Do Hot Tubs Attract Midges?

Do Hot Tubs Attract Midges?

Do Hot Tubs Attract Midges?

Midges are small flies that consist of a stinging category, while the other category consists of harmless bugs.

These insects inhabit all continents and are attracted to pets, plants, and people.So,do hot tubs attract midges? Well, you will surely find midges in hot tubs.

This is no dispute about that. But as to whether they are attracted by hot tubs is another story altogether.

Hot tubs are a great place for many insects, including midges. However, midges are attracted to the people who use the hot tubs other than to the hot tub itself.

To be more particular, lactic acid from human beings and carbon dioxide are good attractions of midges.

However, this does not rule out agitated movement as it attracts midges as well. All the same, all midges do not bite.

Are midges and other Bugs Attracted To Hot Tubs?

Yes.Hot tubs attract midges and other bugs. Do hot tubs attract bugs? Many insects, as well as bugs, are attracted to hot tubs.

The reason behind this is the heat as well as the water. An addition of people and oils and food crumbs into the equation does not make anything better. 

Perhaps, you have ever wondered why lighting up a barbeque in summer attracts an almost instantaneous flow of insects around the light and the people.

Well, the insects and bugs know that you have some stuff they might love.They are curious to investigate the scene because of the scent of the food we eat and the drinks we take.

These insects will not hesitate to get into your food on the plate if they can’t get anything on the floor.

Bugs love water, and this is a great attraction to them. Like you and I, bugs need water for drinking.

Do Hot Tubs Attract Midges?

However, to insects and bugs, water is water, and they will not know the difference between hot water and cool water until they try hot water and are burnt to death.

They realize that hot tub water is too hostile to their existence when it is too late after taking it.

Do Midges Live Long?

No.midges have a relatively short lifespan. Mostly, they mate over the summer. They are laying eggs in boggy vegetation or boggy ground where eggs hatch within 24 hours.

Characterized by four larval stages, midges live as omnivores in the water films of surface layers of beach soil.The larvae get to the final stage over winter.

Non-biting males precede the biting females during winter. They have a generation period of six weeks.

As soon as the male mates in summer, it dies off while the female lays her first batch of eggs.

While the female doesn’t need a blood meal for the first batch of eggs, it will require the subsequent batches of eggs that might amount to three batches of eggs.

However,this depends on their survival and the weather, and they die off when autumn weather comes.

As insinuated above, a female will not lay eggs after the first batch until they have an abdomen full of blood.They bite humans for their survival and species perpetuation.

When you see them around your hot tub, they want your blood! If a female bites you and is not disturbed, it will feed for about four minutes, taking a total of 2 µl of blood.

After being bitten by a midge, your body will respond by releasing histamine on the wound.

This causes swelling and itching. While some people have a strong immune response, getting big red lumps, other people will only get a small red mark where they are bitten.

Are Some People More Attractive To Midges?

Yes.Midges love to bite some people more than others. While you might spend a long time around midges and get only a few bites or no bites at all, some people will only spend a minute near midges to get dozens of bites.

There have been many conspiracy theories fronted to explain this phenomenon.Some people have argued that your body type, your diet, whether you smoke or do not smoke, are likely causes of midges’ preference to some people.

However,scientists have come up with a recent study with relevant findings. 

From the study findings, there seems to be a certain chemical odor hidden in the bodies of those hated by midges.

Specifically, ketone is the magic chemical that a midge will not tolerate in human blood. Interestingly, some people have huge deposits of this midge repellant, while others have none.

This is a hereditary trait that Scottish scientists are working on selecting to get a midge repellant pill.

Perhaps, in the future, everyone might become a midge repellant.But today, you must deal with midges in your hot tub.

Can I keep midges from my hot tub?

Yes.Since midges are attracted to human scents, they can set traps for them and repel them.

Although there are no effective midge eradication procedures, it is possible to control them using traps.These are the most effective forms of midge control.

There are problem midge areas, and if you live in one of these areas, you might want to consider using a midge trap to control these pests.

To trap midges, midge traps mimic a large mammal or a human being.

Midges are attracted to these traps by diverse mechanisms like carbon dioxide release, heat and moisture, body skin temperature mimicry, sweat mimicry, water traps, and light traps.

As they are drawn into the traps, a strong vacuum draws them into a vessel. At other times, a sticky glue trap works just as well due to its contrasting pattern.

Although there are people who will always object to the killing of such huge numbers of creatures, the truth is that life becomes more bearable to so many people due to the death of these otherwise useless creatures were it not for bats.

