Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

Does a Hot Tub Have to Sit on Concrete?

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

Can you put hot tub on gravel? Yes. Indeed, one of the best bases for a hot tub is gravel.

With gravel as the base for your hot tub, you can be sure of excellent water drainage and adequate sturdiness that will accommodate the weight of the hot tub.

It is an invigorating experience when you are buying a hot tub. You will be exhilarated to consider the luxury and relaxation that will come after you buy a hot tub.

Everybody in your home may undergo the same pleasant imaginations and high hopes. Unfortunately, there is more that you need to consider when you buy a new hot tub.

Think, for instance, where will you place the masterpiece? On what base will it sit?

Why Is Gravel A Good Base For Your Hot Tub?

Hot tubs require stable and strong bases. In addition to this, the base needs to be level as well. If there is a dip in the surface, your hot tub sits in can be a reason for your hot tub to crack.

The base needs to be made of some hard stuff. For instance, grass cannot be used as a base for your hot tub. Still, you cannot place your hot tub on bare ground.

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

There are some advantages that gravel as a base for your hot tub has over other surfaces. For instance, gravel beats concrete inappropriateness as a base for your hot tub.

Gravel is good in the promotion of drainage and stopping cracks, unlike concrete. Gravel has other benefits like resisting shifting.

Additionally, a gravel pad will also resist shifting. This is due to its composition of tiny pieces. The gravel also conforms to the hot tub base and will hold it in place.

But how do you think of a base without thinking about leveling the ground? Read on to know how to level the ground for a hot tub.

Must A Hot Tub Be Placed On A Level Base?

 As already implied, many will buy a hot tub without the slightest idea of where the hot tub will sit.

Even more interesting is the fact that only a small percentage of the potential hot tub buyers will consider how to level a base is for the hot tub to sit. But must a hot tub be level?

Yes. The relevance of a level base on hot tubs is immense. The majority of hot tubs are made of wood frames. The wood is placed beneath acrylic shells.

Hot tubs are meant to comfortably hold huge weights, depending on each hot tub’s specifications.

Therefore, they need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the people and the water.

The general architecture of hot tubs is to ensure that they can evenly distribute the weight.

However, when a hot tub is not level, there may be difficulties in weight distribution.

It is therefore critical to ensure that hot tubs rest on a level base. This way, it will be easy to avoid stress fractures on the wood and the shell that makes the hot tub.

Does It Matter If My Hot Tub Is Not On A Perfectly Level Base?

Yes. Perfection pertaining to the leveling of a hot tub base is essential.

Although this may not be perfect to the millimetre, it pays to put some extra effort to ensure it is as level as practically possible.

Concerning outdoor hot tubs, it might be needful to ensure that the hot tub rests on a level patio or a level deck. These may be made from either brick or concrete.

All the same, you can place your hot tub on any surface, as long as it is level. The only thing that you must never forget is that it needs to be on a level surface.

Level concrete or gravel floors will work perfectly. Indeed, all you need to do when placing a hot tub on any surface is to ensure the surface is level.

In the event that you install the hot tub indoors, simply make sure that the floor can support the weight.

Additionally, consider the ventilation of the house as well as the interior of the house.

Think of the paint that is painted on your walls. Excess moisture that cannot be safely absorbed in the interior of the house may damage your walls.

Other parts of your house that are at risk of damage due to excess moisture are carpeting, flooring and ceiling.

Therefore, ensure that you have adequate ventilation in your house. You can go the extra mile by installing a ventilation exhaust fan.

This can be mounted near a side window or above the hot tub.

How Do I Level The Ground For A Hot Tub?

It is essential to consider a few things before you delve into leveling the ground for a hot tub. First, you need to make sure that you have a perfect site in place.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the site so that you will not need to change the location of the hot tub later.

Make preference to a ground that is well-drained. Grounds with poor drainage are not ideal for installing a hot tub on them.

If you install a hot tub on poorly drained ground, you may have to continuously deal with puddles of mud that may frequently surround your hot tub.

Again, when you are considering the site, avoid areas that have overhead power connection lines.

Avoid areas with shrubs or trees as the roots can quickly grow under your hot tub.

If this happens in the future, your ground on which the hot tub rests will be unlevelled.

You will also need to make sure that your preferred site does not pose any challenge to access any sewer line, septic tank and other utilities.

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

If your preferred site isn’t near a water source, make connections to have the water near the hot tub for refill purposes.

If you want to know whether hot tubs are safe on gravel and other support surfaces, keep reading to the end.

