Can I Plug My Lay-Z-Spa Into An Extension Lead?

Can I Plug My Lay-Z-Spa Into An Extension Lead?

Can I Plug My Lay-Z-Spa Into An Extension Lead?

No.The plug on your Lay-Z-Spa is a three-pin plug that only sends power to the spa.You cannot connect a socket to it. A transformer or inverter is necessary if you need to power the spa. This will allow you to plug your appliance into an extension lead.

You should be able to buy a suitable transformer for your Lay-Z-Spa from your local electrical suppliers. Ask them for a 12v DC 500mA or 750mA.

According to the Lay-Z Spa Manual, if you can’t use an extension lead, then you will need to run the mains cable directly into the spa (using an inlet); otherwise, your spa may not work, and further damage may likely be caused by trying to do so.

An extension lead could cause serious injury and be a fire hazard. If you try to connect your spa this way, you will invalidate the warranty.

If your spa doesn’t work, try checking these areas:-

  • Make sure the water level has been topped up before starting the spa (cold water) – 5cm in cold weather, 3cm in hot weather.
  • Make sure you have the right voltage in your region.
  • Make sure the heater is switched on and not faulty.
  • Try pressing different buttons on the control panel.
  • Check that you have enough salt in your spa, which you should include with your package.
  • Check that power to the spa is not interrupted by switching off the mains when you are using it.

Why Does My Lazy Spa Keep Tripping?

Your lazy spa keeps tripping because of various reasons.One of the most common reasons is the buildup of minerals.Your spa is electric, and this buildup will eventually interfere with its power.

You can call a professional to clean your electric heater and prevent it from tripping again.

Another common reason for tripping is an overload in the breaker panel, which can overload the circuit and blow a fuse or cause breakers to trip faster than they should.

It’s not a significant problem, and you can quickly fix it, but you should call an electrician to prevent it from happening again.

A common reason is a leaky spa motor due to age or load. The motor gets hot, so it causes the wiring in the spa to heat up too.

This can cause your spa’s control board to trip, so you should also call a professional for proper service on your spa’s electrical system.

Lastly, you may have a bad thermostat. This could be the temp control valve between the heater and the suction line or a control board.

If your heater doesn’t come on at all, you should call a professional because there is an electric short in your system.

If any of these problems continue, please call your local spa professional to diagnose the problem and recommend service options to help you get back in your spa again.

Should The Lazy Spa Filter Light Be Red?

Yes! The Spa filter light should be red when activated. Red is the color that indicates that the spa filter light is actively heating.

A red Spa filter light indicates that the water in your hot tub will be at an optimum temperature within 24 hours.

If your Spa’s light is not activated, it doesn’t indicate anything. It’s just a sensor to tell you if something has blocked the heater and what temperature it should be heated to.

When activated, your Spa’s filter light should be red. If you have a Spa that uses black light, the light is not red (brown) when activated. If your spa’s light is red, it’s most likely a red filter light.


The filter requires time to heat the water. If you don’t see any bubbles, it’s still heating the water and should be okay. 20-30 minutes later, check again; if there are no bubbles, check the temperature of the water.

The water should be at an optimum temperature within 24 hours of your first observation of bubbles in the Spa filter light.

If you do not see bubbles in the Spa filter light, it probably means that the water is too cool for the heater to start. Wait until you see bubbles and monitor the water temperature every 20-30 minutes.

A red Spa filter light indicates that your Spa should be at an optimum temperature within 24 hours. If there are no bubbles, your Spa filter light may be broken and need to be replaced before using your hot tub again.

Can I Plug My Lay-Z-Spa Into An Extension Lead?

Why Does My Lazy Spa Pump Keep Turning Off?

Your Spa pump has to run for the hot tub to maintain the desired depth and temperature; Higher speed pumps consume more energy. In response to changing water temperatures, your pump will automatically switch speeds.

When a load runs, you may notice that your Spa slows down or shuts off even though you set it at a higher setting.

