Can You Lift A Hot Tub With A Forklift?(Guide)

Can You Lift A Hot Tub With A Forklift?

Can You Lift A Hot Tub With A Forklift?

A forklift is a versatile piece of equipment that can support weights of up to 12 tons. These vehicles are mainly used for industrial construction, material handling, and shipping.

They have a cabin for the operator who navigates and controls the machine and a cargo area where materials get loaded.

The forklift’s overall length determines the load-bearing capacity. In terms of size, forklifts come in three varieties: compact lift trucks, medium-lift trucks, and standard bulk carriers.

It’s possible to lift the whole hot tub with the forks on the forklift, but that’s not recommended.

No. The reason it’s not recommended is that sometimes the forks can bend if they’re overloaded, especially in older forklifts. The other problem with lifting the hot tub with a forklift is that it takes a long time to load and unload it because it’s so big and bulky.

The best way to load and unload a hot tub onto the forklift is to use the fork lift’s forks to lift just one end of the hot tub.

That way, you can slide it onto the flatbed of your truck or trailer, which should have enough room for it.

Although the hot tub is big and bulky, the tank isn’t hefty, so a forklift can easily lift it.

How Do You Lift A Heavy Hot Tub?

Lifting a heavy hot tub is easy. You have to get it on two sawhorses and use a mini cherry picker to roll it around.

But if you’ve never used a mini cherry picker before and don’t want other people to see you struggling with your heavy hot tub, here are some heavy-duty lifting options.

Items you need:

  • Mulch (not required)
  • Heavy-duty garden hose (nozzle off)


Step 1 – Set up your rocker bath. Lift the mini cherry picker over your bathtub and slowly lower it. Place the mower blade underneath the tub for added stability.

Step 2–Lubricate the roller Place a handful of blueberries or mulch on the point of rotation, then rotate the saw horses until you have full contact with the rollers.

Step 3–Roll your tub, Place the sawhorses on, and roll the tub around.

Step 4–Lift With your mini cherry picker, lift the heavy tub off the sawhorses.

Step 5–Orientation Rotate your tub 90 degrees and go through step 4 again. 

Step 6–Repeat steps 3 through 6 until the tub is upright.

Note: Lift with caution. The mini cherry picker can tip over if you don’t maintain pressure

Step 7–And Done. Your tub is upside down, ready for cement mixing and rebar insertion.

Is It Safe To Transport A Hot Tub On Its Side?

Yes. When in transport, make sure the bottom of the tub is on a flat surface and level with the ground. Fully surround the tub with a heavy blanket to prevent bumps or scratches.

You should place the tub and blanket on the car’s roof, not in the trunk. Once at the destination, ensure the tub is still level before removing it.

Once removed from the car, ensure to keep the lid on and the power on. Let the water cool down before removing it from the tub.

You can transport commercial hot tubs safely by putting them on their side into a container large enough to hold them, filled with concrete blocks or gravel, and then covered with plywood or plastic.

If you are bringing a small commercial tub, you can put it in a crate made of heavy cardboard, bolts to the floor, and has a hole at one end for access.

Some trucking companies use this method to transport hot tubs, and it’s far safer.

You can place a cover over the tub and then a card table. Place the tub on its side in the middle of the table and sheet it with moving blankets or boxes.

Wrap the blankets around the tub to grip it in place. Another option is to use an appliance dolly with moving blankets or sheets around it, then load your hot tub onto this dolly for transportation.

Ensure you place the tub on the top of the doll and not on the sides or bottom. This will keep it from pushing around during transit.

Make sure that someone is always on deck to watch that it doesn’t move.

Can One Lift A Hot Tub Over A House?

Yes. You can lift a hot tub over a house and onto a trailer. There are a couple of steps that you must take to make this possible, but it’s not too difficult.

The first step is to identify your tub’s exact dimensions and weight.

You should also find out how much square footage the roof has to prevent any issues with the roofing or structural damage.

