Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?(Yes, But…)

Can You Fill a Hot Tub with Hot Water?

Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

As a hot tub owner, you may be getting a little worried about the incoming winter season. Your long warm relaxing baths in the hot tub seem to be coming to an end, or rather, a pause for some time.

The approaching chilly season may present the best reasons you should avoid your inflatable hot tub as much as you can, at least for a couple of months.

After conducting series of research on the same, here is what I have found out, among other related concerns regarding the use of inflatable hot tubs during winter;

Replying to the main concern here simply; yes. You can inflate your inflatable hot tub during winter and enjoy your moments.

However, while doing so, you must pay keen attention to the temperature. You wouldn’t want to freeze or catch cold-related health complications.

Furthermore, too low temperatures may cause failure to crucial parts of the inflatable hot tub, such as the pump.

The other reason why paying attention to temperature is important is that the tub’s water should not be freeze. Frozen water may lead to permanent pump failure.

Therefore, inflating your inflatable hot tub during winter is not prohibited. Still, while doing so, you should consider taking the necessary precautions for your safety and that of the inflatable hot tub.

The allowed temperature for hot tub use during winter is 4c; thus, when the temperature falls below this, you should consider suspending any hot tub-related plans and activities.

It is advised that you refrain from using your hot tub when the temperature falls below 4c.

Can My Hot Tub Freeze In Winter?

Your hot tub will freeze during winter if the temperature drops below the freezing point.

When your hot tub water does not flow consistently and remains unheated for some time, freezing will occur.

Temperatures below freezing point will freeze any water mass left without special care, such as high temperatures and constant motion. This makes your hot tub vulnerable too to such conditions.

However; here is a simple hack you may practice to ensure your hot tub is not affected much by the cold winter temperatures;

You can ensure your hot tub remains heated and covered. Hot tubs will not freeze, and the covering insulates the hot tub against heat loss which may ultimately lead to freezing.

Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

The other option you may want to consider is draining the hot tub when not in use.

No water in the hot eliminates any freezing possibilities in the hot tub; therefore, your hot tub’s components remain safe and untampered with.

However, when it comes to inflatable hot tubs, the situation may be a little different.

For the inflatables, the main issue does not lie in covering, insulation’s or, materials used by the manufacturers but the motor mechanism used.

The inflatable is not designed to withstand use during extremely low temperatures.

Most manufacturers suggest that whenever this time of the year approaches, you should consider packing up and storing the inflatable hot tub until the season is gone.

What May Make Inflatable Hot Tub Inefficient For Use During Winter

The inflatable hot tubs, most for that matter, are designed with all-in-one heater blower mechanisms.

The design is cost-efficient but may pose challenges for use when the winter period comes.

For instance, the setup can run all the functions, eliminating budgeting for several parts of the tub when acquiring, but it cannot perform the functions simultaneously.

The inflatable tubs’ blower performs about four tasks: inflating the tub, supplying bubbles, heating the water, and water circulation.

Therefore, in most cases, the water cannot be heated when bubbles are supplied.

Therefore, take a case when you remove the hot tubs cover, there will be a drastic drop in water temperature, and you may want also to enjoy jet massages.

When you shift operation to bubble jets, the heating stops, and it may just be a couple of minutes before the warm water temperature drops.

The system only performs one function at a time.

Thus, the one heater blower mechanism may be the reason to bar you from using your inflatable hot tub during winter.

Which Temperature Should I Use For My Hot Tub During Winter?

The warmer, the better. However, every hot tub user has their definition of warm temperature.

One may set the temperature warm, which others may see as either hot or relatively warm.

To enjoy your hot tub moments, set your hot tub to heat to a temperature that satisfies you the most and you are comfortable.

However, for inflatable hot tubs, there could be a little operational difference.

For instance, most manufacturers have not designed their inflatable hot tubs to work during low temperatures efficiently.

Some have specified that the inflatable hot tubs may be used up to a temperature of 40F or 4c. Once the temperature drops below this mark, then you should ignore the bathtub urge.

It will be inefficient for use at this time due to the functional mechanisms put in place.

Otherwise, if it’s winter and the temperatures are above the 4c mark, you may still enjoy your hot baths in the inflatable hot tubs.

Can I Leave My Inflatable Hot Tub Up During Winter?

Leaving your inflatable hot tub during winter poses potential damage in the event freezing occurs. If your inflatable hot tub is up and remains unused, the water will soon freeze.

If this occurs, the repercussion may be so detrimental that only replacement is considered afterward. That is to say, there will be severe damage to your inflatable hot tub beyond repair.

But, when the temperature is above 4c, there may be not much potential harm to your inflatable hot tub.

Generally, during winter, the best thing you could do to your inflatable hot tub when not in use is to wrap it up and keep it in safe storage until you need it or the season passes.

If you pay attention and maintain the necessary precautions for hot tub use during winter, then you may leave it up.

Always ensure the water is consistently heated and running. Warm running hot tub water will not freeze if the conditions are maintained.

It may be costly at some point, but you will have to bear the cost if you want your inflatable hot tub running under such conditions.

Should I Consider Draining My Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter?

Draining your hot tub could be one of the best options to consider during winter. Water, when left in the hot tub during winter, may freeze, leading to damages.

If you want to get your hot tub in good condition at the end of the winter season, you should drain it and store it.

However, while draining, you may want to consider other factors. For example, the time you are carrying out the drainage process.

That is to say, there are better times to do it, and other times it may not be recommended as much.

If you have decided to drain your inflatable hot tub for winter, you should do so before the temperature drops.

The earlier, the better. You get a chance to drain the water without many involvements and storing the hot tub for later.