That’s because most Spas have a low-speed limit (usually less than 500 gallons per hour) to conserve energy and reduce wear on the equipment.

When your pump goes off, but you still feel resistance from the jets, shut off the power to your Spa. Remove the electrical plug from both taps on your Spa and turn them back on.

Your pump may shut off automatically without seeing it happen if it detects a drop in water levels.

If this happens, you’ll need to reset it. To do that, remove the electrical plug from both taps on the spout of one of your hot tubs (the spout’s taps are likely black or red. Turn them on at the same time.

If the pump comes back to life, it’s automatically reset. If it doesn’t (your Spa isn’t turning on), you know there’s a problem, and you need to repair the electrical connection or change the pump.

Spas with fewer than 15 jets will have a single hot water tap; Spas with 15 or more jets have two taps, one for each jet nozzle (sometimes called a gun). The two taps are wired together.

To connect the taps, remove the electrical plug from the low-flow tap and flip it over to expose the hot-water tap (the one with a regular white wire going into it instead of a black one).

Wire both taps together, following the order of your Spa’s jets.

Why Won’t My Hot Tub Breaker Stay On?

Running the heater without enough water in the hot tub, clogs, faulty circulation, and chemical deposits are the most common reasons a hot tub breaker will not stay on.

If there is inadequate water in the hot tub, it can cause the breaker to trip. A clog or faulty circulation in the pipes can also cause the heater to trip because of lack of water movement and pressure.

Chemical deposits can form and harden on various parts within your piping system, causing trouble for your unit to function correctly.

Most problems with the Spa will be with your breaker or control panel. When repairing a hot tub, find out where the problem is before spending a lot of money on parts.

If your breaker trips, there is more than likely a problem that has to do with water flow and circulation.

Most units are equipped with an inline water pressure gauge, allowing you to check the amount of water circulating through the hot tub system. Many hot tubs also have an audible alarm that will sound when the heater is tripped.

If the heater does not heat up or has other problems, there is a good chance that the problem is coming from your breaker or control panel.

It is not unusual for these to malfunction over time due to wear or become inoperative because they no longer support your hot tub’s electrical needs.

Can You Plug A Lazy Spa Into A Regular Socket?

If you love lazy Spas but don’t have access to a professional installation outlet, don’t fear. You can easily convert a standard socket into an appropriately sized plug socket with the help of an electrician.

Let’s go through the basics.

The first step is ensuring that your electrical needs are taken care of. Any socket with a two-pronged (two-core) plug will be suitable for creating a plug socket.

You can use various plugs and sockets with your Spa; it’s up to you. Depending on your Spa’s location, you can use standard, European, or dual-prong plugs.

If you’re staying in Europe or Canada, then a standard outlet can be used as the plug for your Spa.

Note that the voltage will be higher (110-220 volts compared to just 220-240 volts), and you should use a standard electrical box for safety purposes. If you’re in the US, you’ll want to use a plug socket (typically rated at 110-120 volts).

If installing such an outlet for the first time, check with your local electrical authority or electrician to ensure the outlet is safe.

Why Extension Cord Can’t Be Used On A Hot Tub?

An extension cord forces the current to travel a longer distance and may result in a voltage drop or the cord overheating.

When trying to plug a cord into an outlet, ensure the cord is as long as possible and use an essential gauge. If your extension cord doesn’t meet these criteria, you cannot operate in a wet environment.

Instead, use two or more cords, each connecting to a different appliance. You can also purchase an extension transformer to plug in multiple outlets using one or two separate power cords connected to a different appliance.

If the cord is longer than one, it will not be able to handle the extra current.

For example, if you have a two-prong circuit that requires only 15 amps and places an 18-gauge cord, there will not be enough power flowing through the 15 amp circuit.

Instead, use a 14- or 12-gauge extension cord to prevent damage to the home and appliances. As a general rule, a 10-amp circuit is safe with an extension cord only up to 15 feet long.