Once you gain this information, here are some things that you’ll need:

  • At least 3x8ft piece of plywood (or thick cinderblock). The plywood is much easier to work with.
  • 2×4 lumber (preferably pressure treated)
  • Heavy-duty straps/cables to tie the tub down on the house’s roof and the trailer.
  • Multiple people (at least 3) to lift the tub onto pieces of plywood or cinder blocks. The more people that you have, the faster it will go.
  • A vehicle with a strong enough crane or boom to lift your tub onto its final resting place on your trailer. You might have to reinforce the crane if it’s not designed for this type of heavy lifting.

Once you have the tub in place, you will want to tie it onto the plywood or cinder blocks. You will want to use ratchet straps or cables to tie the tub securely.

Throw a tarp on top of it and secure that as well. Once this finishes, cut off any excess straps that might impede your ability to open a door or access one of your windows if needed.

Once you tie the tub down on the roof, you will want to help it onto your trailer. This is where 3x8ft pieces of plywood and heavy-duty straps come into play.

You will want four people to lift the tub onto its last resting place on your trailer.

You may need two people to lift the tub while two others secure the tub, and then one person attaches a strap while everyone else helps move it in place.

Now that the tub is on your trailer, you will want to secure it back down onto the house and garage. There are many ways that you can do this.

One of the most effective methods is to secure a strap directly onto your garage door.

You can also attach a strap to a shutter on one of your windows with a carabiner clip and then tie it down again.

You may need to reinforce your straps or use other options such as wooden blocks or railroad ties if you have them around the house.

One last note: make sure that you do not hang it too high. If you are less than 10 feet from the ground, you probably won’t need to reinforce anything.

Can One Lift A Hot Tub Over A Fence?

Yes. It’s possible to lift a hot tub over your deck, as long as you consider the safety and risks. A hot tub can weigh anywhere from 1,200 kilograms to 2,600 kilograms.

You can lift a hot tub over a fence following the steps below.

  1. The First Step

The first step is to lift the hot tub slightly off the ground and get a tarp underneath it to protect the area from any water that might spill out.

You can put a plywood piece under the hot tub to absorb any water that seeps out.

  1. The Second Step

When you have done this, it’s time to try lifting your new hot tub off the ground using a crane or steel pallet jack; it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

You will also need to place a few beams underneath the hot tub. This is because the hot tub is rather heavy, and it needs some excellent support when you are moving it.

  1. The Third Step

Now it’s time to lift the hot tub onto the beams you have set beneath it, but first, you will want to protect them by laying down a sheet of plywood over them so nothing can get scratched or damaged.

  1. The Fourth Step

Do not lift it too far up while you are still underneath it, only just high enough so you can slip a steel pallet jack underneath it.

Then place the hot tub on some beams or blocks of wood you have set up beforehand. You might consider using a tarp or sheet of plywood to protect your deck from any damage.

  1. The Fifth Step

While the hot tub is on the beams, it’s time to place a steel pallet jack underneath the weight. You have to do this to push it up onto the deck using just your body weight.

But make sure that you support the weight as well, so it does not fall on top of you.

  1. The Sixth Step

In the sixth step, you will consider placing the hot tub onto the deck. You may consider using a wooden pallet jack, which is easier to use than steel.

Make sure that you have set up a good support base for it; otherwise, the hot tub may fall back onto you while trying to move it.

  1. The Last Step

The last step involves cleaning all the dirt or grease spots off of your new hot tub before using it for the first time.

This is due to the chemicals and dirt you used to clean it will have eroded the steel.

After all this, you should be able to get your new hot tub off the ground and onto your deck.

Later, when you need a new hot tub, follow these instructions again to ensure that your new one goes up just as easily as the old one.

How Does One Lift A Hot Tub On A Deck?

You can lift a hot tub on a deck using a standard pair of tub-lifters. A deck lifter works by extending at the bottom then fixing onto a surface.

Also, it has tiny feet that fold out to grip the deck surface and prevent the tub from slipping. The tub will get lifted between your hands on the retractable hook at its base.

