Do Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

Do Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

Do Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

It is adorable to soak in a hot tub. However, you might not always like what it does to your electric bill. Although marketed as a cool way to cut costs, do floating thermal blankets work? Yes.

Thermal blankets work. When you use a thermal blanket, you are essentially helping your tub to heat.This has been proven successful, with 95% of the heat being preserved using floating thermal blankets.

This is heat that would quickly evaporate into thin air.

People who are enduring extremely cold climates in winter find floating thermal blankets to be of immense usefulness.

Such people want to use the sun in helping their hot tub raise water temperatures in a natural manner.

Thermal blankets are cut to perfectly fit your hot tub as it floats on the water’s surface. Additionally, it acts as an insulator that is just below your hot tub cover.

Consequently, much of the heat is retained in the hot tub since cold air is kept out by the hard hot tub cover while warm air is protected from the inside by the thermal blanket.

When the hat is insulated, you can maintain optimal temperatures, allowing you to lower your overall energy costs.

Therefore, if you live in colder climates, finding a floating thermal blanket is useful since water heating in such climates can be quite expensive.

Will A Thermal Blanket Help Cut Down On My Electric Power Cost In Colder Areas?

Yes. However, they are helpful for those who live in sunny areas as well. But, they can also be perfect for those who live in sunny areas.

As the sun beats down on the hot tub in sunny areas, it works together with the blanket in naturally raising the water temperature without the need for a heater.

Therefore, you save money with a floating blanket even if you live in a sunny area.

You will not need to seek far from where they sell hot tubs to purchase a floating thermal blanket.

Indeed, these come as accessories of the hot tub, and they are therefore found where hot tubs are sold. You can also buy them online from online stores like amazon.

Although most suited for hard-sided tubs, floating thermal blankets are also used for inflatables.

This is a good and simple way to give your hot tub some extra insulation without negatively impacting your electric bill.

Indeed, your electric bill might be lowered since you will not need to rely on electricity to warm water.

Are There Factors That Might Affect The Effectiveness Of Floating Thermal Blankets?

Yes. The effectiveness of your floating thermal blanket will be dependent on the coldness of your area and the temperature you set your floating thermal blanket to.

If you live in areas that are not too cold, you might not see much about electric consumption differences.

But if you live in areas where there are extremely low temperatures, you will surely see the difference that floating thermal blankets will bring to your home.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Get Hot?

Although a thermal blanket retains heat in your hot tub, it also helps the cover of your hot tub to last longer.

In addition to these, a floating thermal blanket will significantly reduce the chemical evaporation, making you use fewer chemicals in your hot tub.

 Again, the damaging effects of the chemical corrosion from the water will not reach your hot tub cover, and it is therefore protected.

One good thing about hot tub blankets is that they are surprisingly simple when using and maintaining them.

You only need to add them to your hot tub’s surface! Their lightweight comes as an advantage since you can easily take them out and rinse them if needed.

Again, floating hot tub blankets are cheap to buy, even as you can purchase them as an addition to your hot tub cover. You can easily trim, maintain and clean a floating hot tub cover.

Additionally, they can also have the capacity to inhibit UV rays from the sun’s rays. This means that they can be used for a long time without the need to replace them.

So, are you looking for a way to retain heat with some good benefits? You will not go wrong if you choose a floating blanket.

Can I Make My Hot Tub More Energy Efficient?

Yes. Hot tubs can be more efficient. Peradventure you desire ways to improve your hot tub’s energy efficiency, you are not alone; many hot tub owners are headed that way.

As we talk of making your hot tub more energy efficient, we are making an inference that your energy costs will come down significantly.

Let me state one thing here; it is possible to lower your hot tub energy costs without sacrificing your hot tub’s luxury.

You do not need to use your hot tub less to save on energy costs! You only need to do a few things.

First, block the wind. The wind goes with a lot of heat from hot tubs. To prevent wind from extracting heat from your hot tub, add a simple privacy screen to the hot tub setup.

This way, more heat will be retained in your hot tub. Most of the heat lost from your hot tub is lost when it is opened, and a privacy screen works best as a wind blocker.

Secondly, you can turn off the jets. Jets use a reasonable amount of electricity, and therefore, turning them off, especially when you can do without them, is a great way to reduce power consumption. 

With killed jets, the energy required to run your hot tub drops drastically.

Thirdly, lowering the heat of your hot tub is another way to make it more energy-efficient. When you plan to out of the tub for a while, it is advisable to lower the heat.