However, you might go around this by finding a way of attracting birds and bats that prey on midges.

Can I Use Windex To Clean My Hot Tub?

When you have these, they will certainly eat midges, but this is still unrealistic due to the small number of midges they eat.

The use of midge nets and coverage is the most effective method to control midges now.

You can wear a midge net and also wear long-sleeved shirts, but you won’t get into your hot tub with these.

This method cannot work as far as your desire to have a midge-free tub is concerned. Consequently,the previous method seems to be the best for you.

You can also use midge repellants to keep midges from biting you as you enjoy your soak in the hot tub.You can also resort to using DEET Insect Repellents.

With the active ingredient in DEET being diethyltoluamide, which poses a danger to humans and the environment, you might not want to use it.

Will Midges Die If They Get Into My Hot Tub?

Yes.If midges come into contact with your hot tub water, they will die. If you live in a midge-infested area, this might be problematic.

Once they get into the water and die, midges pose a threat of blocking and clogging your filter.Therefore, you will need to scoop them out of your hot tub using a small net.

Since midges will get into your hot tub’s filtration system, you will need to clean your filters frequently.

However, you will be better off if you devised a way of preventing midges from getting into your hot tub.However, if they are already in your filtration system, they must be cleaned.

While having a hot tub is a cool way to unwind after a long day’s work, you do not want to worry about its cleanliness as you relax inside the water.

A failed filter will occasion a lot of dirt in your hot tub. Your hot tub filter might clog due to makeup, lotions, and hair products that the users use.

However, living in midge-infested areas presents yet another cause of filter clogging.

Peradventure you are not using your hot tub and leave it uncovered, midges will be attracted to the water and will take it and die due to the chemicals in the water.

You can clean your hot tub filter using vinegar or even a homemade filter cleaner. Alternatively, you can clean your hot tub filter in the dishwasher.

However, if you keep your hot tub water well balanced and clean, midges will not be attracted to the hot tub.Midges will rather get into dirty water than chlorinated water.

Due to the midge’s love for sugary things, they will frequent your hot tub if it is located near nectar flowers.Consequently, do not plant such trees near your hot tub.

However, citronella candles or oil in a tiki torch can be used in keeping midges at bay.

Just like mosquitoes, midges will rather bite a woman than a man. Also, overweight people are more susceptible to be bitten by midges than lightweight people.

This is because of the presence of more lactic acid produced by overweight people.

Do I Need To Maintain My Hot Tub?

Yes.Maintaining your hot tub is necessary if you want to keep it free from insects infestation and bacterial contamination.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with maintenance basics to help you enjoy your hot tub for a longer time. First, a hot tub is not an expensive thing to maintain.

Indeed, it will cost you around 20$ a month that will go into the testing supplies and the chemicals.

Your spa can be considered a swimming pool since the same basic care for a swimming pool will work for a hot tub.

Do Hot Tubs Lose Water Over Time?

You will therefore need to maintain good water circulation.Additionally, you will want to ensure sticking to a simple cleaning schedule.Again, you will need to balance your water chemistry well.

When it comes to maintaining good hot tub circulation, the water needs to be passed through the cartridge filters to ensure it stays clean.

For this to happen, the water needs to circulate continuously. Most modern hot tubs have an automatic circulation schedule that is handy in ensuring circulation twice a day. For about 30 minutes, water is circulated by these cycles.

While filters are meant to absorb all dirt from your hot tub, they may not absorb all oils, soaps, and lotions from the water.

Therefore, you will want to devise another way of ensuring that your hot tub water remains clean.

This is where tennis balls come in handy. After you finish using your hot tub, add several tennis balls into the water since they will soak the residue right in.

It is essential to have a cleaning schedule. This is because it is critical to have your hot tub cleaned. Indeed, this is part of effective hot tub maintenance.

Scum easily develops in both outdoor and indoor hot tubs.For outdoor hot tubs, watch out for debris, wind-blown trash, and even occasional critter.

The water line should be kept clear as well as the seats.This is a great way to tame potential water issues.

It is possible to keep things tidy by a weekly sponge clean. vinegar is good also to clean your spa and the jets.


Midges are a nuisance to some parts of the world. While midges are in every continent, they are more problematic in some parts like Scotland.

If you live in a midge problem area, it is critical to know how to enjoy your hot tub, midges notwithstanding.

You can use midge repellants to keep midges away from your hot tub. Again, you might find midge traps to be of immense help when it comes to controlling midges around your hot tub.

Since there is no way you can enjoy your soak if you do not address the midge problem, it is also essential to keep your hot tub clean to ward off the midges.



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