Can Any hot tub be a Saltwater tub?

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Can Any hot tub be a Saltwater tub?

With more people embracing the saltwater hot tub experience, many are still skeptical about the idea, and some are still waying their options about the entire process.

Even though most would like to embrace the idea, they are bombarded with questions about the entire process and can’t help but wonder.

If they Can any hot tub be a saltwater tub?what are the benefits of a saltwater tub experience.

What type of salt they are to use in their hot tubs, and the right amount to put into the hot tub and how to clean their saltwater hot tubs after their wholesome experience.

In this article, we seek to answer all these questions and aim at equipping you with the right information should you decide to go the saltwater hot tub way.

8 Simple Steps to follow to convert your Hot Tub into A Saltwater Hot Tub

Once one has made up their mind about having the saltwater hot tub experience but are still puzzled about how to go about it .

Follow the following steps and convert their hot tubs into saltwater hot tubs.

However, before embarking on this process, it is vital to note that even though most hot tubs can be converted into saltwater hot tubs, many simply can’t.

Therefore, it is important that the hot tub owner checks the manual and consults with the manufacturer before starting the process.

And once given the green light can convert their hot tubs into a saltwater hot tub with the help of a salt chlorine generator and salt, following the steps below;

Step 1; Draining

First, you will drain all the water from the hot tub.

Step 2; Cleaning

 You will afterward proceed to cleanse and then refill the hot tub.

Step 3; Setting Up

And then install the chlorinator control panel.

Step 4; Checking the water’s pH levels

After setting up, you will check to ensure that the water pH, calcium, alkalinity levels are favorable.

Step 5; Testing the Water

Afterward, you will test the water and determine how much salt you will need to add to it.

Step 6; Add Salt Appropriately

Once you have determined the amount of salt that you need to add to the water, make sure to add the right amount of salt to the water.

Step 7; Final Touches

Once you have completed all the above steps indicated, proceed to switch on the chlorinator.

Step 8; Enjoy

And then proceed to get into the hot tub and enjoy the saltwater hot tub experience.

Reasons to Go the Saltwater Hot Tub Way

While most of us may already be aware of the several health benefits that come with using a hot tub.

Such as getting mental and emotional stress relief, having a few calories cut off on your weight and getting a good night’s rest.

The hot tub experience also helps to improve your cardiovascular health since a good soak in the hot tub can help lower your blood pressure;

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It also helps manage diabetes since hot baths in the hot tubs have been known to increase an individual’s insulin sensitivity.

Similarly, the experience of having a soak in a saltwater hot tub also has its advantages.

For example, saltwater hot tubs have been known to keep the water quality soft for longer periods.

Therefore, reducing the risk of one getting dry and cracked skin from the consistent use of harsh chemicals often used in the hot tubs.

The hot water in saltwater hot tubs has also been known to be good for sensitive eyes and skin.

Since the chlorine in these waters are known to contain chloramines which are less likely to build up and cause irritation to the eyes or skin.

Besides that, the water from the salt water hot tubs is known to have an increased buffering capacity.

Therefore, the minerals from the salt water can easily withstand any changes in alkalinity, calcium or pH hardness.

Finally, most saltwater hot tubs have cheaper maintenance since once one sets up the saltwater hot tub, the salt systems work continuously to sanitize the water.

Therefore, as the owner, you don’t have to be concerned about having to sanitize the hot tub frequently.

Furthermore, you only get to test the water at most only once a week and also get to save on money.

 You don’t have to constantly purchase hot tub chemicals like chlorine tablets which in the long run may end up posing a great danger to your children or pets if not stored properly.

However, saltwater hot tubs have their downside.

For instance, the initial cost of purchasing a saltwater hot tub is much higher compared to the purchasing price of a traditional hot tub.

And if one opts to convert their traditional hot tub, they will still need to incur an additional cost of about 500 dollars to 5,000 dollars to purchase a saltwater system.

The saltwater hot tub owner will also incur an extra cost to purchase a salt cell since one salt cell can last up to 5 years.

If taken care of properly, the salt cell will undergo wear and tear or may even chip off as a result of low salt levels.

Besides that, the hot tub owner will have to deal with the increase of corrosion levels.

Since, with time, salt systems have been known to cause corrosion to heaters and liners from the increased salt levels.  

Weighing Your Options

Now that we know that you can convert your traditional hot tub into a saltwater hot tub and we are well aware of the pros and cons of having a soak in a saltwater hot tub,

It is vital to understand the key element in this entire process, and that is what type of salt to use and what is the right amount of it to add during this process.