Leaving the hot tub in high levels of heat will amount to wasted heat energy. If you add the small amounts of heat lost that way, it might be surprising.

Therefore, it is good to ensure that you only raise the temperature when using the hot tub.

However, you need only to lower the heat if you are staying out of the water for long; otherwise, if you turn it low anytime, get out and turn it up whenever you bump in might be counterproductive.

Again, it is critical to ensure that your cover is tightly fit. If your cover is tightened around the corners, it will bar cold air from getting inside the tub.

Therefore, the temperature in the hot tub will be kept at optimal levels.

Lastly, you can also use a spa blanket. As we have seen in various parts of this article, a floating blanket prevents heat from getting lost in thin air. This, in turn, will bring energy costs low.

Is It Easy To Buy A Good Hot Tub?

Yes. But you need to have the proper knowledge of what you are looking for. Indeed, it might not be easy to sift through the various sources of information available.

It might prove impossible to define the features that suit you best when buying a new hot tub. Consequently, you might find a hot tub buying guide of utmost importance in this endeavor.

When you purpose to buy a hot tub, and it is the first time, it is practically impossible to know how often you will be using it.

However, if you want to replace an existing tub, it might not be as hard. You will still experience problems in some areas since many things might have changed since you bought your existing hot tub.

 While the way you use the tub won’t change, features, materials, and styles might have changed since your last hot tub purchase.

The first thing to consider is where you will install the hot tub. You will need to decide if it will be outdoors or indoors.

Do Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

It will be necessary to ensure that you have the appropriate thermal properties and build requirements for the outdoor option.

An outdoor hot tub should be able to withstand harsh climatic conditions year-round. Consequently, it needs to be sturdy.

You might not need such a strong tub for indoor hot tubs, but you will need to look at the size to ensure that it can pass through doors.

Although you might opt to tear down some part of a wall to bring a bid hot tub in, it will be additional work to rebuild the wall.

In addition to this being inconveniencing, this will make the overall cost of hot tub acquisition skyrocket.

Since a hot tub requires water and power, it should be strategically located for these two.

Since hot tubs come in either 220V or 110V, it is critical to ensure that the appropriate wiring is available to support the appliance when it comes.

Again, a hot tub needs to be drained periodically, which will mean that you will be refilling it with water.

Therefore, its location should be near a water source. Your hot tub should leave enough room on all sides so that it can be serviced if necessary.

Another thing to consider when buying a hot tub is the number of people you know since your popularity might increase and you find the hot tub being used by more people than you thought.

Lastly, consider the reasons you are buying the hot tub as well.

Is Medical Treatment A Good Reason To Buy A Hot Tub?

Yes.The reason you need a hot tub might range from medical treatment to relaxation. Whatever reason you have, if it is worth the investment, go for it.

The purpose of the hot tub will dictate the features you will need in your hot tub. If it is for meeting particular exercises, it needs to have the appropriate equipment.

You can also consult a professional and find out if your hot tub can be customized to meet your specific needs.

For instance, if you want to use hydrotherapy, you will require specialized jets and temperature controls that might only be possible with a customized hot tub.

Since there are portable hot tubs and portable hot tubs, you will need to decide what you need. You might need to define the extent of portability that you desire.

For instance, do you want the soft-sided hot tubs or the blowup tubs? The advantage of the former is that they can be moved easily and can be taken anywhere.

Do Floating Thermal Blankets Work?

Again, consider the cost of your hot tub. In addition to the purchase price, it is critical to understand the cost of total ownership.

This cost will include the maintenance cost as well as the running costs. Consider the heating efficiency, among other things.

If you go for a model that has solid foam insulation, it will be quite expensive. However, the extra money is normally recovered through the first year due to lower power costs.

Additionally, you will find yourself using lesser money to buy chemicals and filters due to its better filtration system.

Less money on chemicals, filters, and bills means something to your pocket. Therefore, spending some more money is worth it on most of these purchases.


Floating blankets are one of the ways you can spend less money in the lifetime of your hot tub. After buying a hot tub, that is not the end of expenses related to tubs.

Indeed, it is the beginning of hot tub maintenance costs. In addition to maintenance costs, you will be incurring usage costs.

Since hot tubs run on power, you will be using money to ensure that your hot tub is powered.

Luckily, it is not hard to cut down on the power, especially if you live in the colder areas. With a floating thermal blanket, your hot tub will spend little power on heating.

Therefore, this will save you significant amounts of money that can be used for other purposes.


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