Can I Use Armor All On The Hot Tub Cover?

Can I Use Armor All On The Hot Tub Cover?

Can I Use Armor All On The Hot Tub Cover?

No! It’s not recommended to use Armor All on your hot tub cover because it could create a film that would cause water to bead up, resulting in a reduced capacity for the Spa and an increase in energy costs. It also harms the hot tub cover material and should be avoided.

Armor All on your hot tub cover will surely make it accumulate dirt, dust, and sludge very quickly. It will also look old and faded.

Armor All is an oil-based protectant for tires, vinyl, plastic, and leather, such as car seats. It’s sold in aerosol spray cans. The company claims Armor All products leave behind a non-stick film that repels water and stains.

If you want to protect your hot tub cover from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, use a non-oil-based product like 303 Aerospace Protectant Spray to reduce the harmful effects of the sun over time.

The best choice for keeping your hot tub cover is using a liner. When you choose a liner, make sure that it has been made to fit the dimensions of your hot tub.

Ensure that the liner is placed in a neutral position and then set with straps or velcro to avoid water draining through it while you try to use your Spa.

I recommend using a wipe-clean fabric softener sheet, such as Damp Rid, to remove any dirt from the hot tub cover before cleaning it with Armor All.

Can You Just Walk On A Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is a heavy-duty, clear plastic cover placed over the water in a hot tub to protect it from dirt and debris. The material used for these covers varies, ranging from PVC to acrylic.

No. A hot tub cover is not intended for walking on, and many models are slippery and you may  lose your footing or fall into the water if you are trying to get up onto it while on the surface. Like an asphalt road, you should only walk on it to get into or out of the water.

When water evaporates from the hot tub, a thin layer of ice forms on the surface of the cover, this thin layer creates a smooth, slippery surface with nothing to grip on, and you’ll likely fall off and embarrassingly break your neck.

Having a hot tub cover in your bathtub is not like having a pool or an outdoor swimming pool.

The water has very little bounce, so you’re not going to jump in and go for a dive. It’s more like a lap pool where you aren’t allowed to jump into the water.

Before you get into the hot tub:

  1. Inspect it for any cracks or holes that could allow water to leak out.
  2. If there are any gaps, use baling wire or tape to seal them up.
  3. Get children out of the tub and making sure that children are instructed not to play on the hot tub cover.

What Is The Bar On A Hot Tub Cover For?

The bar on a hot tub is a metal or plastic device that protects from contamination and extrusion.

The most common type of bar is constructed to increase the pressure between the top and bottom sections of the cover, preventing anyone from being pulled through. Additionally, they might prevent damage if you fall over while trying to get in or out.

You may also use the bar to prevent the underwater air hose from being pulled out. It can also prevent the underwater air vent hose from coming out.

Can I Use Armor All On The Hot Tub Cover?

The bar is an important part of the hot tub cover. It must be perfectly aligned to fit the top and bottom sections of the cover properly. If it isn’t perfectly aligned, then it will not stay in place and may fail in a very short period.

Hold the bar tightly. If it’s loose and easily removed, the cover may not be held tight enough, and you could manage to get under it.

If this could happen, you would have a much bigger chance of getting hurt from getting sucked into the water.

People believe that later versions of hot tub covers had an extra bar on them, but this wasn’t always the case. The only difference between earlier and later covers was in the materials used for construction.

The bar keeps the hot tub securely covered so it can’t escape. If there was nothing to hold the top and bottom sections of the cover together, then they could separate at any time.

This could cause a big water leak, which could cause serious problems over time.

Do Hot Tub Covers Get Waterlogged?

Yes, If left wet and in an area where there is no circulation, hot tub covers will eventually become waterlogged. This may lead to mold and bacterial growth, which could ultimately cause the use of the hot tub to be unsafe.

If the cover is left in an area where it’s not going to be used for a long period, and if you can lift it and dry it off at least once every two months, you should be fine.

Remove the cover when not in use or cover it with a water-resistant material, such as a tarp.