What Role Does Support Play In Hot Tub Installation?

When a hot tub is empty, it has a considerable weight. However, the moment it is filled with water and occupants/bathers, it gets very heavy.

Indeed, the resultant weight is incomparable with the initial weight.

This weight can move from just a few hundred pounds when empty to several thousand pounds when packed with water and occupants.

Consequently, you will need to plan in advance, factoring in such aspects as well. Therefore, the base should be able to support this weight.

Do I need Long Term Planning with hot tub installation?

There are instances in which you do not want to construct a new base.

After you buy the hot tub, you may not have budgeted for a surface, or you prefer to have it on a pre-existing base.

Examples of appropriate existing bases are patios and decks.

This being your desired plan, it is needful for the base to be thoroughly inspected on its ability to support the estimated weight for several years.

A poor calculation of these estimates may prove counterproductive in your endeavor to have your hot tub placed on a pre-existing surface.

In most instances, it will be best to consult a qualified professional who can get you the correct estimates concerning the longevity and sustainability of your plan.

If the professional says that your existing structure is inappropriate, consider building a new one or reinforcing the same.

What Is The Importance Of The Ground Installations?

When you want to install your hot tub on the ground, it may not be as easy as it seems. This is not simply a way to save some money. Any attempt to cut corners can cost you dearly in the near future.

You will need to ensure that the ground is not only stable but well leveled. As already implied, the relevance of a level surface as a base for hot tubs cannot be overemphasized.

It is more than bringing your hot tub and putting it in place, in the most level ground based on your eye calculation.

When this is done, there will be problems with weight distribution which will reduce the lifespan of your hot tub.

Again, placing the hot tub on the bare ground can dictate problems in the future. For instance, it will not take long for the hot tub to sink, howbeit slightly.

This will not be even and is problematic in all its aspects. When the ground shifts slightly, cracks can develop on your hot tub.This will cost you dearly in repairs.

How Advisable Is It To Consider Patio Or Deck Installations?

There are many places where people choose to have their hot tubs installed. Not amazingly, many people choose to install their hot tubs on patios or decks.

Looking at the convenience that such places offer, it is not hard to understand the motivation behind such choices.

When you use an existing structure to mount your hot tub, the cost is significantly reduced.

Again, the convenience ,since these structures usually are not far from the main house.

However, before you settle on using these existing structures, it is essential to look at the surface level. The structure must be level for it to be of any usefulness in the installation of hot tubs.

In addition to being level, the ground needs to be strong enough. Consider the capacity of your hot tub. Do a simple calculation of the maximum load estimated.

Consider the weight of the water and the occupants when it is fully packed. Will this kind of structure handle the weight comfortably, and does the surface offer even weight distribution.

If the structure cannot meet these minimum standards, then it is time to think of making a new surface for installing your hot tub.  

Can I Use Concrete Pads?

Due to advancement in technology, it is now possible to find premade bases that can be used as bases for your hot tubs.

There are concrete bases that you can easily buy from the shops and place them on the ground where you want to install your hot tub.

The ground needs to be fairly level to provide a stable base for your hot tub easily. It is advantageous to install premade concrete blocks since they are relatively easy to handle in installation.

These can be installed without the need to involve a specialist. All you need to ensure is that the ground is already leveled. The leveling can never be compromised under any circumstances. 

What About Using Gravel Pads?

You may want an alternative to premade concrete pads. A good alternative will be gravel pads. You can use a layer of gravel for your hot tub.

The benefits of a gravel-layered base are largely in its drainage. Indeed, gravel is great in drainage, and this is a thing largely desired for hot tub bases.

 When using a gravel layer as a base for your hot tub, you will not need to use much time. This is a fairly easy affair.

Can You Put Hot tub on Gravel?

You can have the hot tub installed over a gravel layer by removing about 7 inches of topsoil and then spread a landscaping cloth.

After this, put your gravel, preferably 5 inches. After this, have your hot tub sit on gravel and enjoy your soak.


Gravel is ideal for using as a base for your hot tub. Indeed, gravel is advantageous in its ability to prevent shifting and to crack.

Again, gravel is easy to use as a base for your hot tub. It requires a few simple steps to secure your hot tub and reduce the likelihood of any cracks on your hot tub.

One thing that must be adhered to when considering a base for your hot tub and installing it is the leveling of the base/ground on which the hot tub will sit.

The essence of leveling is so immense that failure to address it carefully can occasion cracks on your hot tub.


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