Do Hot Tubs Have Lights?(Solved)

Can I Drain My Hot Tub on My grass?

Do Hot Tubs Have Lights?

Hot tub lights are a hot trend. They can also make part of a home’s decor and provide a cool ambience during parties or special occasions.

There are all kinds of hot tub lights to choose from, so the first step is figuring out what type you would like.

Yes! Hot tubs do have lights on the surface; and on the bottom. They also have lights at the top and everywhere, including beside the jets. They use LED Lights because these lamps use less energy and are more durable than standard bulbs.

Moreover, LED lights can emit light without burning out or decreasing brightness.

Here is some information about the lights on a tub’s surface:

The bottom of a hot tub is the warmest section. Its temperature can go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why the bottom lights are essential.

You can see them from the tub inside and outside. These Underwater Super LED lights are placed under the water surface on both sides of the tub so you will not trip and fall into it.

They also help you to see where you are stepping into and out. When getting in and out, you can see where you place your feet, particularly on rocky surfaces, when there is no light, or when it is dark outside.

But since the bottom of the tub is so hot, a good rule of thumb is never to sit down on your butt right after stepping out. You will want to give it about a minute before you take a seat.

The best place for lights on the bottom would be at each corner or each side, as this would give you more visibility.

If you have the lights in the center, it can be blinding for someone about to step in with their head down looking at the bottom.

How Do I Turn on The Lights in My Hot Tub?

Turn the Temperature control Dial to HighIf your hot tub has a heater, ensure the temperature is 100 degrees F or warmer.

If your hot tub has no heater, ensure the temperature is 103 degrees F or warmer.
Check the Filter for Dirt or other debrisThe filter should lift and rotate by the “fingers” on the side of the filter.
Turn off the light in your hot tub and wait 30 minutes before turning it on.The lights will turn off a minute or two after you turn off the heat, assuming your timer is set correctly.  If your timer is set incorrectly, you’ll have to reset it.
Use the Test buttons on the control panel to check if your lights are working.The Test buttons do not turn on your lights; they allow you to check their functioning.
Use your Hot tub Emergency override switch to turn on the lightsIf you have lights installed, press and hold the emergency override switch for 6 seconds to turn on the lights.  

Press and hold the emergency switch for 18 seconds if you have no lights.  Both methods will start your hot tub’s lights at once.
Follow the instructions provided with your Hot tub’s manual to advance the timer if neededIf your unit has a timer, it is already programmed correctly. You’ll have to set it up from the controls if it does not have a timer.
Recheck your lights after an hour or soIf nothing happens during the initial startup, check again at the hour mark or after another 30 minutes.
Test Your lights againIf your lights are still not working properly, something is likely wrong with them or their wiring.

Check the lights in your hot tub for water or dirt in their connectors.

Do Hot Tubs Run At Night?

Yes! Hot tubs do run at night. This is because hot tubs are designed to have the water pump on while you sleep, so they will continue to run without your conscious participation. They can run for up to 12 hours per day in some cases.

Hot tubs also provide a great place for adults to have fun and enjoy each other’s company in the evenings and at night. Some people even like having hot tub parties with friends and family.

To keep the water and heating elements running, an electronic timer is set up inside the hot tub that stays on during your sleeping hours.

Can I Drain My Hot Tub on My grass?

This timer will turn off when you enter the water, but it will restart if you leave it or re-enter to let someone else in.

This means that, on average, the tub will run at night for around 4 or 5 hours in 24 hours. You can adjust the water temperature while asleep or when you aren’t there to keep the water warm.

Some worry about how long their hot tub will run at night if it’s connected to a timer. Others like having their hot tub running at night and find it comforts them from the cold winter nights and stress during the day.

Do Hot Tubs Go Down in The Sun?

Yes! Hot tubs go down in the sun when the sun heats the water to a higher level than the ambient temperature. This temperature change is caused by the sun’s heat hitting a hot tub’s surface.

Heat rises, so as hours pass and more time is spent with hot water on top, it tends to go up rather than down.

Once this occurs, it causes tables or other equipment nearby to be too hot if you touch them. It can also cause a bigger change in temperature for those that use solar panels to power their hot tub.

If you have a deck around the hot tub that feels too hot to stand on, that’s a sign of things to come, and you should look for ways to insulate underneath it.

As more sunlight hits the top of a hot tub, the surface will heat up and change the temperature of your hot tub, which will cause greater water temperature changes when exposed to direct sunlight.

However, this won’t occur if you have black or non-reflective surfaces underneath your tub or in the shade during peak hours.

Hot tubs don’t need complete covering in water when exposed to direct sunlight, but they do need enough water flow, and exposing them to sunlight can cause the temperature to rise.

They should have a deck where you can sit or move around while exposed.

When it comes to an exposed hot tub, keep it covered with a canopy to stay at the comfortable temperature you like. This way, your solar panels will not be over-energized.

You’ll have to use a solar controller in the summer or a thermostat to keep it where you want it.

What Lighting Is Best For A Spa?

LED-They are very bright and emit a wide range of colors, They usually last a long time.
-They are usually the most expensive type of lighting.
Fluorescent-Cheap and efficient, but it can be harsh because it is made up of cold light, which casts shadows.
Incandescent-Cheap to make and very efficient, but it can be harsh because it is made up of hot light, which casts shadows.
Metal Halide-Cheap and efficient but harsh because it casts shadows, sometimes accentuating the lines of the body when on the skin.