When you are lifting a hot tub, the length of the lifter is perfect for accommodating the cylinder when you have a standard size.

Lift the hot tub wrong; it may slip off your hands and fall. If this happens, be ready with a catch it and lay it back down where you can enjoy your hot tub more whenever you wish.

How to Lift a Hot Tub on a Deck with the help of a Standard Pair of Tub Lifter

  1. Consider Your Needs

A standard pair of tub lifters work with most tubs from 6 to 8 inches wide and 10 inches deep to 52 inches in depth.

They are also in many sizes, ranging from heavy-duty steps that can handle 1000 pounds and more up to four pieces that can lift as much as 6200 pounds.

You can use the small tub lifters to lift a hot tub on a deck, but you will need to determine whether your deck is wide enough or has problems.

Is It Easy to Set Up A Lay Z Spa Hot Tub?

Thus, it’s best to have the right combination of tub size and width of the deck.

  1. Decide on Your Deck Layout

Once you have a plan in mind, it’s time to plan. You can situate your hot tub on the deck, then mark where you will place the lifter.

If the deck is already wide enough, try to make it wider for your hot tub’s easy running.

Do not worry if this does not appear the way you want because you can still make it easier to lift and keep your tub even when it’s in position.

  1. Make Certain That You Use a Standard Pair of Tub Lifter

The deck lifter is ideal for lifting a hot tub on a deck, and that is why you need to use one where you know it will work.

If the tub’s weight is more than the lifter can handle, consider buying another type of lifter, especially if you want to lift a hot tub on a deck because there are so many things that can go wrong.

  1. Get a Standard Pair of Tub Lifter that Works on Your Deck

The first factor that you need to look at is the width. You cannot lift a hot tub on a deck if it is too narrow.

It needs to be wide enough for the lifter to extend so that you can get it under the weight of your tub.

The depth of the deck is also necessary to note. The deck lifter extends at its bottom, so you will not lift the tub properly if it is too shallow.

If you want to make sure that everything fits, you can get a pair of adjustable tub lifters that you can use for any size and shape of the tub.

  1. Fix the Tub to the deck

Now, you will need to get ready to lift your hot tub onto a deck. Use the adjustable tub lifter to slide it under your tub easily.

Get two or three people to help you, especially if your hot tub is heavy.

The first thing is to place in a level position. Make sure that it is as level as possible because if not, your hot tub may slip off when you lift it, causing accidents and injuries.

  1. Lifting the Tub on a Deck with the help of Tub Lifter

The standard tub lifter works very well in lifting a hot tub on a deck because it is adjustable. You can easily lift and place your hot tub at any point you desire.

The only thing you need to do is push down on your hands as they hold the lifter while in use.

The tub lifter extends at the bottom and is then fixed onto a surface. Also, it has tiny feet that fold out to grip the deck surface and prevent the tub from slipping.

The tub will get lifted between your hands on the retractable hook at its base.

  1. Move and Place Your Hot Tub in Its Desired Position

When you are lifting a hot tub, the length of the lifter is perfect for accommodating the cylinder when you have a standard size.

Lift the hot tub wrong; it may slip off your hands and fall. If this happens, be ready with a catch it and lay it back down where you can enjoy your hot tub more whenever you wish.

  1. Do Not Leave a Hot Tub on a Deck if You Cannot Lift It

You cannot leave a Hot tub on deck permanently as this is not a preference as it will cause damage to both sides of your deck.

Make sure that you lift it over the edge of the deck and place it to the side.

This is what you need to do, and there are reasons some people do not use a standard pair of tub lifters, but this is unnecessary.

Is There A Weight Limit For Hot Tubs?

Yes. The weight limit for hot tubs lies between 300 -1500lbs. Beyond this weight, you will not use the hot tub safely. The total weight that can fit in a tub is around 1800lbs.

Some models allow for more than 1800lbs, and some offer safety lockouts to prevent dangerous overloads.

These maximum weight restrictions are because of the physical properties of water. Water loses its ability to support weight as it heats.

