Can Bath Bombs Melt?(Complete Guide)

Can Bath Bombs Melt?

Can Bath Bombs Melt?

More and more people use them to make bath time a luxurious and therapeutic experience.

If you haven’t experienced a bath bomb, or if you’re considering purchasing one for the first time, this is your ultimate guide to what they are.

No! Bath bombs comprise proprietary ingredients, so they don’t melt in the heat like other skincare products. They’ll only emit fragrances and essential oils, which will help keep your mood elevated and skin hydrated.

You can also use bath bombs to calm your mental state with aromatherapy or liven it up with a caffeine boost.

You may wonder how long a bath bomb takes to dissolve in water, and the answer is about 30-45 minutes.

Still, if you want to get more out of your bath, consider mixing your bath bomb with a calming essential oil, like lavender or eucalyptus, or energizing mint oils, like peppermint.

Also, consider adding Epsom salt or baking soda before soaking in the tub. Some people worry that bath bombs are a fire hazard, but they’re not.

They’re made with soap, which is excellent at putting out fires and shouldn’t cause one in your tub. However, there are natural alternatives if you’re still wary of the florescent colors and shimmery powders that come with bath bombs.

All-natural bath bombs use ingredients like baking soda, cornstarch, sea salt, and essential oils to create the same fizzing action and relaxing properties while eliminating synthetic colourants and artificial fragrances.

What Is The Difference Between A Bath Bomb And A Solid Bubble?

SizesBath Bomb: Small spheres with a faint odor. Used in a bath before or after bathing.
 Solid Bubble: A solid sphere of color, fragrance, and pattern that dissolves as soon as you touch it with water.
ShapesBath Bomb: Most can be spherical, but some are oval or pear-shaped.
 Solid Bubble: rectangular shape, the size of a sugar cube, the thickness of an average sheet of paper.
IngredientsBath Bomb: Powdered colors and fragrances, fine materials such as flower petals and fruit seeds.
 Solid Bubble: Powdered fragrances and dyes such as titanium dioxide.
Smell And Color.Bath Bomb: Natural fragrance, but the main ingredient is synthetic fragrance oil.  

It’s a strongly scented bath product but fades after a while (scented bath salt has the same feature).

 Solid Bubble: natural scented ingredients; the main ingredient is essential oil.  

It’s stronger than a bath bomb but does not fade after an hour (like a fragrant liquid bath product).

UsageBath Bomb: when the water is hot, it will dissolve quickly and produce special effects.
 Solid Bubble: Pour it into the water; it will dissolve quickly and produce special effects.

Can You Put Bath Bombs in The Freezer to Dry?

Yes! You can freeze bath bombs to dry them up, then use them again for a good clean bath when you don’t have time to soak in the tub but still want to feel rejuvenated.

You can freeze these bath bombs for over three months and await their next freezing to dry in a few days. They are still as good as when made after being in the freezer for so long.

Texture change is the only thing that changes, and the color of the bath bombs becomes duller with time.

Can Bath Bombs Melt?

This is a fascinating technique that you can use to preserve your bath bomb powders after the holidays or when you don’t have time for a good soak.

How To Freeze Bath Bombs:

  1. After using your bath bombs, store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and heat. The bath bombs will stay good for months.
  1. Freeze the whole package of undried bath bombs as one lot and keep it in your freezer. It will take a long time to freeze, depending on how many you have.
  1. Each time you want to use your bath bombs, get them out of the freezer by taking them out 1 or 2 at a time and putting them in the fridge to thaw.
  1. When they are good and thawed, gently pour the bath bombs into your bathtub and enjoy.

Why Did My Bath Bombs Flatten?

Bath bombs flatten when they are too wet and have too much water.

Bath bombs dissolve in warm water and release fizzes, so if they are too wet, the water will wash away the essential oils from the essential oils that make up a bath bomb.

Here is how you can keep your bath bombs in shape.

  1. Put your bath bombs in the fridge or freezer before using them.
  1. Hold them by the stem and squeeze gently in a spoon to release some of the air.
  1. Put bath bombs on a plate in case there is water and let them dry for about 30 minutes.
  1. Don’t make them too large, or your bath bombs will flatten.
  1. Don’t fill them up to the top.
  1. Use a bit of oil to seal the surface of your bath bomb.
  1. Be gentle with them, and don’t throw them in warm water to prevent them from breaking apart.
  1. If they still end up breaking apart, You may want to put a tiny amount of coconut oil on top of each piece’s surface before putting it in water, or maybe try adding a binder to your mixture.

Do Bubble Bars Melt in High Temperatures?

Yes! Bubble bars should melt at your body temperature. They don’t provide that much of a cooling sensation, making them more susceptible to melting in high temperatures.

Bubble bars are not solid scented wax- we call them “solid perfume.” They don’t resemble a typical soap bar, so that may be where the confusion comes from.

They’re melted before packaging, and you can tell if they’re remelted by the little grains of unmelted product you’ll find in your bar.

This “solid perfume” differs greatly from solid-scented wax. “Solid perfumes” are more like a hard massage oil- they’re not greasy like massage oils.

But they are very oily in consistency, and you’d have to try very hard to break them down and make them as a liquid like regular melt and pour soap.

Since bubble bars are so oily, they will melt far more quickly than a traditional bar of soap or bath melts.

They’re also in an enclosed pouch / plastic container, worsening the melting process.

This means that the bubble bar is more likely to melt in high temperatures because the product is so oily and because they’re stored in a plastic container that traps heat.

How Do You Keep Bath Bombs from Crumbling?

Adding More Witch HazelFor just about every recipe for bath bombs, there is a crucial measurement of witch hazel.  