What is the Right Amount of Salt to Add to Your Hot Tub

When discussing the conversion process, you took key notice of the fact that you will have to add in a key ingredient, salt.

Before testing your water and installing your salt water system and finally enjoying your saltwater hot tub experience.

Therefore, what is the right amount of salt to add to the hot tub?

According to several studies, it is advisable to add at least 2 pounds of salt for every 100 gallons of water in the hot tub.

It is important to add the right amount since if the salt is too much, you will have to empty some water from the hot tub before refilling it again.

However, if you own a saltwater hot tub, it might be a great idea to purchase saltwater test strips.

However, if you are still new to the saltwater hot tub scene, you can opt to self-test your water regularly to ensure the salinity levels are favorable.

While also checking your salt system to ensure that the salinity digital readouts agree with your self-tests.     

Is Table Salt Good for Your Hot Tub?

As you add salt to the hot tub water to ensure that your salinity levels are at per, it is important to keep note of the type of salt you use.

For instance, you should at all costs avoid using table salt, rock salt, and ice melt since these products often contain anti-caking compounds.

Therefore, if added to the hot tub can cause water chemistry imbalance in the water and add unnecessary contaminants to it.

However, various salt products are great for use in the hot tub as they are specifically designed to be used in the hot tub and are even compatible with several salt systems.

While deciding on the right hot tub salt product to use, keep in mind the following details that the product must not contain any additives and must at least be 99.8% pure.

The product must be evaporated, non-iodized and granulated. Alternatively, the hot tub owner can opt to purchase a product made specifically for hot tubs and pools.

Can I use Dead Sea Materials?

So, if you cannot trace a great hot tub salt product or if your product runs out impromptu, what are the other options available.

Yes , You can consider using dead sea minerals as a great alternative to hot tub salt, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Dead sea minerals have gradually become a go-to for several hot tub frequenters as it is known to have some added advantages compared to the normal hot tub salt.

For example, it acts as a great relief to several skin conditions such as eczema and acne and is known to leave your skin feeling smoother and softer after a soak in the saltwater hot tub.

Besides that, it has great detoxifying properties and acts as a great natural relief to body and muscle aches and pains.

Can Any hot tub be a Saltwater tub?

With this and more, dead sea minerals are a viable option for several hot tub owners.

Seeking to enhance their hot tub experience or just looking for an alternative to their normal hot tub salt.

How Often Should I Clean My Saltwater Hot Tub

Once you have enjoyed a great soak in your newly converted saltwater hot tub or newly purchased saltwater hot tub, how do you go about cleaning it.

Firstly, the key areas to pay key attention to are the salt cell and the filters.

When cleaning the salt cell, you have to first turn off the power in your hot tub before taking the salt cell out of the hot tub.

Afterward, proceed to clean it by soaking it in a salt water cleaning solution for about 10 minutes.

The salt solution can either be bought or made at the comfort of your own home using three tablespoons of a Ph decreaser and warm water.

As for the filter, you can clean it using a filter cleaner or a degreaser by spraying the filter with your filter cleaner or soaking the filter in a granular filter cleaner.

The main purpose of using a degreaser is to break down any oils, skin cells or bacteria that may have been left in the filters.

Once you have finished soaking or spraying the filters and they are squeaky clean, make a point of ensuring that you rinse out all the filter cleaner in the filter.

It is advisable to clean your filter after every 30 days and your salt cells after every 60 to 90 days.

 As for the hot tub, when cleaning it, you can use a wet towel or opt for a magic eraser altogether.

But you must ensure not to use any soaps as it may affect your saltwater hot tub experience later;

As you may end up getting a bubble bath as opposed to your regular hot bath in the hot tub.  


Now that you are well aware of how to convert your traditional hot tub into a saltwater hot tub, the benefits that come from a nice soak in a saltwater hot tub.

The amount of salt that you are to put into your hot tub during the convention process and the type of salt to use during the process.

You are also very conversant with the alternatives and options you will have if you wish to switch up your options and not use hot tub salt products.

You are also well aware of the process to follow in cleaning your hot tub and also how frequently you should do so;

We hope that you will soon convert to the saltwater hot tub experience and have a blast while at it.

And that if you do, will feel free to read through our article to find great pointers that will help ease your saltwater hot tub experience or even help enhance it all together.      


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