This loss is gradual but can become relatively rapid if the water becomes too hot.

As the water heats, it expands in volume and rises; this allows more room for more people to fit into an average hot tub size of 6′ by 4′.

The maximum weight capacity is usually in the owner’s manual and will have further details in the specifications section of the instruction manual.

If you bought a hot tub or are unsure of your model’s weight limits, it’s recommended to take it to a dealer to have the model number scanned and the maximum weights found.

These weight limitations do not apply to hot tubs designed for heavier use, such as those found at hotels, resorts, spas, or health clubs.

It’s wrong to use the hot tub if the weight limit exceeds what it’s designed for. Neither is it recommended to overload the heater.

Overloading the heater can lead to overheating, resulting in serious injury.

The hottest part of any hot tub often sits over the heater, and you can arrange so that heavyweights will cause it to tip over into nearby water or easily crush a portion of a person’s lungs.

In addition, a filled hot tub does not float on water; It floats on air. If the weight of the person or objects at the top of the hot tub causes it to tip over, it will tip over into nearby liquid and drown.

Can One Put A Hot Tub On A Wood Deck?

Yes. You can put a hot tub on a wood deck, but it’s not good. You can put any heavy object on a wood deck, but you must take precautions to ensure the weight is evenly distributed and does not cause structural damage over time.

If you put a hot tub on your deck, I recommend getting some pressure-treated lumber and building a platform for it that’s at least 2×8 or 2×10 in size.

Use pressure-treated lumber to avoid the threat of termites infesting the deck.

If you put a hot tub on your deck, I suggest having it professionally installed.

The installer will build the platform and mount your tub, which you will then secure to the platform with bolts and washers.

Two things can go wrong when installing a wood hot tub on a wood deck: warping and cracking.

Wood decks can warp and crack from extreme temperature changes or heavy objects, like a hot tub weighing them down.

They can also warp and crack if subjected to moisture, and hot tubs retain heat.

The best way to avoid damage is to use pressure-treated lumber and install the hot tub by a professional.

Can You Move A Hot Tub With A Pallet Jack?

Yes. You can move a hot tub with a pallet jack.

I’ll show you how.

First, chop up a couple of pallets into almost as long pieces as your hot tub is wide. Stack them on top of one another with the broader end, then put your hot tub in front of it.

To lift the hot tub, you’ll need a lot of rope. I used about 15′ of rope, but you can go longer.

Tie a loose knot in the end, which is against the pallet, and drape it over the edge of your running board or whatever you’re using to move it.

Now tie your other end of the rope to one arm that holds up your hot tub.

If you can’t find a pallet with this cross-section, use two normal ones side by side.

If you’ve got plywood or boards on the arms, just stack another one on top before you tie it off to the frame.

If you have a Weebie, swing it around and drape the back. If you’re using a low step-stool, drape the platform over its top.

The key here is to ensure there aren’t any hard spots on the platform. You don’t want it to drag on the ground.

The nice thing about this method is that it’s effortless. If you have a friend, you can do it together or do one side at a time. Either way, you’re in and out in less than an hour.

How Do You Move A Short-Distance Hot Tub?

You can move a short-distance hot tub by simply removing the water and placing it where you want to put it.

When moving the hot tub, make sure that your straps are always close by and tied down to anything sturdy so that they don’t come loose or break during transport.

You should also use a truck or small van with good ground clearance for this job. You must take off your shoes before moving because of the risk of stepping on broken glass.

Once the hot tub is in a safe place, take out the water, clean any dirt or debris from the outside and fill it to where you want it to be.

Remember that anytime you add water to a hot tub, it will raise the pH level and increase the alkalinity.

Once you finish putting in all your water, drain it out again because this can lower your alkalinity level and cause your pH level to drop.

If you’ve never replaced the water, you should know that it will involve a lot of agitation and mixing. Place a large tub on the hot tub with a garden hose and fill it with water.

Turn on the water, start the agitation and wait until the water looks pure white.

You can get your hot tub into any position you want by altering its position while adding or removing water.