Too much will make the bath bombs crumble, but too little can lead to your bath bomb not creating enough fizz in the tub.

If you notice that your bath bombs are crumbling during production or after adding them to the water Add in more witch hazel until you have reached a happy medium between too much and too little.

Use A Different RecipeBath bomb recipes that use sodium bicarbonate are more likely to crumble than those with citric acid.  

If you would like to explore some recipes that are more likely to create a smooth bath bomb, try browsing the internet.

Use Less Cornstarch Or OilIf you still notice that your bath bombs are crumbling, no matter how much you add witch hazel, try reducing the amount of cornstarch or the amount of oil in your recipe.
Try Adding in More Citric AcidBath bombs with citric acid often have a much better chance of not crumbling.  

If you are still looking for a bomb recipe that uses citric acid, view the ingredients list of some bomb recipes and look for any that includes citric acid.

Lower The Water TemperatureYou should store bath bombs at room temperature and in direct sunlight, so keep them away from heat sources and high temperatures.  

Lowering the temperature of your bath water can keep bath bombs from crumbling because it will take longer to dissolve and release their fizz.

Add In More CornstarchAfter reading this article, you may have realized that cornstarch is the key to avoiding bath bomb crumbling.  

To keep your bombs from falling apart while they dissolve, try adding more cornstarch until you find a happy medium between too much and too little.

How Do You Fix Too Wet Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are one of the best things you can do for your skin. Not only do they moisturize and make your skin smooth, but they also have a calming effect.

However, if you’ve ever put a bath bomb in the water and watched it dissolve into a puddle on the bottom of your tub, you’ll understand that not all bath bombs are equal.

Can Bath Bombs Melt?

Sometimes, these moisture-dissolving bath bombs can turn from a relaxing experience to a messy one. Follow these steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again:

  1. Preheat the water before adding your bath bomb.
  1. Gently swirl the tub after adding your bath bomb so that it fully dissolves.
  1. Place a soaked bath towel in the tub and let the water fill it up as much as possible. This point should fully dissolve the bath bomb.
  1. Once your bath bomb has dissolved, remove the soaking towel and gently pour out any remaining water from the tub, allowing your body to soak in all its benefits now that there is no lingering wetness.

How Do You Dry a Bath Bomb Fast?

First, put your bath bomb on a paper towel, then cover it with another. Then set a fan to blow over the top of the ball when it’s not too wet from steam or from getting blown off the counter.

The fan will blow dry the bath bomb surface and collect moisture.

Once you’ve let the bath bomb sit with the fan blowing on top of it for 10 minutes, take another paper towel and wipe off any excess moisture left on your bath bomb surface.

As you do this, a good dampener can prevent any chipping or peeling.

Put plastic wrap over your ball in an airtight container or glass jar for 48 hours for maximum shelf life and potency.

After 48 hours, put it back on a paper towel, then put a fan over it again.

You can use the same fan that dried it after 10 minutes or another one from the other side of your bathroom or wherever you want to dry your bath bombs quickly.

The fan will dry up the rest of the water on your bath bomb and leave no moisture in it.

When the bath bomb is completely dry, you can put it away. Give it a good sniff and see if you like it.

How Do You Make Bath Bombs Last Longer?

Add More Baking SodaThe key ingredient to making bath bombs last longer is baking soda, which gives them the fizz and makes them smell amazing.
Wrap In A TowelYou can also wrap your bath bomb in a towel sitting in the tub. This adds some insulation and blocks any potentially damaging light.
Make Them SmallerYou can control how long your bath bomb lasts by controlling the ingredients used to make it.
Use Bubble BathAdd some bubble baths if you want your bath bomb to last longer. The more additional ingredients you add, the longer your bomb will last.
Use A Smaller ContainerYou can use a smaller container for your bath bombs if you’re not looking to create a huge firework display each time you take a soak.  

A small tub will hold smaller amounts of water, thus making them dissipate more gradually.

Pop Them In The FridgeKeep it in the fridge if you’re hurrying to use your bath bomb. This makes the ingredients settle faster, and you will have a less messy experience.
Add About One Teaspoon Of Kaolin Clay Per Cup Of PowderThis will help absorb the oils in the bath bombs and make them last longer.
Use A BinderTo make your bath bombs last longer, you need to bind them together with a liquid like water or glycerin.  

This slows down the rate at which they dissipate and adds more time for your bomb to affect your body.

Do Bath Bombs Need to Be Shrink Wrapped?

Shrink wrapping is a quick and easy method to wrap bath bombs, but it’s optional before storage.

It’s entirely your decision on whether to shrink-wrap your bath bombs, but you should know a few things before making this decision.

Can Bath Bombs Melt?

The smell of a bath bomb

Aromas are essential in the bath and can affect your experience. If you have concerns about the smell, you want to ensure that someone has fully unwrapped the bomb before storing it.

Bath bombs and UV Rays

Shrink wrap is excellent at blocking out UV rays. You want to think about this if you are storing your bombs in a place that receives a lot of sunlight.

The shrink wrap will help prevent the bombs from getting damaged in this area.

Cost and convenience

Shrink wrap can be expensive, especially if you buy it frequently or in bulk. If you require a lot of bombs or you sell them regularly, consider shrink-wrapping your bath bombs before putting them into storage.

If you have trouble with your customers opening up the shrink wrap, try wrapping the bath bomb in oven paper to stop this from happening.


Bath bombs are not just for relaxing anymore. With the right ingredients, you can make a bath bomb that will help relieve stress, relieve muscle aches or pains, and give you a fine experience that most people won’t forget.

They’re becoming more popular than ever before, and they are easy to make.


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