Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

Yes, it is possible to use your shop vac for cleaning your hot tub. As long as your vac is Wet/Dry vacuum, you are good to go since it can hold water. A vac has two uses when cleaning a hot tub.

You can use it in sucking water from the jets and also clean any water that remains on the floor of a drained hot tub.

Keeping your hot tub clean should be a priority in your life. A dirty hot tub might be counterproductive as it may be a source of contamination in your family.

Unfortunately, regardless of your high hygiene standards in your hot tub, it will occasionally accumulate dirt and other forms of debris.

First, as people enter the hot tub, they may have dirt on their feet, and this will get into the hot tub. Oils may find their way into the hot tub if you do not bathe before entering the hot tub.

Additionally, the wind can blow stuff into your hot tub. Indeed, there are manifold ways through which dirt and debris can still find their way into your hot tub, even though you try to keep it clean.

Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

You may reduce the dirt and oil deposits by ensuring that your hot tub is used after bathing, having towels within reach for wiping the feet of those who want to soak, and ensuring that the hot tub is always covered when it is not being used.

But as mentioned above, grit will still find its way into the hot tub, your precautions notwithstanding. Read on to know how to get rid of it. But how do you maintain a hot tub?

How Do You Maintain A Hot Tub And Reduce Frequent Cleaning?

It is not difficult to maintain a hot tub. Indeed, all that will be required of you is to have the needed tools.

Precisely, the best hot tub chemicals are among the things you will have to acquire to maintain a clean hot tub.

These chemicals are handy in removing the bacteria and ensure that the water pH is maintained at a comfortable level.

Temperature is of utmost importance in maintaining your hot tub in a clean state. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that you have good pool and hot tub thermometers.

Additionally, it is even better if you install a hot tub monitoring system.

Finally, good practice demands that you empty your hot tub at scheduled intervals. These intervals will be dictated by your frequency of use.

Buy the best hot tub vacuum to get rid of dust and debris in your hot tub.

Here is a simple to follow step-by-step guide on how to maintain a hot tub. Keep your hot tub clean, safe and durable with these simple measures so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

What Do I Need To Do Daily In My Hot Tub To Maintain Cleanliness?

There are a few activities that can be done in your hot tub, and ensure that you have a safe hot tub that is free from dirt and debris.

Luckily, these daily maintenance chores will not require much of your time since they are very simple chores.

First, you will need to ensure that your hot tub cover is always intact and sealed. Additionally, see to it that the shell is also intact. Again, identify any holes or other forms of damage on the cover to have them repaired.

If your hot tub control panel has a display, check the temperature. However, if this is not available, use a pool thermometer to get the pool temperature daily.

Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

There needs to be consistency in the temperature. If there are any inconsistencies, there may be some computer errors or other damages.

What Weekly Activities Must I Carry Out On My Hot Tub?

Several maintenance measures need to be performed regularly. Although these are measures to be performed every week, it is essential to have a daily check of the same.

You may mark three days in a week to take the steps.

First, you will need to add a spa sanitizer every few days. Spa sanitizers get rid of any unwanted bacteria in the water. It also helps maintain a clear color in the water. 

It is also required that as a hot tub owner, you acquire sufficient knowledge of the chemical reactions in your hot tub.

The alkalinity of your hot tub is a major concern that you need to be conversant with.

Also, the pH levels of your hot tub are essential, and therefore, it is required to have enough knowledge on the recommended levels.

How Do I Maintain Alkalinity In My Hot Tub?

Alkalinity is an essential balance in any hot tub. Indeed, the pH levels are maintained steady by the alkalinity in your hot tub.

Additionally, without alkalinity, it is not possible to keep the efficiency of the pH adjustment chemicals.

Therefore, it is needful to ensure that you have knowledge of the ideal alkalinity that is suited for a hot tub.

Therefore, the first thing you want to address in your hot tub will be your alkalinity and pH levels. These are handy as far as controlling the hot tub chemistry is concerned.

To stay at a desirable range, you will need to ensure that your hot tub’s alkalinity level remains within the range of 80 and 120 PPM.

If the alkalinity drops below 80 ppm, it will likely affect the bathers by inflicting their eyes and itchiness on their skins.

This also damages the hot tub itself as the metals are corroded. These also bars chemical reactions from taking place.

As a result, the hot tub chemicals will not react, and therefore, it becomes hard for the hot tub to be useful.

When a hot tub has a hot tub that exceeds 120 PPM, the pipes and the filters will bear the brunt.