If your extension cord is too short, the cord may work, but too much power from the appliance can cause an overheating or fire hazard. Don’t use an extension cord to plug in more than two appliances simultaneously.

If you can use your extension cord for multiple purposes, then always use it for what was intended.

Is It Cheaper To Leave The Lazy Spa On All The Time?

No! Leaving your lazy Spa on all the time is most likely not a cheaper option, and more energy consumption can lead to other expenses. It’s best to turn the heater on and make sure it’s positioned correctly when you are away.

Leave your Spa on only when you need it. Hire a professional to come by and turn off the heating unit while leaving the rest of the Spa running with a timer that can shut it down after an hour or two.

The electric bill will be lower than if you were to use your lazy Spa, which can quickly add up over time.

Anyone with a large enough Spa and have a person in the water can find it expensive to use. Water can be very pricey, but owners of Spas that have been enjoying them for years find themselves paying less every month.

Do not fret over a high electric bill since it’s already paid. If you are on a tight budget, this could be a problem you have to pay attention to.

A more significant issue with leaving the Spa on all the time is that the water will not be as hot, which makes it less enjoyable.

Why Is My Lay-Z-Spa Not Heating Up?

Your Lay-Z-Spa should be heating up (eventually), but it’s not doing anything for some reason. Here are four possible reasons why you’re having this problem, explained in order from least to most likely:

1) Your Lay-Z-Spa is experiencing an outage. In this case, it can take anywhere from a few hours to more than a day for the power to come back on and for your Spa to heat up.

2) Your filter cartridge needs replacing. If your Spa filter cartridge isn’t picking up debris that could clog the heating system. You’ll need to replace the cartridge for your Spa to heat up.

3) Your circuit breaker has been tripped. If your circuit breaker is tripped, you’ll need to reset it before things can return to normal.

To reset a tripped circuit breaker, flip it back on and wait a few minutes for everything to start working again.

4) Your heater is broken. If you don’t hear any noises coming from your heating system and it doesn’t seem to be working, then you’ll need to get the heater replaced.

If you cannot figure out the problem, check out Lay-Z-Spa’s customer service page on how to contact them if you run into issues with your Spa.

How Do I Reset My Lazy Spa?

There are many reasons why a Spa might be non-functional. One of the most common reasons is that the water flow has stopped entirely.

If you cannot get your Spa to function again, you will need to reset it so it can function correctly. Here’s how to do just that:

Step 1 – Reset the breaker box: There is usually a power switch on the breaker box for your house in case something shuts down like this.

On older systems, there may be a breaker lock on the Spa that you need to release. Most systems have a breaker box relay that controls the Spa’s water flow.

If this relay is wrong, you will need to reset it either with a new relay or by using a DPDT (double pole double throw) switch to reset the relay.

Step 2 – Make sure the water flow is flowing from the return port on the Spa through the check valve and then out of the return port on your spigot: If you are using a spray bar, ensure the flow of water is only going through this.

If you are using a bubble jet or other wand type, wait until there is no more water coming out of your spigot before resetting your Spa.

If you have a whirlpool, it’s okay to have some water from the jets. Water goes through the jets if you get water flowing out of them.

Step 3 – Make sure all your jets are turned off: If you use jets that refuse to turn off, you will need to replace the trigger assembly.

To get the jets back to their neutral position, you need to use a small screwdriver that screws onto the trigger assembly. Use a dry towel under your Spa so that any water or debris does not get on any electrical connections.

Can You Plug The Jets In A Jacuzzi Tub?

Step 4 – Make sure there is no water in the Spa: You may have treated the Spa with a chemical pool shock, but it may have some water inside.

You can use your pool shock and open up your filter slits to release all of the water from the inside.

Step 5 – Make sure your outlet valve has been reseated correctly: The result of step #4 you used on your sensor will likely cause you to have some water still in the Spa. Use your pool shock to open up your outlet valve and ensure it is reseated correctly.