If you have a hot tub in the winter, leaving it exposed to the rain and colder temperatures, it’s even more likely to become waterlogged. You are advised to remove your cover or bring it inside during the off-season.

The longer a hot tub cover stays wet, the more likely mold will grow. It’s advisable to check your cover regularly and dry it off if it becomes wet. You should also ensure that the cover is kept clean.

Hot tub covers are made with a material that prevents UV rays from damaging your hot tub’s vinyl, so it’s best to keep it out of the sun and away from water if possible.

You can keep the cover on when not in use and ensure no gaps in and around it. This will keep out water, dust, leaves, and other contaminants.

Why Do Hot Tub Covers Get So Heavy?

Hot tub covers work as insulators, trapping heat while keeping the heat inside the hot tub. This can make the cover very heavy, especially if there is a leak in the heater. This is also a problem with many other heated pools, whether electric or gas.

The heavy cover may also be caused by a failure of the heating element to warm the water properly. There must be enough gas inside the cover to generate heat and maintain the water’s temperature.

You need to check the heater’s operation or replace it if it’s no longer operating correctly. The heater should have a thermostat that monitors heat and maintains an optimal temperature for use by the hot tub.

Insulating covers trap heat by physically blocking the cold air from escaping through holes and notches in the cover. The weight of this material is also an important part of the insulation. The heavier it is, the more heat it can hold.

Cover weights will vary depending on the material used and the thickness of the cover in millimeters. Many of these insulation materials are also very buoyant and must be kept afloat.

A fiberglass layer can give you an idea of what a light cover might weigh: 1/2″ thick fiberglass weighs about 200 grams, while 1/4″ thick fiberglass weighs about 1000 grams.

So to test if your cover is heavy enough, try lifting it and see how much it weighs.

Do You Need A Lift For The Hot Tub Cover?

Yes, It would be best to have a lift for the hot tub cover. It’s always necessary to use one if you want to move something as heavy as a hot tub cover.

A folding, or four-leg, stool is usually sufficient for this purpose. You can find one of these at any department store.

You could also stack some milk crates and use them instead of the stool, which might lead to problems with the lid falling off and spilling all of the water out onto your floor (not good).

You can use a ladder to lift the cover, but be careful. The hot tub boasts heaviness, and using a ladder to get the cover out of your garage might spin it over. Use a truck jack and jack-stands to lift it.

You will want to lift the heavy thing and put it on the truck jack, so you don’t have a bunch of bricks in your garage.

The jack will lift the hot tub cover straight up, so you can place it on the stand. Then you can put your bricks underneath to keep it steady. This is probably the safest way to move a hot tub cover.

You be careful and use a truck jack and jack stands, but moving your heavy hot tub cover is not very difficult if you stack some bricks underneath it.

How Much Clearance Do You Need For A Hot Tub Cover Lift?

You’ll need to do some calculating before purchasing a hot tub cover lift –

The width of the sling, or the distance between the outer edges of two slings that make up a hot tub lift, is usually four-inches or less.

This will help in determining how much clearance you will need. Measure the width of your sling.

Why Are My Hot Tub Jets Pulsating?

If it’s not four inches wide, you’ll want to calculate three times your width and divide by 12 inches to get your required clearance for each arm of your quadra-lift.

If your quadra-lift is four or more feet wide, you’ll want to add three-quarters of a foot for each inch of width.

The height of the quadra-lift will generally be between two and four feet above the floor. If you need to lift higher than this, you’ll want to measure your sling width for your hot tub lift to be long enough to reach the desired height.

The width of the deck on which you’ll be placing your hot tub cover lift is also a factor in how much clearance you will need.

If your deck is wider than 12-inches, then you’ll need to be sure that every sling can extend beyond the edge of the deck. If you don’t have enough clearance, it could cause the sling material to stretch and tear over time.

Do Hot Tub Covers Leak?

Yes, There are two hot tub covers: Safety and vinyl or plastic. A safety cover is made of heavy-duty material, often a thick synthetic canvas that doesn’t leak.