If you’re going to make it a few feet higher, remove some water and add it once the hot tub is different.

If you decide to take your hot tub down a couple of feet, remove some water, place it at the desired level, and fill the hot tub with fresh water.

If you need to move your regular-sized hot tubs, you’ll have to use more than one person for this job. You will have to do a lot of shifting and leaning to move the hot tub.

Contact your local spa company if you can’t find what you’re looking for with a web search. When you make a call, it’s essential to ask how much weight it will hold and how much distance you can move it in one shift.

As a general rule, the more cubic feet your hot tub has, the heavier it will be.

If you rent a hot tub with a small capacity, it might be best to rent one with a larger capacity and just empty the water once or twice every week.

You’ll have to weigh the advantages of this choice against any health hazards associated with not changing the water frequently.

It is also essential to ensure your new hot tub has been through an autoclave. Autoclaves are an excellent choice because they will kill any bacteria left behind by other customers.

They are free from BPA as well as other harmful toxins.

When you’re considering buying a hot tub, ask the spa company several questions, including the warranty period and how much they will hold.

You’ll want to find a company with proper insurance coverage if you need it. It is also essential that you get a location where your hot tub will be safe from theft or vandalism.

You will have to decide if you want to pay extra to have it locked up or if you want to just be cautious by keeping a lock on it.

Some people prefer the latter option because others will think you’re trying to hide something from them.

Here are some more things you’ll need for your hot tub to succeed, such as a hot tub cover and a pump for circulation and filtration.

You’ll also want to get some cover for your hot tub if you plan to keep it out in the open.

While moving your hot tub, you’ll need to ensure that there are no water leaks with a rag or a pail.

You’ll want to plug all drains with rags so tub; no old water will leak and ruin the floor.

It’s also a good idea to put down some wood blocks to walk around the tub while you’re moving it.

This will also keep the tub from getting worn down and damaged throughout the move.

f you have used your hot tub for a long time, you must replace some of its water at least once every month.

This is because people often sweat in hot tubs, which will lower their pH level and increase their alkalinity level over time.

Can You Haul A Hot Tub On Its Side?

Yes. You can haul a hot tub on its side by wrapping the hot tub in a tarp and strapping it to a flatbed trailer with ratchet straps.

The best way to prepare for transport is to empty the water from your hot tub, disconnect all hoses and electrical connections, deflate the spa cover, remove it from your hot tub, and then cover the entire exterior of your hot tub with a protective tarp.

You may also use duct tape to secure any loose pieces of vinyl or rubber that protrude beyond the edge of the tarp.

The first step in hauling your hot tub on its side is to position it inside the flatbed trailer properly.

Equally distributing the weight of your hot tub on all four sides will ensure a safe trip.

Moving the corners of the tarp out from underneath your hot tub will allow you to position it evenly between each wall of the trailer without worrying about damaging plastic or vinyl;

Overlap excess tarp material around each corner of your spa secure it with duct tape if needed.

Attach the square corners of the tarp to four firms supports on either side of your hot tub;

I would advise using ratchet straps to secure each corner of your tarp as they will help distribute the weight of your spa evenly prevent it from sliding around inside the trailer.

You can run a single ratchet strap from one corner of the tarp to another or use a block of wood to support both corners in the trailer’s center if desired.

Secure your hot tub’s drain and filter hoses to your trailer using nylon rope, bungee cords, and bungee cords.

This is a great decoration idea; you can add anywhere you love if it’s not near a fireplace or radiator. You can use this to hang your hamper or just as decoration for a basement.

It’s easy to make and very inexpensive. Don’t forget the duct tape.


Hot tubs are good relaxing spaces and rejuvenate the senses. They are very safe, and all age groups can use them.

They provide a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation, stress relief, and other forms of entertainment.

The one thing that you have to get right is, selecting the correct size hot tub for your backyard area.

You want it to be huge enough to accommodate all kinds of people without being so large that maintenance costs will make it impractical or out of reach as far as your budget goes.


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