequence, it is essential to have the issue addressed on time.One way of doing this is scheduled regular maintenance.

You might ask, can the hot water kill the germs? Well, no. the temperature that most hot tubs are kept at is about 35 degrees on the higher side.

These are temperatures that our bodies tolerate. If these bacteria can live in our bodies, such low temperatures will not kill them.

The real solution to water tubs is to ensure that you keep the water clean all the time. When the water is clean, it is safe from contamination.

Water that is not contaminated does not pose any health risk to the bather.

How Safe Are Water Tubs?

Water tubs and their safety is an under-researched area.Indeed, there is a lack of sufficient research for the safety of hot water tubs.

There are potential dangers of that hot water tubs present if not well-taken care of.

Unfortunately, many people buy or hire hot tubs without any consideration of the risks. It is needful to consider the dangers associated with hot tubs before you either buy or hire them.

Since the water is kept at hot or warm temperatures, these are ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive.

The increase in bacteria will pose a danger to all bathers who will innocently use the hot tub.

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

Therefore, the water quality needs to be kept under strict management, especially if it is a public hot tub.

It is not uncommon to contract a viral disease whose origin can be traced back to a hot tub.


By default, hot tubs lose water.The major cause of water loss in hot tubs is evaporation.

Additionally, water may be lost due to splashing as people bathe in the water tub.

You will need to regularly top up your hot tub to retain the same water levels. You do not need to worry a lot if your hot tub is losing about an inch or two in a week.

This is perfectly normal. However, if the losses are greater, you may have leaks in the system, and you need to identify the real culprit.

However, if your losses are normal, you can still claw back the amount of water you lose to evaporation. This can be achieved by installing a hot tub cover.

Fit a cover to your hot tub, and this will address the elements in a good way. However, if there is a sudden occurrence of increased water loss, there may be a leak.

You will need to identify the leak and address it within a reasonable time to avoid not only massive water losses but also huge utility bills.

Before you think of any repairs, check your warranty since it may be voided if you repair.


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