Step 6 – If you have a whirlpool-type Spa, unplug the jets: If you have a whirlpool, unplug the jets. Plug them back in after this is complete.

Step 7 – Reset your controller and Spa computer: Ensure all the water lines are reseated, then plug in the jets. Plug in your Spa and turn it on. If you have an LED display, press the reset button until all the LEDs light up.

Step 8 – Fill up the tub and run it:

  • Now fill your Spa with water.
  • Add some chemicals (depending on the type of system).
  • Plug it in.
  • Please turn it on.

Step 9 – After a few cycles, check to ensure you have water from your jets: Use your pool shock or bucket to release any trapped moisture.

If you do not have any water coming out of your jets, repeat step 8 (until you see some water coming out).

Step 10 – Repeat steps 1-9 as necessary until your Spa is functioning again: If the Spa still does not work, you will need to reset it again.

Top 7 Lay-Z-Spa Pump Problems

Noisy Pumps

Some models may make a rattling or cranking noise while they’re running. You can tell if the pump is malfunctioning because of this noise.

Check the water level in your boiler before you touch anything. turn off the pump immediately and add water. This will help prevent damage to your Spa’s pump and other parts.

If you don’t see a water-level issue, refer to the owner’s manual for your model. It will have guidelines on how to fix noise problems.

Clogged Pumps

A pump can get clogged if too much debris gets into the water. If you see a filter in your Spa (usually under the lid), check to ensure it’s clean.

You may have to clean it out or replace it. If your pump is submersible, limit the intake and the spray hose for debris. Clean them out thoroughly.

Breaks and Leaks

Pumps can also break and leak for various reasons, including being dropped in water or from extreme temperatures.

A break can cause your pump to overheat, which will most likely cause a fire. Contact Lay-Z-Spa and have them fix the issue.

Plugged Waterways

You can also get blocked waterways if your pump is inoperable for an extended period. To fix this issue, turn off your pump and remove all the water from inside it. Thoroughly clean it and ensure there’s no debris before turning it back on.

Weakened Motors

If your pump is running, but you don’t feel like water is moving through the hose, then you should check your motor to make sure it’s not becoming weak. Replace your pump if it seems inefficient.

Debris in Waterspray Kit

Sometimes, a waterway gets clogged with debris, and you can’t remove it. This can cause you to lose the spray features of your water-flow pump.

Remove all the debris from the waterway, clean it thoroughly and start up your pump again. You can fix this by contacting Lay-Z-Spa for assistance. You can fix Most issues if there’s not too much blockage in the pipe.

Improperly Installed Plumbing

In other cases, you may have a clog in your plumbing. Remove the hose and adequately install it back into the spout of your boiler.

Also, ensure that the hose is secured to the pump before pushing it back into the pipe. If you’re having problems with your machine, there’s a chance that your piping is defective. Lay-Z-Spa can help you fix this problem as well.

What RCD Do I Need For A Hot Tub?

The supply to your hot tub should be protected by a 30mA RCD, which conforms to IEC 364-4.

If you have a hot tub, you’ll need to protect it adequately. If the supply to your hot tub is interrupted, protection must be against the motor stalling and catching fire.

A 30 mA RCD should satisfy that requirement. The details of this RCD are laid out by IEC 364-4.

To ensure this RCD is what you need, check to see if your unit is marked correctly. If it’s not, get yourself a 30 mA RCD. Also, as noted at the end of the article, please do whatever you must to keep water away from your hot tub, so it doesn’t freeze.

Allowing water to freeze will shorten the life of your hot tub, and there’s no good reason for having a frozen hot tub.

But, if it freezes, use a hair dryer to thaw it. Once the hot tub is no longer frozen, see if any pipes or wiring attached to the hot tub are ice cold. If they are, you must go further and determine why they froze.

