Can I Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

Can I Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

Can I Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

A bath bomb is a bath fizzy designed for users to drop them into the tub before or during the bath.

They often release scented color bubbles, usually left in the tub, to dissolve slowly. Bath bombs boast typical markings as novelty items for both children and adults.

The characteristic of a bath bomb is that it releases a scented bubble, most commonly in colors such as lavender, yellow, blue, or pink.

They are usually packaged that way in small plastic bags. They have a more high-tech appearance compared to traditional bubble baths.

There are also bath bombs that release colored foam. To prepare the bath bomb, the user drops it into running water and hopes it will fizz or dissolve as expected.

Can I Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

No. Experts discourage putting a bath bomb in a hot tub because of the chemicals in a bath bomb, such as baking soda and citric acid, will react to the chlorine in a hot tub and produce a significant amount of gas that can lead to injury or even death.

Other reasons include:

  • Hot tubs use water jets to massage the skin, which can cause your skin to split if it is sensitive from creating too much pressure with the jets when you put them near your body.
  • Bath bombs require water, which will not be evenly distributed through a hot tub and can lead to a lot of wasted water.
  • Bath bombs become floating when they are in a hot tub, and they can end up in the drain of your hot tub or on the edges of it, which can cause staining to surround surfaces.
  • People who use motorized hot tubs(Amazon Link) for instance, Jacuzzis, can end up experiencing severe injury when bath bombs enter their hot tub.

Can I Put A Bath Bomb In A Jacuzzi?

No. You cannot put a bath bomb in a jacuzzi because of the following reasons:

Bath bombs boast ingredients that clog filters and can cause a buildup of minerals that would need to get chemically removed.

  • The water temperature floats between 102-111 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too hot for a bath bomb
  • There is no practical way to control how fast or slow the bath bomb dissolves, meaning it could overflow from the tub, making a mess of your home and wasting the product
  • Bath bombs are more for soaking than boiling, so if you wanted to enjoy some bubbles with your jacuzzi session, you’d have to break out two products instead of one.

Hot Tub Bath Bomb Recipe

A bath bomb is a homemade bath product that uses water to create a scented and colored liquid mixed with small pieces of soap (usually coconut oil) before users drop them into the water.

They come in many colors and scents, including red raspberry sorbet, raspberry ripple cake batter, pink grapefruit mojito, blueberry cheesecake batter, black cherry lemonade, iced tea, lavender and roses, and so many more.

Below is a simple hot tub bath bomb recipe you can make at home:

Ingredients for 1 lb of hot tub bath bomb recipe:

  • 4 cups Epsom salt
  • 2 cups baking soda (1 cup for scent and 1 cup for color)
  • 1 cup cornstarch (you can use more for color, but it’s unnecessary)

For the smell and color:

  • 7 tbsp ground cinnamon, 4 tbsp ground nutmeg, 3 tbsp ground ginger, and 2 tbsp ground cloves. Or allspice if you prefer a sweeter scent.
  • 1 cup liquid sweetener of your choice. Options include but are not limited to orange juice, apple juice, lemonade, rosewater, and more.

Utilize a clear plastic container with a lid if you plan on making more than one batch at a time.

The container has to be sufficiently tall to hold at least 4 cups of salt with room to spare. A tall glass would also work for this.

Now you need to combine everything listed in a bowl. Mix well, and be careful not to over-mix.

Next, take your container full of salt and cornstarch, and fill about half of the volume with water.

Pour the mixture into the container and mix it around with your hands until you get a homogeneous product.

Once the bath bomb is thoroughly mixed, add more water until you’re at the final product (about 1 cup) and mix again to be sure it’s thoroughly mixed.

Allow it’s rest at room temperature for a while, so it’ll thicken and puff up a bit.

Once the bath bomb has stopped bubbling and is perfectly congealed, drop it into your bathtub with some baby oil or olive oil. You can also use coconut oil.

Use this as you would any other bath bomb, but be careful, so you don’t inhale any of the oils that make up the product.

Hot Tub Safe Bath Bombs

Bath time is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating moments in a person’s day.

Unfortunately, it can also be quite dangerous when using chemicals or hot water to create a soothing bath. Thus the idea of a safe bath bomb was born.

Here are ten hot tub-safe bath bombs that are not just mind-blowing but you can also use in your home.

  1. Relaxing lavender

This aroma is heavenly and will ease you into a peaceful sleep. Its calming effects are also significant for adults or children with anxiety or irritability.

  1. Relaxing Vanilla

Vanilla is another calming scent, but it’s cold and refreshing this time instead of warm. Vanilla essence is the best way to calm your mind and body down to relax for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Cuddle

This one is a coziness scent with a little salty touch on it, which makes you want to cuddle up with your favorite. I mean bath, friend.

This mixture is perfect for those who love the smell of sea salt and cleanliness. The lavender is also very soothing.

  1. Chocolate Therapy

This one is great for the person who loves relaxing in the tub with a nice chocolate bath.

