Can I leave my Lay Z Spa out in the Rain?

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Can I leave my Lay Z Spa out in the rain?

Lay Z Spa is a massage that uses heated stones to create warmth, followed by deep tissue manipulation. Its invention was in Japan in the early 1970s.

This was an alternative to Swedish massage because it can be painful for those sensitive or having specific ailments.

The most popular types are Lomi, Aroma Stone Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu Massage, and Hot Stone Therapy.

Some people enjoy this type of massage because of its ability to relieve stress and tension while improving blood circulation.

Can I Leave My Lay Z Spa Out In The Rain?

It depends on the type of Spa cover you have and what’s used to make it.

So, if your Lay Z Spa has a waterproof cover made from vinyl-coated polyester material, then yes, it’s safe to leave it out in the rain with no problem.

If your spa doesn’t have such a covering or make is from untreated fabric or canvas that doesn’t offer water repellent properties as one treated with durable water repellent.

It’s best to keep your Spa inside during heavy rain.

Lay Z Spas also comes with a cover pole and valet, keeping the cover on the Spa when not in use.

These accessories also keep out leaves and other debris that might fall on the surface. This could fall into your spa water as you open it up after a long winter’s hibernation.

Some  customers who keep their Lay Z Spas outside all the time say that they try to remove any leaves or twigs before getting in, but it’s okay if water gets in the cover.

Others say they place their Spa on a covered porch or patio, and using either of these methods prevents this problem.

A third way is to make sure the area around your Lay Z Spa is clean of any yard waste (leaves, sticks), which can also cause water absorption problems.

To be safe with your Spa cover, it would be best to store your Lay Z Spa inside when not in use for extended periods.

If you plan on leaving your Spa out in the rain, remember to raise your hot tub cover a few inches off the top of the water to allow evaporation.

This will keep it clean, so you enjoy it longer.

What Temperature Should I Leave Lay Z Spa On?

Leave it at 104° Fahrenheit: 

The most popular and desired set among users because it heats the water and provides more excellent therapeutic benefits like increased blood circulation, pain relief, and muscle relaxation.

This is also ideal during colder months when there may be snow or ice on the ground outside.

Leave it at 100° Fahrenheit: An excellent option for those who want a warmer environment without feeling too hot to enjoy time with family and friends while inside your Spa.

But, if you live in an area where there’s snow, consider the 104° Fahrenheit setting, so it doesn’t freeze over.

100° Fahrenheit or lower: This is ideal if you live in warmer climates and won’t use the hot tub often. It will save electricity, especially when there’s no one inside of it.

Please know that even though this option saves money on your electric bill, your water still needs treating to keep it maintained.

Also, know that during winter months, when snow and ice are around, the low temperature can cause the cover, pump, pipes, etc.,

To become covered with a layer of ice which could damage them if not used enough.

104° Fahrenheit: If you’re going to use the Spa throughout the week, this is a great option!

With constant heat exposure, your water will stay cleaner longer, so you won’t have to clean it as often.

120° Fahrenheit: More for those who want therapeutic benefits and pain relief from exposure to hotter temperatures.

Please note that these high temperatures could cause burns or other issues if not used well.

Tips & Warnings

– If you’re going to be heating your Spa during cooler months, make sure you choose the 104° Fahrenheit setting because 120° can cause ice build-up if unprepared.

You’ll also want to check the measurements on the hot tub cover before setting it because some covers may not withstand the heat.

– When heating your Spa in colder months, make sure the cover is on tight to cut heat loss and keep it from icing over when snow or ice is present.

– Heating your Spa will increase the amount of electricity you use, so if you’re going to be using yours often during colder months.

Higher setting will help you save more money on your electric bill during warmer times!

However, since everyone’s home is different, check out if special offers could lower your electricity bills.

Are Lay Z Spas Expensive To Run?

No .Lay Z Spas are not as expensive to run as some might think. Like any other hot tub, the more you use it, the more energy consumed.

But with Lay Z spas, so running costs are lower than traditional hot tubs.

Lay Z spas have a heat pump that adjusts water temperatures and circulates air at low power levels.

This means they consume very little electricity!

Your average Lay-Z Spa will cost about $8-$12 per month in utilities, depending on usage habits and local electricity and water costs.

The Lay Z Spa running cost is meagre, as heating the air surrounding the Spa uses much less power than keeping water at a high temperature.