-It’s also very floody, making portions of the room look very bright and others seemingly dark.
Halogen-Cheap and efficient, but it can be harsh because it casts shadows, sometimes accentuating the lines of the body when on the skin. It also can be too bright and focus on one area of the room.
PhotofloodIt’s cheap and efficient, but it can be harsh because it casts shadows, sometimes accentuating the lines of the body when on the skin.

Why Are Hot Tubs Always On?

1. Economical

In many regions, the cost of heating a hot tub is almost nothing.

2. Safety

Keeping your water at an appropriate temperature is important to keep you and those around you safe.

If your water gets too cold, the pipes will freeze and burst; if it gets too hot, chemicals in your Spa might react in dangerous ways.

3. Comfort

If you keep your water at the perfect temperature, you will feel more comfortable and relaxed in your hot tub than you would if it were not adequately maintained.

4. Cleanliness

Keeping your water clean helps prevent algae blooms and other problems.

Why Did My Hot Tub Filter Turn Blue?

An always-on hot tub means that people are less likely to leave their hair in the Spa and will more often use the chemicals the owner provides to keep their Spas clean.

5. Motor hygiene

Keeping your hot tub motor running constantly can help condition the oil inside its motor, reducing wear and tear.

If you run the motor, when necessary, it may wear out quickly; keeping it on always helps prevent this.

7 Ideas to Help You Illuminate Your Outdoor Hot Tub

Add Interior lighting by hanging lanterns on a patio chair rail or around the tub’s edge.This will enhance the relaxing atmosphere that a hot tub provides, and you can control them with a simple switch just like the ones used for your patio lights.
Add Some flickering candles to the waterFloats of any kind will add a nice flicker to your hot tub or pool at night and make it look like they are floating in mid-air!

They are easy to find at most pool supply stores or online.
Use Floating Candles in your hot tub.Floating candles make the water look like it’s on fire. They can be found at most pool supply stores or online.
Use Some Extraordinary lighting around your tub area.Using multi-coloured solar lights around your hot tub’s circumference will set the mood and make you feel outdoors in a magnificent tropical jungle or secluded getaway, even if it’s right in your backyard!
Light up your hot tub with a Solar-powered light.Some lights will hang from above your hot tub to make it look glowing at night when you turn the jets on. They come in different shapes and sizes.
Try Using mood lighting in and around your hard tub.Mood lighting is designed to give you a relaxing, calming, and soothing experience without actually changing the color of the entire light, which can be overwhelming and cause eye strain after a while.

5 Ways to Light Your Hot Tub at Night

Add Solar mosaic panels to the cover of your hot tubThese work best at low angles during the day, but they’ll last for hours into the evening before needing a charge.

The panels will also heat up and help maintain the water temperature in your hot tub.
Add a Floating lightYou can place the floating light at the bottom of your hot tub and stay lit for hours. You don’t need to plug it in, and it’s entirely safe for use around water!
Add a String light to the cover of your hot tubThis is another way to add light without having to plug anything in. If you use solar lights, they’ll charge during the day and last into the evening.
Buy Some Solar lightsYou can place these around your hot tub and last all week. They’re also helpful when you have pool parties at night!
Hang Christmas lights from your hot tub!If you use LED light strings, you can use them for weeks or even months. You’ll need an extension cord, but it’s worth it!

Where Do You Put Lights In A Spa?

1. Along any Pathways

Light will create the tone in the Spa and draw people towards it. If pathways are not well-lit, put lights on large rocks, arches, or sculptures in the Spa.

2. Along the wood or stone façade of a hot tub

Lights set along these pieces of architecture will add to their natural appeal and glow through the water as you swim. You can also place them along a path behind your hot tub if there is no natural façade

3. Along the wood or stone floor of a hot tub

Water does not affect these areas and will provide light highlighting your Spa.

4. Against the side of a hot tub

You often use this type of lighting as low-level illumination; you only use it at night to add ambiance to a party or function.

5. Around any inside walls of the hot tub, including underneath furniture

Illusions are created within the Spa when you place lights along these walls and raise the atmosphere in your space.

How long do Spa LED lights last?

Spa LED lights last 25,000-50,000 hours, meaning they can last nearly 2 years of continual use before replacement.

They are usually rated on hour-to-hour use, but to ensure your Spa is running as efficiently as possible, we recommend looking into a yearly or quarterly replacement cycle for your Spa lights.

LEDs are different from incandescent light bulbs because of the way they operate.

They have a longer life, do not require much energy to run, and have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours before needing replacement.

They also don’t get hot like incandescent bulbs and work by running off less power than other lighting systems. Compared to traditional lighting, this makes them a good choice for Spas.

Most LED Spa lights run off a small amount of power, meaning they can be used in areas where incandescent lights cannot.

Since they don’t heat up like incandescent bulbs, they are more efficient and don’t need to be replaced as often due to their long life.

Do Hot Tubs Have Lights?

One of the best advantages of these lights is that they work well at low temperatures without heating up. This is great for Spas, which can reach very low temperatures.

Some saltwater aquariums also use lights because they work well in a marine environment.


Consider many things when setting up and decorating your hot tub. As you go along, remember that all these elements help you achieve your desired look and ambiance.

Whether that effect is romantic, tropical, modern, or simply relaxing and enjoyable, hot tub lights can help you get there.

Be sure to follow the safety tips above so that you know everything about lighting a hot tub and enjoying your relaxing waters.


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