It would be best to insulate your hot tub to prevent this problem. If the insulation broke down, that’s your problem. But if the problem is elsewhere, you’ll have to check with a licensed pro who knows what they’re doing.

Again, I’d advise against running a hot tub without protection, and I Wouldn’t recommend running it without professional guidance.

When Would You Use 100ma RCD?

You should use a 100mA RCD if problems with a 30mA unit are irresponsible and may put lives at risk.

The 30mA RCD is installed in the room with a circuit breaker for the supply, and other than this, very few main installations have this type of RCD.

Of course, installing one circuit with two 30mA units on each line is possible, but this can be costly and unnecessary. A 100mA unit will do if your installation is less than five circuits.

In smaller installations, the 100mA RCD may be a suitable alternative to two or three 30mA units.

To use an RCD, follow the instructions in your operating instructions provided by the RCD manufacturer to obtain the correct setting for your type of installation.

However, if either of these scenarios occurs:

Replace your 30mA units with a 100mA RCD. If you are unsure whether an RCD already protects your installation, check with a qualified electrician.

Don’t use an RCD to protect all of your electrical installations; you still need to have residual current circuit breakers installed for some sensitive equipment.

If you are unsure whether an RCD already protects your installation, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified electrician.

Can I Change The RCD Plug On The Hot Tub?

Yes! You can change your RCD plug on your hot tub. This is something you should do before winter sets in.

You never know when a storm might break out, and without the proper safety measures, such as an RCD plug, you could cause a fire or electrocution hazard by starting up your hot tub after months of neglect in the cold weather.

Electrical engineers and building inspectors use RCD plugs for safety purposes.

When you have an RCD plug in your hot tub, it means that if the current from your hot tub’s electricity source is detected to be above a set voltage limit, the RCD plug will automatically trip or shut off the power source from your hot tub.

This allows you time to find a solution to whatever problem has caused the power surge.

If a problem does not happen again, you do nothing in the winter, and you can store your RCD plug until spring.

But if the RCD plug trips during a summer power surge, it will indicate what you should do to fix your hot tub’s electricity source.

For example, if the voltage from your hot tub’s electricity source is detected to be above the set limit, you have a problem with your electrical wiring or circuit breaker.

This can occur due to a short in the electrical wiring or even a bad outlet. It could be a problem with your circuit breaker as well. If this is the case, you must fix it before using your hot tub again.

Otherwise, if the electrical wiring is fine and there is no problem with the circuit breaker, you need to reset your RCD plug so that it doesn’t trip again, and you can use your hot tub in the winter.

Conversion Kit To Replace RCD Plugs With An Inline RCD

An inline RCD system is a simple way to protect your property from the dangers of electrical faults.

It does this by replacing your current RCD plug with an inline RCD device which will immediately isolate any fault without needing to turn off any power points.

In addition, you will also benefit from many more in-built safety features such as over/under voltage and short circuit protection, tamper, and arc detection.

The device is in line between the PowerPoint and the appliance to protect the appliance from electrical faults. The unit automatically disconnects any electrical fault without turning off the power point or removing the plug.

This means you don’t have to worry about unplugging your devices during a power outage or going around each end and switching off all the power.

The inline RCD is available in single and dual outlet models, which means you can protect multiple appliances from a single power point.

An electrician should install the unit; however, simple DIY kits are available, so you can do it yourself.

The inline RCD kit is a simple plug-in device that fits directly into any exposed PowerPoint on a wall or within reach of an appliance. In addition to this, it will offer several safety and convenience benefits:

You can instantly install the protection as soon as an electrical fault, and the PowerPoint will immediately disconnect the supply. They will be safe if you have children or pets in the home that may touch and damage the plug or PowerPoint.


Lazy spa owners are likely to make only cosmetic changes to their spa, such as changing a cover.

However, if you plan to change your heating system or even just the water occasionally during the winter, you must have the correct tools and connections.

The tools you need for your water connections include hoses and fittings, which are readily available from your local spa dealer.


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