Surrounding the entire top, it hangs down slightly on the sides to protect the sides from storm runoff and water from birds that might fly over. Some even have special features to prevent leaks.

Those with special features include locking systems, strap-on clips, and inflatable seals, among others.

The vinyl or plastic cover is often used as a soft top to protect the hot tub from sun damage and leaves or other objects that might fall on it.

And, though it’s not recommended, some people use it as a safety cover during winter.

If the cover has a problem, it usually turns out to be a broken seam or zipper. There are various types of zippers on the market, even double zippers designed to open from both sides.

However, if you’re using a vinyl or plastic cover, you’ll likely have problems with seams and zippers. Water is trapped between the sealant and the vinyl or plastic material, making it almost impossible to clean thoroughly.

Must You Access All 4 Sides Of A Hot Tub?

Yes, You need access to all four sides of a hot tub.

Often people will have a preference for the side they want to sit or lie on, which can cause conflict in determining how you should install the hot tub.

For example, if you like to lie on your back while soaking in the bubbles and jets, you should rotate your Spa to enjoy it from both directions.

The best way to figure out which way the hot tub should be positioned is to imagine the profile of your hot tub in 3-D.

There are four sides:The front has the lip and everything that goes with it (tub liner, drain, and filter). If you’re using a pre-assembled system, you only need access to this site.

The back has the drain plug and back grate with its corresponding electric cord.

This is where you need to run a power cord from your electric supply panel or breaker box. You need access to this side of the hot tub for safety reasons.

The sides and back are where you’ll want to place your cedar storage trunk, privacy fence, extension cords, and any other equipment you want out of view of passers-by.

How Do You Make A Lift For A Hot Tub Cover?

  1. Measure the space
  2. Cut the PVC pipe to size
  3. Measure the distance between them (this will be how many supports are needed)
  4. Put a screw eye into each end (you can use electrical wire for this)
  5. Place an eyelet on top of each pap for a hand loop
  6. Drill holes in the corners of where you want to install your lift and attach it using screws
  7. Place foam on top of the PVC, then the covering over that.
  8. The foam is to avoid scratching the liner when you put the cover on.
  9. Tie it all down with a rope or, in some cases, a bungee cord or chain to keep it from blowing off, and attach it to your frame/pool cover and frame with an eye hook.

Never block a safety drain, or you may have an accident. You use upholstery foam on the exterior to protect the PVC from water and sunlight.

The cost of supplies ranges from $10-$20, depending on what it’s made of. The materials are easy to find. It takes 2-3 hours to put together with 2-3 people, depending on what you use for the rope/chain/bungee cord.

This was my initial time doing a cover, and I’m very pleased with the result.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a hot tub and wants to install it for themselves or those who have a cover but need to put it on by hand because this will make your life easier.

Can I Use Car Wax On My Hot Tub Cover?

Yes, Car wax is specifically designed for coating surfaces in cars and other surfaces. Use it to coat a hot tub cover; the car wax will create a protective layer over the hot tub’s surface.

This allows the water on top of that layer to seal in heat better, preventing evaporation and condensation.

If you feel the cover on your hot tub is more susceptible to damage by the sun and other elements, using car wax might give your cover a little extra protection.

However, its reputed ability to do this came from coating parts of a car like its engine. In this case, the car wax would be a thin layer over the entire engine.

While this may protect your hot tub, it would not be enough to create much of a heat barrier.

While car wax might work on your hot tub cover, it’s not safe. This is because there is a difference between silicone and your hot tub cover. The silicon in your hot tub cover allows water movement and promotes a good soak.

If you take care of your hot tub regularly, a professional shouldn’t need any extra protection, whether cleaning the filter regularly or having it painted every few years.

How Do Spa Cover Lifters Work?

The Spa cover lifter is tied in place with a durable elastic string. Once in place, you can attach the lifter to the handle of your Spa. Slide it over the lifter and into place when you replace the cover.