Which means that many Lay Z Spas can run for months without needing to top up your utility bill!

A good hot tub cover can also help reduce heat loss in your Lay Z Spa, keeping your energy costs down.

If you get 6-8 hours of use out of your hot tub each month, you are looking at only using around 8 cents per day for that month – quite affordable compared to other forms of home heating.

Should I Leave My Lay-Z-Spa On All The Time?

No .It’s important to note that a Lay-Z Spa does not heat water when in use.

Also, leaving your spa 24 hours a day can lower the life expectancy of the heater and pump by over 50%. So let’s see what you want to do with your Spa!

Leaving your Lay-Z Spa on for an extended period can have adverse effects. It’s best to turn it off when you’re done using it so that you don’t wear out the equipment.

If you are using your spa for over an hour at a time, it’s recommended to turn off the spa after use and top up the water level if necessary.

If you’re leaving it overnight, then leave your Lay-Z-Spa turned on so that the pump will ensure that the water remains sanitized and circulated.

Having said this, our recommendation would be to follow the outline in the section below about how long to run each spa session:

For best results, I recommend running your Lay-Z-a every day – several hours at a time – for 3-4 weeks per year.

In this way, your Lay-Z-Spa is ready for use whenever you want it, and so it will provide its most excellent comfort and support for an extended period.

Does A Lazy Spa Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No. A lazy Spa uses less energy because of the automatic shut-off. The only time it is active is when someone gets in or out of the water.

This saves electricity because it doesn’t stay on for no reason; there’s no one in the tub to warm up.

If you have a family, this might cause conflict if you only give access to some people at certain times or not at all because of costs.

You can also save money by having a timer that turns your spa off after about two hours, so you don’t worry about forgetting to turn it off.

A spa make you relax after a long day at work or school. There are so many benefits that you can get from sitting in the tub, such as stress relief and better sleep.

If there is already one available in your house, you should consider it out for yourself!

However, if you find conserving money and energy necessary, it’s better to get an automatic shut-off lazy Spa instead of the usual.

This type of Spa will turn off automatically, which saves electricity and energy because it doesn’t stay on for no reason; there’s no one in the tub to warm up.

If you have a family, this might cause conflict given only some people have access to use it at certain times or not at all because of costs.

You can save money by having a timer turning your spa off after about two hours.

The only time it’s active is when one gets in or out of the water, so while you are relaxing in the tub, other members of your household will enjoy it too!

This way, everyone has equal access, and no one feels slighted when told they have to wait for their turn.

Saving energy is important because many other factors contribute to your energy bills other than heating your Spa.

What Should Be The Considerations When Buying An Automatic Shut-Off Lazy Spa?

There are several factors to consider when buying an automatic shut-off lazy spa. First, you must decide on the size of the tub that will best suit your needs.

There are many sizes, shapes, and styles. You can choose from acrylic or wooden spas in various designs that fit with any bathroom décor.

This is important because there are different models for indoors vs outdoors, so be sure they match up before making your buy!

Once you complete all these decisions, it’s easy to buy an automatic shut-off lazy spa online or at any retail store near you.

Are Lazy Spas Noisy?

The answer is No, but it depends on what you mean by noise.

A spa will have some sound because the air bubbles coming from jets need to make noise to create the desired water massage effect.

But, if you’re talking about loud music or loud talk around you, then this wouldn’t boast consideration as “noise.”

Always sit up straight with your back against the backrest, keeping your feet flat on the ground instead of crossed over each other.

This will help your body circulate blood and oxygen. If you’re in a cold area, bring warm clothes because hyperthermia can affect how the muscles react to heat.

If you’re interested in bringing company, it’s better to choose them carefully. Make sure they’re responsible enough not to disturb other patrons since spas don’t allow loud noises.


Lay-Z-Spa is a manufacturer of high-quality, all-natural hot tubs and saunas. They offer a wide range of models to suit almost any preference.

They include traditional in-ground waterfall pools, contemporary above-ground spas easy to install and use and portable inflatables for benefits with no commitment.

Two engineers founded the company. They wanted to create a spa experience for people on their own time when they’re away from home.

That means you can enjoy your private oasis whenever it suits you best!

In this blog post, we explored some common questions asked by customers getting started with their first Lay-Z Spa.


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