These will be clogged. In worst cases, the pipes and filters may stop functioning completely.

The PH will eventually be adjustable, even as there will be excessive scaling on materials that come into contact with the water.

The list of the recommended chemicals can be confirmed from the hot tub manual that is provided as you buy a hot tub.

From the manual, it is easy to know the chemicals you will need to buy for maintaining alkalinity in your hot tub.

Read the hot tub manual to find out which chemicals they recommend for increasing and decreasing the alkalinity.

For instance, if you want to increase the alkalinity, the best chemical to add will be sodium bicarbonate, while you will need muriatic acid to lower the hot tub alkalinity.

What Are the Ways To Maintain The PH Level Of My Hot Tub?

As it touches on your skin, pH level is very important. If your hot tub’s pH level is outside the range of 7.2 and 7.8 pH, it stops being comfortable to your skin.

If the pH drops beyond that bracket, the water becomes too acidic. On the other hand, if the water pH gets beyond that range, it gets too basic. Both of these extremes are not desirable for your skin.

Therefore, it is needful to ensure that you have enough strips to test the water for either acidity or basicity.

Additionally, ensure that you have a pH decreaser and pH increaser to adjust the pH levels as required occasionally.

How Do I Drain A Hot Tub With A Shop Vac?

It is practical to drain a hot tub using a shop vac. Although it doesn’t perform the task as fast as a submersible pump, a shop vac can wash a hot tub efficiently.

When using a shop vac to clean a hot tub, it is best to use a large diameter hose. Indeed, this will be far much better than an ordinary hose siphon.

As the water continues to be siphoned out, it is possible to remove debris and dirt from the floor using the wand. This is an added advantage of using the shop vac in cleaning your hot tub.

Additionally, there is even a faster way to drain your hot tub by using your shop vac to start the siphon.

This is done by dropping one end of the hose to the hot tub floor while you use the other end in connecting with the shop vac.

Let the shop vac run for a few moments. This is meant to start the hose prime and ensure that the water starts moving. After this, stop the vacuum by turning it off.

Without any significant time lapse, be swift to disconnect the hose. This is a sure way to have water flow from the hot tub to where you are draining it to.

Can A Shop VAC Be Used To Clean The Bottom Of A Hot Tub?

Yes. A shop vac is largely used in construction and woodwork cleanup. This is because it is high-power suctioned and has a motor used to suck up dirt, debris, and various other elements, including dust.

A shop vac boasts of a large-sized hose that is sturdy. It also has a big container holding the trash in a good way. It can effectively clean the bottom of a hot tub.

This is a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that can suck screws, nails, sawdust, and other common objects at construction sites.

This same feature is handy when used in a hot tub to suck in leaves and sticks. These are not rare in a hot tub and can be eliminated by using a shop vac.

A liquid vacuuming feature is able to pick up any spilled liquids from your home effectively. These liquids may include milk, oils among others.

It is more reasonable to use a manual vacuum cleaner in your hot tub; Although it may seem okay to use a manual pool vacuum for your hot tub and pool cleaning, the final cleaning can be carried out with a shop vac.

By default, most shop vacs have a separate water tank and a dry dust bag. However, newer models have both of these in one container.

Consequently, you will need first to do enough research before settling on either model of the shop vac.

Do I Need A Shop Vac If I Own A Submersible Pump?

Yes. Although you might think that it is enough to have a submersible pump, it is still essential that you buy a shop vac for cleaning your hot tub.

This is because both of these are used differently, and you may not use either to perform the function of the other with any success.

I have and use both on my hot tub, and I can’t imagine only using one or the other.

For instance, you will need a submersible water pump as your backup sump pump for use when there are power failures.

Additionally, it does a perfect job emptying pools. It also does well when it comes to emptying hot tubs, aquariums, pools, and ponds.

If a submersible pump cannot move liquids easily, it is not efficient. The rate at which this should be done is at about two thousand gallons/hour.

Can You Use A Shop VAC To Clean Your Hot Tub?

It is essential to note that there still will remain some inches of water at the bottom. Here comes the need for the shop vac.

Therefore, both of these gadgets complement each other, and you need both of them.

As the waters are low and the submersible pump can hardly suck them, it is essential to use the wet/dry pump t do the remaining work. This will drain the remaining water effortlessly.


A shop vac can be used to clean a hot tub effectively. For this task to be performed successfully, you need to know the procedure to follow when draining a hot tub and cleaning it.

Additionally, good knowledge of the maintenance of a hot tub is beneficial.  


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