It’s not just a chocolate smell; it also has hints of vanilla and jasmine, which are two very soothing scents.

  1. Lavender Fields

This is another personal favorite that has a bit of sweetness to it. It’s very relaxing and helps with staying calm and collected.

  1. Mango May

A delightful scent, this is great for those who love tropical aromas. The smell of mangoes is soothing and gives you an incredible feeling of calmness.

Its name is a bit misleading, though, as it doesn’t smell as sweet as you’d expect.

  1. Peaches & Cream

This one has peach, white vanilla, and vanilla musk notes, which gives it that creamy scent that happens only when combined.

The smell is so sweet and delicious that it will make you want to eat it.

  1. Swimming

This one smells like a steamy pool filled with fresh water. It’s pretty different from the rest of the scents mentioned here, as it’s not a very relaxing scent at all.

  1. Tropical Blue

I have to say this one is a favorite of mine because it smells very tropical and fresh, which makes me feel like I am in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

The mixture of grapefruit, coconut, and lime is just so excellent together that it’s hard to believe it’s all-natural.

  1. Lavender Fields

Another lavender scent is a little more on the floral side. It smells very natural, with a hint of sweetness and cleanliness.

Can I Put a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

It’s also a bit spicy underneath the flowery part, making it even better.

Can You Use Lush Bath Bombs In A Jacuzzi Tub?

Yes. You can use lush bath bombs in Jacuzzi tubs. Here is how you can do it

  • Fill the bathtub with hot water.
  • Remove the stopper from your bath bomb to expose the inside.
  • Drop your bath bomb into the tub 4. Add one cup of Epsom salts to the tub and gently swirl it around
  • Let the bath bomb sit in the tub for about 20 minutes.
  • Remove your bath bomb from the tub and enjoy soothing bubbles.

Can You Put Lush Bath Bombs In A Hot Tub?

No. You cannot put lush bath bombs in a hot tub because the bath bombs alter the hot tub PH level by releasing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide into the water.

This can cause PH levels to get out of control and lead to the destruction of your hot tub. So if you want those bath bombs, I recommend buying them separately from your hot tub.

  1. They clog the hot tub filters. Hydrotherapy spa systems have very complicated filters, and if you put bath bombs into the tub, likely, you won’t be able to use them for a long time.
  2. Overloading the hot tub with too much mineral and chlorine-based products can cause chlorine to leak from the hot tub into your home through drains, plumbing fixtures, and other areas around your house. This is usually called “chlorine leakage.”
  3. The bath bombs may contain gelatin, which is not suitable for the hot tub because it can result in mold growing in the tub.
  4. They may also comprise coloring’s and dyes that react to hot water chemicals. This can cause your hot tub water to turn cloudy and make people sick if they swim in it.

Can I Put A Bath Bomb In A Pool?

Yes. Here is what happens when you put a bath bomb in a pool:

  • The bath bomb forms a dense foam as it dissolves in the water.
  • The foam creates a cushion at the surface to quickly see.
  • When it disperses, it becomes a fine powder.
  • This powder is windblown, helping to make the air cleaner.
  • The pool turns a lovely shade of blue for approximately 20 minutes.

Can You Use Bath Salts In A Jetted Tub?

Yes. There are some bath salts you can use in a jet tub, such as:

  • Borax- It’s a natural mineral used as an insecticide.
  • Epsom Salts- These are the salts of magnesium sulfate, and you can find them in most homes because you can use them for so many things.
  • Pink Himalayan Salts- These salts are mostly considered the best bath salts.
  • Dead Sea Salts-These salts are from the Dead Sea and are full of minerals that can help soothe your muscles and skin.

What Can You Use In A Jetted Tub?

You can make use of a bubble bath in a jetted tub(Amazon Link). Bubble baths are great for relaxing.

You should use the bubble bath in moderation to curb foam overflowing from the tub.

You should keep a vinegar-and-water mixture to use with the bubble bath and pour it over the top of your head while sitting in the tub.

This will help cleanse your scalp and reduce dandruff. One can also use the vinegar-and-water mixture as a natural hair rinse whenever you do not want to use an expensive bottled product on your hair.

You can also use bath salts. Bath salts are suitable for adding a little something extra to a bath. You can add bath salts to your water before you fill the tub.

The salts will create an exciting scent in the air, and they will also soften your skin without drying it out.

You can purchase bath salt from almost any department store, or you can make them by adding Epsom salts to your bubble bath.

You can also make use of essential oils in your jetted tub. You can add the essential oils to water in a spray bottle to spray all over your body when you finish with your tub.

The oils will help moisturize your skin and leave it feeling smooth and refreshed.


Bath bombs are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes. They also come with many ingredients and scents mixed into them.

So, it entirely depends on you how you want to use your bath bombs.

You can choose which bath bomb color you want and decide how much of the bomb to put in the water or tub.

Nowadays, lush bath bombs come in so many fragrances that it’s hard to choose the best one.


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