So, does this mean you cannot drain your hot tub during the winter period? You still can. But you will have to consider other factors when it comes to this.

There are instances when the inflatable hot tub’s water is frozen at the top and not at the bottom.

Draining the hot tub during such conditions may be difficult and pose some threat to the hot tub.

The ice particles may damage the hot tub in the process. Always pay attention to such as drain the hot tub during winter.

Once done draining the inflatable hot tub, there will be a significant drop in weight, leaving the hot tub lighter and can be easily moved around.

So, instead of leaving the hot tub outside unattended, you may consider storing it safely and ensuring it remains stationary.

Being moved around by elements such as wind may expose it to sharp objects will lead to a puncture.

Always keep your inflatable safely stored if you still want to get it in good condition for next season, that is if you do not intend to make unplanned purchases for the same.

Can I Get Sick From Using My Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter?

Using your inflatable hot tub during winter in itself may not make you sick. One may get sick from cold-related complications if one is sensitive to a cold environment.

The time frame between getting out of the warm house and dipping yourself into the hot tub water is relatively small and may not make much difference.

However, if you often experience cold-related complications, you should avoid using your inflatable hot tub during the winter times.

The other factor which may result in getting sick whole using hot tubs during winter is also the spread of germs.

However, as I had noted earlier, the low temperature has nothing to do with this.

The spread of germs can be related to the type of hot tub you are using.

Is it a public or private hot tub at home? Most of the time, hot tub uses may get sick from germs infection at public hot tubs.

You may not be aware of the health conditions the previous user had before you dipped in.

In cases of personal family hot tubs, family members always know about themselves.

If one has any conditions transmitted to the rest by sharing hot tubs, then the situation can be controlled.

The bottom line is, the germs in the hot tub may make you sick when you use the hot tub during winter or any other time.

But the use of hot tubs during winter is not likely to be the primary reason for getting sick.

There are always other factors such as an individual’s reaction to cold and germs transmission, especially in public hot tubs.

Can I Consider Using My Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors In Winter?

Ensuring maximum use of your inflatable hot tub may prompt you to move your inflatable hot tub indoors.

If you have the required space for it, maybe the garage or any other space enclosed within your home.

Then it is possible to move your hot tub indoors and continue enjoying your regular baths without having to make any alterations.

As long as the space in which you have your hot tub remains above 4c, which most homes are above, there will be no problem.

Some homeowners prefer having their inflatable hot tubs indoors throughout the whole year such that they are not affected by seasonal changes.

However, when you decide to move your inflatable hot tub indoors, there are some aspects you should have in mind.

For instance, water drippings. When you have your hot tub outside, this does not always cause immediate concern.

When you are done and getting out of the hot tub, water is dripping to the ground; this is not a concern when the hot tub is placed outside.

However, when you move the hot tub inside, it may be an issue that requires attention.

Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

Is It Wrong To Use My Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors During Winter?

When you get out of the hot tub, water will drip to the floor. In cases where the floors are carpeted, there may be a resulting dump which may lead to mold.

For hard flooring, you may need to keep the floor dry by mopping constantly; failure to do this may result in slipping or other hazardous effects.

So, before you consider using your inflatable hot tub indoors, you should consider putting measures in place which will ensure smooth operation.

The other measure to take into consideration when using your inflatable hot tub indoors is adequate ventilation.

When the room in which you have your hot tub is efficiently ventilated, then the steam produced as you use your tub will be removed.

If the steam is not removed, the room may end up being dump which may not be a good thing over time.

Does My Flooring Dictate Whether I Can Use My Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors During Winter?

Another factor to think about is how strong your floors are. The amount of pressure your floors can comfortably contain will dictate whether you can move your inflatable hot tub indoors or not.

It is with no doubt that most inflatable hot tubs are light in weight, and moving them in should not be a big deal.

However, for those that contain more volume of water, you may have to reconsider your options. More volume of water results in more weight and more pressure exerted on the floor.

In addition to the existing weight, add the total weight of the bathers; in this case, there may be more bathers due to size.

The resulting total weight will be heavy, thus exerting high pressure on the floor.

You should thus ensure you locate your inflatable hot tub on the floor, which can contain the pressure and maintain its stability. Also, note that the ground floor is preferred for such activities.

Generally, using your hot tub indoors is possible, and most homeowners may be doing so, especially during winter; even though some have their hot tubs indoors throughout the year.

But you have to consider taking the necessary precautions and maintaining them.

Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

Protect your home from mold and potential damages which may result from using your inflatable hot tub indoors.

Does Heating My Inflatable Hot Tub Take Longer In Winter?

Your inflatable hot tub may take longer to heat up during winter than in summer. It may take as much as twice the time. But why?

During winter, with your inflatable hot tub outside, the environment’s temperature is relatively low.

Low environmental temperature results in low temperature of the heating components. These parts may have to heat up first before the water is heated.

Your inflatable hot tub may also take longer to heat when there is no cover; this will be due to potential heat loss.

As the water becomes warm and the temperature is low, some of the heat is lost.

Therefore, you should always ensure your hot tub cover is on when heating to ensure the water warms up fast.

Final Thought: Can I Inflate My Inflatable Hot Tub In Winter?

You should not worry about suspending your hot tub moments during the winter season. The inflatable hot tub can be inflated and used in winter.

However, there are precautions in place to be followed when you decide to do so.

Some of the precautions are from the manufacturers, and some are for your safety and that of your household.

Consider going through the stipulated precautions before inflating your inflatable hot tub during winter to have an idea on how to proceed without incurring limitations, some of which we have discussed.


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