The water pressure holds it there until you raise it again. The cover lifter is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. They are usually available in two sizes and come in black or white.

The lifter lifts the cover well, but it does not damage it as many other lift devices can (I installed several lift devices on my Spas and had no problems).

With many Spa covers, you must take care when pulling them out so the corners don’t rip. These lifters prevent this from happening.

I have used (and installed) many lifting devices. Some hold up better than others. For example, the Spa Cover Lifter maintains the Spa Cover well and does not loosen the corners or sediment from beneath your Spa.

The Spa Cover Lifters are a great advantage to your Spa covers. An add-on consideration is that the lifter is made from high-quality materials and will last a long time.

The lifter is easy to install. You pull it over the cover and add the string to it.

Why Does My Hot Tub Cover Smell?

Here’s what could be causing your problem.

The covers are made of PVC vinyl, essentially plastic, with PVC as an extra layer to prevent leaks. The seams, hinges, latches, and every other cover component are usually metal.

These pieces rub against each other as you open and close the lid. This is when chlorine from the water gets into the plastic material or vinyl and causes a chemical reaction that creates a stink.

You might not notice the smell when you have the cover on, but once you get rid of it, you’ll notice if the smell reoccurs.

If you don’t maintain it properly, this reaction can happen within just a few months of getting your new hot tub cover. The smell can also worsen if you leave the cover off for extended periods.

Water/moisture gets trapped between the vinyl layers of the hot tub cover. As it does, it causes moisture to condense on the plastic material, which then breeds microbes that produce volatile chemicals.

These chemicals can be harmless or deadly depending on what they are. Either way, they’re bad and cause the cover to smell. This is a common problem with many hot tub owners.

If your hot tub cover smells like PVC and mildew, don’t worry. You can clean your hot tub cover using either baking soda or vinegar.

Why Do Hot Tub Covers Have Zippers?

Hot tub covers are constructed with zippers for a couple of reasons:

  1. It allows you to remove the cover fully from the hot tub in a single piece.
  2. When closed and zipped, the zipper prevents any water from escaping from under the cover.
  3. Zippers also make it easy for people to climb out without wiggling their way through a tight opening (though some manufacturers don’t use zippers for this reason).
  4. Zippers are easy for the user to manage.

While zippers and more complicated mechanisms boast operation difficulties, this is not a problem with the zipper on a hot tub cover.

Some covers have an adjustable top which may or may not include a zipper. These covers allow the user to raise or lower the lid to access the inside of the cover.

I like the plastic bag to keep used towels and other items from getting into the pool.

Generally, square covers close with a zipper, and round covers have holes cut in the cover. Some covers are made of a durable fabric that is sturdy and will not tear easily, while others are cheap or thin that may wear out quickly.

While zippers can be frustrating for some people, none of them would be easier to use than other types.

Can You Dry Out A Waterlogged Hot Tub Cover?

Yes! You can dry out a waterlogged hot tub cover. Please remove it from the hot tub, empty it of water, and set it in the sun to dry.

Don’t try to put it away wet, though, before you put your cover back on the hot tub, blow-dry the inside with a hair dryer to ensure no moisture remains.

Give a good shake to dislodge any water that may be lodged between the cover and the tub.

Before storing your cover for the season, check it for any tears or holes. You can do this by taking a bright flashlight and checking the cover’s seams for holes.

If you find any, take out your needle and thread and sew them up before storing them away for winter.

You can use a leaf blower on a dry day to help dry out your cover faster. Be sure not to aim it at the cover and attempt to blow air under it. This could cause the cover to billow up and damage your pool equipment.

If your cover is still waterlogged after removing it from the hot tub, try setting it in the sun for one more day. If possible, remove any water in the tub before carefully putting a new hot tub cover on.


The hot tub cover is an important part of your hot tub equipment. It works to protect your investment from debris and children. It keeps water out of the inside of the hot tub and also keeps it in.

The material that covers your spa can be made from many different materials and may have a zipper or not to make it easier to get into the hot tub.


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